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This weekend is Mother's Day💐

Even though it’s not only on holidays, I have to say "Mom, I love you" every day

But the sense of ritual for the holidays is always needed!

Have you chosen the gifts for Ma Ma, for your wife, and for yourself?

Has the holiday dinner been arranged?

Come!The little friends are hurriedly supporting the edge~

Weee! This wave of high-energy welfare for Mother's Day is really amazing!

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In this spring and summer for you

A delicious feast based on quality and cost-effectiveness~

A day where you can go shopping

Super Plus enjoy!Tell me about it!

Tell you how hot it is

No matter what style you are, there is always your love!

Here comes the question, Weee! Who is it?

"The Largest Chinese Life Fresh E-commerce Platform in North America✨"

(Answer positively🙋🙋‍♂️)


Has become the first choice for online grocery shopping among American Chinese 👈🏻

Xu Jinglei is using it all

Understand everyone’s needs best ~ understand everyone’s stomachs best~

Place an order at Weee!, and fresh fruits and vegetables will be delivered home the next day!

You can only use it at home during special periods 

You can complete the purchase safely, worry-free and assured

As a commodity-oriented retailer, Weee! cooperates with local suppliers to provide high-quality, fresh, exclusive and affordable ingredients directly sourced.Since its establishment in 2015, Weee! has rapidly grown into the most visited Asian and Hispanic fresh food e-commerce company in North America, and has completed a total of more than 4 million US dollars in financing. It is currently in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento New York, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Washington, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Chicago and other regions have launched fresh home delivery services. In May of this year, the nationwide direct mail service was launched.In the next three years, Weee! will accelerate its expansion, and its delivery map will spread all over the most important cities and regions in the United States and Canada, providing better services to more new and existing customers.

Knock on the blackboard ❗️

Not only the fresh ingredients available in local supermarkets

A variety of Chinese delicacies, Internet celebrity products from all over the world

Weee! tooshouldEverything

(Weee! The route taken is "I have all the looks you love"!)

Mother's Day is on sale, Weee! What can we buy?

(Let’s take a look with the editor now! 🛒)

"#1 All kinds of internet celebrity fruits"

This"Double Happiness OrangeBeChinese favorite!!🍊

It’s really not easy to have such a taste in the U.S.

Sip every bite in your mouth

It's like drinking freshly squeezed orange juice on the street in Thailand~

This"Thai Young Coconut"It's also a hot style

Because young coconut is a tender coconut, its coconut milk is more antipyretic and produces fluid

And the taste is sweet, the flesh is less, and the milk is full

Rich in Vitamin C 🥥🍃

``Ripe Royal Concubine Mango on the Tree''🥭

As the saying goes, "If you don't eat the imperial concubine, how can you know the beautiful concubine"?

Colorful and bright appearance

In terms of appearance, it kills a lot of mangoes of other varieties.

In terms of taste, it is also an absolute strength group!

Every one is heavy in hand

It can be seen that the mango is full of moisture

The core of the fruit is extremely small, and the edible rate of the pulp is as high as 90%.

Sweet and delicious, it can be eaten without being ripened

This one from Costa Rica"Super sweet pink pineapple"

I have bought it myself, it’s really a good-looking player

The pulp powder is tender and tender, sweet and not pungent

Placing it on the dinner table for a feast for the eyes

It's really a pink toot surprise💗

"#2 Meat delicacies everywhere"

"Authentic Harbin Red Sausage" Selection of high-quality materials 

Made with traditional craftsmanship and secret recipes

Evenly fat and elastic, full of smoky taste in the mouth

Overflowing with garlic and pepper

Rich in layers, make your lips and teeth scent!

"Red Pork Series Black Pork"

Selected pork leg, fat and thin, tender and juicy 

Suitable for cooking stir-fry and making various fillings

The meat is delicious and fragrant

Weee! also has the freshest hot pot side dishes

ThisYellow throatIt is tailor-made for home hot pot

There are all kinds of hot potGood partner

Hot pot meat slices/balls/seasoning buns, etc...

