10 western restaurants where I will take my friends and family to San Francisco

With the end of the epidemic and the opening of policies,

More and more Bay Area friends,

Welcome relatives and friends from afar from the motherland.

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Taking Chinese tourists to eat Chinese food?

Nonono, the most indispensable thing in the Bay Area is delicious restaurants,

Spanish, Mexican, French, Italian, Japanese, and Korean dishes are all available.

This time, the editorial department of the team will give you a change of taste.

Sort out 10 western restaurants in and around SF,

better with family and friends

Come and experience the rich food culture here!

(Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash)

 Turntable at Lord Stanley

Address: 2065 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States

Reservation URL: https://www.exploretock.com/turntableatlordstanley

(Photo by turntable_sf)

Lord Stanley was once a Michelin star restaurant jointly created by husband and wife Rupert and Carrie Blease. It was transformed into Turntable at Lord Stanley in the first two years.

(Photo by Nick Muncy)

Different from the traditional fixed-chef mode of Western restaurants, Turntable at Lord Stanley invites different chefs to the store every month to showcase their delicacies. Some of these chefs are already world-renowned, and some are just emerging.Every month at Turntable at Lord Stanley, you can eat exquisite dishes with new styles from different chefs.

(Photo by turntable_sf)

The former Lord Stanley team still works in the store, including the front desk, chef and wine director Louisa Smith. They work together with each resident chef to ensure the Michelin-starred restaurant's reputation while showing the cuisine and creativity of different chefs. service and quality.

(Photo by turntable_sf)

It is worth mentioning that compared with other Michelin-starred restaurants, the price of Turntable at Lord Stanley is also very affordable. Not only are there many choices, but the 6-course menu is only about 125-150 US dollars per person.


Address: 22 Hawthorne St, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States

Reservation URL: https://www.exploretock.com/benu

Reminder: It is safer to book one month in advance.

Benu is a Michelin three-star restaurant, opened by Korean-American chef Corey Lee in 2010, and received two Michelin stars in the first year of its establishment. In 2014 it was awarded three Michelin stars - the highest Michelin star. It also entered the 'World's 2019 Best Restaurants' list in 50.

(Photo by Lujun Jian)

This restaurant can be said to be the most suitable Michelin three-star restaurant for Chinese tastes. Corey Lee perfectly integrates Asian cuisine into Western cuisine, and the meals he makes are exquisite and wonderful, and every dish is a surprise.

(Photo by Maya Willow)

Benu is carried out in the form of a fixed menu. The dishes that have appeared in the past include simmered preserved eggs with green bean paste, foie gras steamed buns, truffle steamed buns, braised abalone, etc.The decoration of the restaurant also adopts the oriental courtyard style, which looks elegant and atmospheric.

(Photo by Nathan M)

 lazy bear 

Address: 3416 19th St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

Reservation URL:


Lazy Bear is a Michelin two-star restaurant that focuses on New American cuisine. The predecessor of Lazy bear was a secret underground restaurant opened by chef David Barzelay. It was located in a hidden warehouse, and the diners who came were all his friends and followers.

(Photo by lazybearsf on Instagram)

Lazy Bear established a formal restaurant in 2014, and won one Michelin star in the first year, and two Michelin stars in the second year.

(Photo by lazybearsf on Instagram)

Lazy Bear brings you the taste of nature in the form of Fixed Menu.Here you can taste all kinds of seasonal ingredients from the Bay Area. The dishes you eat are completely different in different seasons and in different months. The dishes are full of nostalgia.The past dishes include charcoal-grilled wagyu beef, seafood tower, duck confit, etc.

(Photo by lazybearsf on Instagram)

Lazy Bear's ordering method is also very strange, in the form of tickets - exactly the same as tickets for concerts and sports events, which cannot be refunded but can be transferred. (Students who want to go to Lazy Bear for New Year's Day dinner can look for someone to transfer tickets!)

(Photo by lazybearsf on Instagram)

Lazy Bear will release all dinner tickets for the next month at 15 am on the 15th of each month. Those who want to check in, remember to check the location website on the XNUMXth!

(Photo by lazybearsf on Instagram)


Address: 682 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States

Reservation URL: More than six people can contact the official website for positioning


If you don’t want to walk-in, you can queue up on yelp

(Photo by jatin jindal)

Founded by husband-and-wife Nick and Anna Sager Cobarruvias, Otra is a restaurant that specializes in Mexican food. Nick used to be the chef of many well-known western restaurants, as well as the chef and founder of the well-known restaurant Son's Addition.

(Photo by Jose C)

Otra is the second restaurant founded by him and his wife. Unlike Son's Addition, this restaurant brings Nick's hometown memories—traditional cuisine from Mexico.At Otra you can eat authentic tacos, traditional quesadillas, tamales, and a variety of chef Nick's childhood flavors from snacks to big.

(Photo by Januar Ma)

At Otra, food is as important as wine.You can taste spirits from all over the world and very Mexican-inspired cocktails.There's spicy tequila, Mexican-made mezcal, punchy margaritas and smoky old fashioned drinks, as well as cocktails infused with Mexican specialties guajillo and habanero chiles.

(Photo by jatin jindal)

 Bye fish 

Address: 272 McAllister St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States

Reservation URL: https://www.chaopescaosf.com/

(Photo by Chao Pescao)

Chao Pescao is a casual restaurant full of character. The name translates to "see you later alligator," a common greeting in Latin America.

(Photo by Chao Pescao)

Chao Pescao focuses on traditional comfort food with Colombian and Cuban flavors, such as traditional Colombian empanadas, Cuban black beans, etc. It also offers Latin American-style cocktails and spirits from all over the world.The price is also very affordable, and each main course comes with rice, beans and plantains.

