Weee Double 11 starts! 0.01 is just about melon seeds, a lot of products are 5% off, Seattle foodies have begun to stock up!

Halloween today,

In previous years, it was the most lively end of October,

This year is particularly deserted,

2020, we don’t need to have Halloween🎃

Because every day is scary enough.

November hasn't arrived yet,

this weekend,

Weee invites you to celebrate Double Eleven in advance

Please make delicious things cheaper!

The price is so low that the purchasing lady sighs

Weee is so affordable,

Start this weekend

Lots of activities!

Long press the QR code to enter the Weee event👇

Long press the QR code to enter the Weee event👇

🎉Weee! The annual promotion has begun🎉

⏰10/30-11/1 (Friday-Sunday)

The most popular item of the year is super super super...

Super low price, so low that no friends~

I missed it, I have to wait for next year ❗️

Single order full$ 68You can redeem it at a super low price👇

Chacha pecan seeds are so delicious! ! !

 Original Price $2.99 ​​Redemption Price$ 0.01

Limited quantity!While stocks last!

Long press the QR code to enter the Weee event👇

Not much to say, let's go straight to the topic!

Take a look at the delicious foods you can't miss😋Good price💢


Fresh fruits and vegetables

 Whether it’s super sweet Malaysian sky durian

Still huge

Shou Kang Selected Candied Dates 

Sweet as honey, like you in happiness

Not only is it full and full, it also tastes great,

Or even the yellow-skinned dragon fruit of net red

(Kirin Golden Fruit)

The outer skin of Kylin Golden Fruit is like wavelet road, but the flesh is delicate,

The entrance is as slippery as gel,

Young and slippery, the fruit seeds are large and firm,

Don’t miss if you like dragon fruit,

The lowest price this week!

Big persimmons of the season

Buy fruit ⬇️ 

Selected meat 

Whether it’s super convenient semi-finished products

Grilled chicken wings ($6.79)

Still hard to buy beef ribs ($9.09)

Or must-have beef for hot pot ($4.29)

Buy meat ⬇️ 

Extremely fresh seafood


Mahi Mahi for $2.99,

Super low price hairtail

Are you really not in the car?

Buy seafood ⬇️ 

Snack drinks

Wang Yibo endorsed to Iraq

I used to buy Laiyifen after school,Finally you can eat it in DC.
There are many kinds of snacks in his house, and they taste good.
Just buy and don't step on thunder.

This time, Weee! introduced a variety of new dishes in Yifen at once.
From mango flesh to dried durian,
From chestnut kernels to Chongqing spicy dried tofu,
There are also Japanese-style plum slices, pistachios, squid rolls.

Buy snacks ⬇️ 


The supermarket is always out of stock

 Genki Forest White Peach Water 

Deliver directly to home on Weee!

Still hit9% off!

0 calories 0 sugar Essential for fat loss period

Light white peach fruit aromaSweet and sour

There are many other flavors to choose from

There are also raw teas with the same fat reduction effect

Long press the QR code to buy an internet celebrity drink👇

Of course it's indispensablePopular pastry

Buy buy buy 👇

Custard Soy

Buy buy buy 👇

What can I buy in Weee!


🥬Seasonal fruits and vegetables,🦐Meat and seafood

🍰baked pasta, 🍹snacks and drinks

🎀Beauty and health care, 🍚Grain and oil seasoning

🥣 Daily necessities, 🥚 custard and soy

Go directly to the homepage

You can also buy it easily

$10 off newcomer registration

Give another $20 newbie gift package


This Halloween, we don’t want candy,

It is the happiest to celebrate Double Eleven at home!

Author | Sucking Cat

* This article is a food promotion article.
It does not represent the position of eating goods, it is only for transmission and reference,
Does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.

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