McDonald's doesn't talk about martial arts!! A burger triggered by hamburgers...

On New Year's Day, I went to McDonald's.

It's not because I can't wait for the New Year's Eve dinner to be served,

It's new from McDonald'sBurger Jamattracted me.

The ad says that starting January 2022, 1,

McDonald's in the United States will launch four menu hacks for a limited time.

And that's what McDonald's has ever doneThe first "menu mashup".

Although not new,

But for the fun of this Die Die Le,

and curiosity about mixed tastes,

I rushed into the store immediately! !

Here's the thing 👇

McDonald's official announcementFour Stacked Burgers, Respectively:

  • Hash Brown McMuffin Hash Brown McMuffin

  • Crunchy Double Double Cheeseburger with Chicken McNuggets

  • Surf+Turf Double Cheeseburger with Maitake Fish

  • Land, Air and Sea Sandwich

I preferred hash browns with full marks, but the clerk said that it was past 11 a.m., which was not the time for breakfast, so the order failed. Here I want to say that I support writing the 24-hour breakfast at Mclaw into the U.S. Constitution.

Okay, keep ordering Crunchy Double and Surf+Turf, this time it worked, and I happily moved to the pickup counter to wait for my mash-up meal.

After a while, the meal bag was in hand,

Sit down at the table, open,

What I saw left me stunned for 5 seconds.

These are four items, okay?Stack!Stack!What about fun? !

When I was confused, I asked my brother,

The little brother said that we, as employees, do not fold for guests.

youFold it up now! !

I was stunned for another 3 seconds. I realized that if I didn't do it myself, I might not be able to get the effect on the picture, so I quickly opened the box.

But at this point the cheese has already begun to melt, and the chicken McNuggets without the sauce is like a fossil that has been dusted for a long time.

Even if I fold it in a lightning-quick manner and add deep beautification, these two burgers will be stacked together happily.It's actually horrible.

It tastes ok.

But I still don't give up,

Is it because I am not good at learning,

Misunderstood the ad word?

I glanced at the Chinese advertisement that McDonald's put on IG,

"Order + Done", the picture is made by stacking it.

Look at McDonald's official tweet on Little Blue Bird,

Is it"build yourself"Refers toFold it yourself? !

I felt that I couldn't be alone, so I specifically consulted my former English teacher first.This extremely strict old-fashioned American elder, after reading the advertisement picture, slowly said a sentence: "The hacks will come with that way."

Looking online again, I really am not alone. I have already made a lot of complaints about the McDonald's burgers that I have to fold by myself.

Pushed on:

On TikTok:

On Reddit:

On the Little Red Book:

In short, anyone who has ordered Die Die Le is deeply surprised by the need to assemble their own burgers.

The slogan is ambiguous and enticing; there are no additional discounts for combo purchases, evenBuy alonemore expensive, plus you can fold it yourself.

At this time, I have the same problem as other guests:If so, what are we going to do? ?Not to mention the extra slices of bread on the bottom layer of the hamburger when stacking the hamburger, it is simply tasteless and a pity to discard.How beautiful the seller's show is, how much slapped the buyer's show is.

When reporting on the promotion, the media said that such a menu hack,McDonald's "can increase menu variety without adding additional programs and training, while keeping operations simple for the kitchen and staff".

This seems to be a very clever marketing method, but now the market feedback is on the street. McDonald's "smartness" has become a clever, word-playing marketing in the eyes of customers, which cannot win real word of mouth.

An internal McDonald's employee explained anonymously why the burgers are made by customers themselves:

First, the employees have not received training, which is easy to make the appearance of the superimposed burgers look bad;

Second, there is no corresponding new packaging to accommodate burgers stacked several inches high.

So, McDonald's let me assemble it myself, putting the risk of stacking the burgers on my head.Then fold it and eat it quickly, there is no suitable box for you to take home the folded burgers anyway.

Unexpectedly,Dangdang and Dangdang are different every day, you are really a McDonald's today!

Of course, the netizens who suffered from this loss were not vegetarians. They fought back together, caught the McDonald's advertisement, and launched soul torture in the comment area:

“Can I pay with Dogecoin?”

This, of course, started with the shout-out between Ma Yilong and McDonald's.Ma Yilong said that if McDonald's accepts Dogecoin as payment, he will eat a McNuggets meal; McDonald's said that as long as he buys a Tesla, he can use Grimace Coin.

The jokes between these giants aside, I want to say here that the menu hack is an interesting concept, but this time McDonald's made a stupid promotion.

Wendy's and Taco Bell have also had such a "hacker menu", but they have made remixing food seriously, not flashy and grandstanding.

Finally, let me sum up this McDonald's Burger Jam with a limerick:

Two castles and one castle, thought it was the new castle.

Eat it in one bite, or two old castles.

McDonald's tilted his head and smiled,Said it is good to do it yourself.

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