(Photo by Bianey Pacheco)

Chao Pescao's restaurant layout is also very interesting. You can feel the enthusiasm and vitality from Latin America when you walk in the door. The interesting decorations and vivid colors make you feel happy at once.

(Photo by Paolo Privitera)

 Fog Harbor Fish House 

Address: 39 pier, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States

Reservation URL: https://www.yelp.com/reservations/fog-harbor-fish-house-san-francisco-2?from_reserve_now=1

(Photo by Fog Harbor Fish House)

Seafood heads will love Fog Harbor Fish House!This restaurant opened on the San Francisco waterfront not only has a beautiful seaside view, but also fresh seafood!It was rated as the top five in the Bay Area by Yelp and the top five in the United States by tripadvisor!

(Photo by Iram Lerma)

Seafood ranges from mussels, scallops, fish, and shrimp to lobster and king crab.Students who don’t like seafood can also try their steaks, the taste is not inferior to other steak houses!

(Photo by Yuji Kihara)

The most worth mentioning is the sea view of this restaurant.Looking out of the window, you can see the calm sea, swaying sailboats and faint mountain scenery.It is recommended to make a reservation by the window~

 Sotto Mare 

Address: 552 Green St San Francisco, CA 94133 United States

Positioning: only accept more than 3 people positioning, you need to call the restaurant (415) 398-3181

(Photo by Matthew D Osmun)

If you love Italian food and love seafood, why not go to Sotto Mare to try their authentic Italian seafood.

(Photo by Robert K)

Sotto Mare has insisted on using traditional Italian cooking methods since its opening, bringing customers a dining experience 'exactly the same as Italy'.If you're in the Bay Area and want to try 'The Best Damn Crab Cioppino', you can't go wrong with Sotto Mare!

(Photo by Sotto Mare)

Sotto Mare's store is small, but the interior decoration is very interesting.Before you walk in, you can see a big sailfish at the door.Walking in the door is decorated with fish, shrimp, and crabs everywhere, and the umami smell of the ocean is overwhelming.It is worth mentioning that the price of his home is also very close to the people, most of the main courses are around 20-30 US dollars.

 House of Prime Rib 

Address: 1906 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States


(Photo by House of Prime Rib)

If you love meat, if you love steak, then House of Prime Rib will not let you down.

(Photo by House of Prime Rib)

The House of Prime Rib is a restaurant for carnivores – serving big cuts of prime rib (the top 2 percent beef on the market) with a snowflake texture.The pieces are thick and plump, and the meat is full of fragrance.

(Photo by House of Prime Rib)

There are only two main courses on the menu-Our Roast Beef and Fresh fish for those who don't eat beef.

Roast Beef is divided into King Henry VIII Cut, The English Cut, House of Prime Rib Cut, The City Cut and Children's Prime Rib Dinner from large pieces to small pieces.

(Photo by Zac Bowling)

After choosing the size of steak you want, the waiter will push a small stainless steel trolley forward, and there are several large pieces of grilled beef ribs in the trolley.Servers will cut, season and plate the beef in front of you.The whole dining process is a multiple enjoyment of vision, smell and taste.

(Photo by Eric S)


Address: 1625 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115, United States

Reservation URL: https://resy.com/cities/sf/nari?date=2021-12-28&seats=2

(Photo by Nari)

Nari is not the most authentic Thai food, but it is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the best Thai food in the Bay Area.It serves as a modern Thai restaurant that fuses traditional recipes with modern Californian flavours.Since its opening, it has received unabated praise and has been rated as the best restaurant in the Bay Area and California by various media.

(Photo by Nari)

In Nari, you can eat a lot of traditional Thai food: after certain improvements, most of the traditional flavors are retained, but it is more suitable for the taste of foreigners.

Customers can choose to order their own food, or try their Chef's pick, the price is 115 US dollars per person.

(Photo by Nari)

Nari's dining environment is also very beautiful-modern modern style tables and chairs collide with lush green plants and small potted plants, full of high-end sense and strong Thai style at the same time, especially suitable for taking pictures and punching cards.

(Photo by Nari)

 Jin Pot Shabu House 

Address: 5158 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118, United States

Reservation: (415) 379-4539

In the cold winter, what can compare to a hot hot pot? Jin Pot Shabu House is a Japanese-style hot pot restaurant. You can choose a la carte or self-service All you can eat.

(Photo by Jin Pot Shabu House)

The owner of Jin Pot Shabu House must be a cat lover, because the decoration of the store is centered around 'cats'!You see, even the menu is full of cute kittens~

(Photo by Jin Pot Shabu House)

Japanese-style hot pot and Chinese-style hot pot are eaten in the same way, the difference lies in the soup base - this restaurant not only has the familiar spicy pot, mushroom soup, pork bone soup, tomato soup, but also Japanese miso soup base, kelp soup, Sukiyaki etc.There are wagyu beef, Angus beef, New Zealand lamb and so on.The choice of side dishes is mainly Japanese-various vegetables, special tempura meatballs, wagyu dumplings, udon noodles, konjac noodles, etc.

(Photo by Jin Pot Shabu House)

Seeing this, which one do you most want to check in?

Friends in the Bay Area who have family members from China visiting, enjoy the reunion time,

If you don’t have one, you must treat yourself well.

After all, eating and drinking well is the greatest comfort to family members far away.

* This article is an original article on food,
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It is for transmission and reference only and does not constitute any suggestion of behavior.

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