Los Angeles outdoor dine-in or closed?94% of California return to the highest risk level

Catering boss must read the blue words above

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced yesterday (November 11) that94% of the California area has been re-identified as the most severe purple (widespread) risk level.Southern California includes the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Bernardino.

In September, California announced a newly designed open plan.Please see here for specific analysis : The program is distinguished by color, divided into four levels according to the epidemic situation in various parts of California, and runs county by county throughout the state. Counties with new cases and decreased positive rates can reopen indoor dining.

In just one month, the number of new cases in California has doubled from around 23,000 a week, and nearly 48,000 new cases were added last week.This is California's fastest growth since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.The number of counties judged as purple (widespread) risk level soared to 41-these 41 counties accounted for 94% of California's population.The governor said that it is possible to consider a statewide curfew.

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Orange CountyIt was downgraded to red (high risk) in September, and the restaurant allowed some indoor dining.But last week, the number of new crown cases in Orange County increased to 9 on average every day, an increase of nearly 424%.

Ventura CountyIt was also downgraded to red (high risk) in October.In the past week, there have been 10 new cases every day, a 140% increase compared to the previous one.

Los Angeles CountyLast weekMore than 6,800 new coronary cases have been reported.As Thanksgiving Day approaches, holidays and parties may continue to increase the number of infections and deaths.Local health officials are considering whether they should start restricting outdoor dine-in in restaurants, return to the form of food delivery, or even adopt curfew measures.

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Most areas of California currently have the highest risk levels

Since March, the turnover of Los Angeles restaurants has dropped sharply, and outdoor dinning can only be opened with 3% of the capacity.Some industry reports pointed out that from March to July, the food service industry lost at least 25 jobs.Los Angeles bars and clubs will also be affected by the epidemic.

In order to contain the epidemic as soon as possible, public health officials in Los Angeles issued an appeal, hoping that everyone will pay attention:


  • Cancel holiday parties and travel plans
  • If you must meet with people from different families, try to do it outdoors
  • If not necessary for activities, please stay at home as much as possible
  • Wear a mask and keep your distance from high-risk groups
  • If the test is positive, please self-isolate
  • If you are at risk of close contact, please self-isolate

  • Observe the principles of hygiene and safety, wear a mask, disinfect well, and keep a good distance
  • Ensure that there are no overcrowded places
  • Employees work from home whenever possible
  • Report the outbreak 888-700-9995

The situation in North Carolina is not optimistic either.For details, please read here : After San Francisco announced the closure of indoor dining on Friday,Santa Clara, Marin, Contra Costa and other counties also announced that fromStarting from Tuesday, November 11th, all restaurants can only do business through take-out, delivery, and outdoor dining.Starting this weekend, most of the North Carolina area will completely close indoor dining.

California restaurant owners, please copy the link below or click to read the original text to check the local epidemic situation and openness: https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/, Pay attention to the latest government policies and continue to follow our reports!


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