"#3 Farm Cooperative Fresh Vegetables"

"Fresh Soybean Seedlings"Pea tips

It's Weee!Absolutely hotproduct

People who have bought say that they are rarely available in supermarkets

"So fresh and tender"

Fresh lotus root, lettuce

It is also an indispensable healthy ingredient in the kitchen

Eliminate the choice in the supermarket

Weee! Deliver the freshest vegetables directly home

Not just ready-made vegetables

we still havePleurotus ostreatus

You can grow it yourself at home🍄

The epidemic is at home, no matter if you plant it yourself or let children plant it

Are all good ways to get close to nature

"#4 Seafood"

"Japanese Style Kabayaki Eel"

Use high-quality eel grilled 

Less thorns, no smell, fine meat 

With secret sauce, the taste is delicious and rich, and the taste is sweet and sweet.

"Free Black Black Fish Fillet"

Selection of high-quality black fish 

Cut into thick slices for processing, the fish fillets are plump, satisfying the entrance

Use starch sizing to make the fish taste more tender

Essential for making sauerkraut fish and boiled fish!

Smooth and tender, not fragile, delicious in mouth, simple and quick!

"Pure Zhoushan Small-eyed Hairtail"It's cold water octopus

There is no stone bones in the back, and the taste is better

The specially selected fat and tender middle section makes the taste more fat and tender

Let the taste feel satisfied 

Rich in high protein and a variety of nutrients, suitable for the whole family

"#5 Snacks and Drinks"

Necessary for supper"VariousSnail powder

We have too!

The ingredients are careful and the taste is enough

Satisfy your midnight snack all the time~

mouthThe favorite of gluttons "Good quality shop"series

Come too!

All kinds of snacks, whether you want to add trace elements

Or to solve the gluttony in the TV series

Are all necessary

(There are more varieties in the mall!!) 

More flavors"Lays Potato Chips"~

Everything in the mall~

I'm not afraid you can't buy it, I'm afraid you can't think of itLimited tasteOh!

There are also a variety of Internet celebrity snacks from all over the world🍞✨

"Japanese Kabira"

"Taiwan Pineapple Cake"

"Singapore Net Red Fish Skin & Potato Chips"

"#6 Beauty"

Mom used to be a little fairy, so don’t hurt her in the years~

The fairies who have just been promoted to become mothers

I still want to shine

Light up the skin and let her be beautiful in the best time

A variety of items suitable for Asians, Weee! has everything

Whether it’s a must for sensitive skin 

The popular Minon Amino Moist amino acid moisturizing mask

Still popular in the purchasing circleRiceMask

It's also a must-have for home dyeing"Kao"

Weee! Both!Both!

There are countlessSteam goggles,Shower Gel🧴, foot mask

Japanese and Korean products are cheap and affordable

Everyday is beautiful and you don’t need to worry about your wallet~

"#7 Dried Rice Noodle Seasoning"

Everyone!Never need to go to the supermarket to be too tired to carry

Super heavyRice Seasoning/Egg MilkLa! ! 🛒🧂🍚

(It's the welfare of fairies! 😍)

The packaging is very careful, and there is no need to worry about damage during transportation~

So sweet!Mom also wants to give a thumbs up 👍

Various flavors and brandsAll seasonings!

Lee Kum Kee must be stored at home is even more standard!

(More choices in the mall)

And satisfyDifferent taste of rice

Solve your picky eaters!

Home delivery people!

Never have to laboriously carry it anymore! 🦺

most importantly

During the epidemic, Weee! absolutely guarantees the safety of delivery

All employees mustWear masks and gloves

And wash your hands with disinfectant

Routine inspection and disinfection of the warehouse will be carried out every day


Professional fleet throughout"No Touch"Delivery

The driver gently puts the goods at the door and then leaves

thenTake photos and upload them to Weee!'s website📷📦

Customers can also check the logistics status on the website anytime and anywhere

Real-time understanding of the arrival of items

Completely guarantee the safety of the goods~

The distance between you and the good life plus is only one fairy online supermarket

family!Use it!Disk it!

👆Scan the QR code to register with Weee! You can receive it$20Newcomer red envelope

*This article is a promotional article, only for delivery,
For reference, it does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.
Does not represent the position of this platform.for reference only.

❤️ Hope everyone bodyhealthy
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