Trader Joe Autumn Limited | Vietnamese Beef Noodles, Salty Lemon Beer, and Cold Brew Black Tea Reproduce Hong Kong Style Mandarin Duck Milk Tea


Seeing the most exciting of the yearHalloweenis coming

As a result, there was no turmoil in my heart because of the epidemic

Although Trick-or-Treat may be late

ButKudzuPer year Autumn limited 


Come with me to see if there are any surprises ✨

Pumpkin series snacks

Pumpkin Brioche

Pumpkin French Toast

$ 3.99

Unexpectedly, this original thick-cut toast that was blown out was actually launchedPumpkin flavor!As the toast that I repurchased in Wannian, you have to try new flavors.

It can really taste the taste of pumpkin, which is much lighter than the original milk and butter, and the taste is fuller, not so soft.Bread is still mixedCinnamon.If you don't like cinnamon's friends, don't try it.

Pumpkin Bagel

Pumpkin Bagels

$ 2.49

Under the harmony of pumpkin flavor, the taste is transparentA touch of sweetness, But it’s by no means deadly sweet. It tastes good without baking or applying cream.

Bagel containscinnamon, But the taste is not particularly strong, it is acceptable to people who do not like cinnamon.Breakfast with coffee and milk is really full of autumn feeling.

Pumpkin Ravioli

Pumpkin Tortellini

$ 3.69

This tortellini isPumpkin Cheese SandwichYes, the sweet pumpkin is delicious, but the spice flavor is a bit prominent. If you like Pumkin Spices, you can try it!

Fall Leaf Corn Tortilla Chips

Corn flakes with golden autumn leaves

$ 2.99

When autumn arrived, Uncle Que De also changed the corn flakes to a golden autumn leaf shape to catch up with the trend.Regardless of its bright red-orange-yellow colors, it doesn’t actually use any artificial colors.Rely on the color of the corn itself and carrot powder.

On weekend nights, I hold a pack of "deciduous leaves" and pair it with my favorite salsa while eating and watching the show.

Chocolatissimo Harvest Collection 

Face value PLUS version of Belgian chocolate

$ 3.99

If you love Guylian shell-shaped sandwich chocolates, please don't waste your one-half second of hesitation, hurry up and buy this box of chocolates. The price of $3.99 is worth the price just for its appearance, not to mention the 99% similar taste to Guylian.

What I love the most inside are the two corn-shaped chocolates. Not only do they mimic the shape perfectly, but when I bite down, I realize that the outer shell is actually crispy. The contrast with the soft hazelnut chocolate sandwich inside is too flattering.

Halloween series

Haunted House 

Chocolate Cookie Kits

Chocolate Horror Gingerbread House

$ 7.99

KudzuHalloween limited gingerbread houseIt's back again this year. This is the fourth consecutive year that the product has appeared on the market. There are several styles to choose from.

The construction of the gingerbread house can be said to have no technical content, but what we bought is a sense of festive ritual~ You can also steal some candy leftovers while building it. Think about this scene is full of warmth.

Ghosts & Bats 

Crispy Potato Snacks

Halloween Funny Potato Chips

$ 1.99

I recommend this Halloween-limited puffed food, not because of how amazing it tastes, because in addition toPotatoes and light saltBasically, I can't eat any more flavor. It is a small snack that I usually eat to grind my teeth.

but,Little ghost and batThe shape of potato chips is really cute. Every time I see it, I can’t help holding a bag home.

* Tips for improving taste: Sprinkle a little UMAMI mushroom seasoning from Trader Joe's, and instantly double the taste!

Baja Inspired Stone Brewed

(Salt & Lemon Lager)

Salty Lemon Beer

$9.99/6 bottle

Salted lemon beer actually tastes like beer, but it’s a little bit more careful.Salty and sourThe taste.Although you can't have a big party during the epidemic, but for this packaging, clinking glasses with family/roommates at home can also reap double the quick fall 🍻

Frozen food

Beef Pho

Vietnamese beef noodle

$ 3.49

Are there any Pho fans? Seeing this new product, I really can't help but praise that Uncle De is too familiar with Asian tastes!

Although this noodle is still incomparable with the restaurant,Soup and beefIt's still very possible.However, it is really easy to get hungry after eating. Friends who are losing weight recently may as well be able to relieve their hunger.

Cheddar Broccoli Soup

Cauliflower Cheese Soup

$ 4.49

The cheese soup is really good for me, it is mellow but not greasy, and it still feels full.The brunch paired with a sandwich is really great.There is a lot of broccoli in the soup. Although it is a fast food, it still feels healthy.

Mini Spicy Pumpkin Samosas

Mini Pumpkin Samosa

$ 3.99

It’s not surprising that the samosa, a traditional Indian snack, is mixed with pumpkin.In fact, there are some insidePumpkin pieces, PlusVegetables, potatoes and spices.Bake them in a 400 degree preheated oven15 minutesThat’s OK~ If it’s a microwave oven, probably2 minutes, But it may not be as crispy as the oven.


Instant Cold Brew Coffee

Instant cold brew coffee

$ 3.99

Suddenly want to drink cold brew coffee and no longer have to run to Starbucks!Uncle Quede is a new product of cold brew coffee this fall, using Arabica beans, plus pure natural traditional extraction technology, you can make your desired coffee taste in 1 minute at home:1 scoop of cold brew coffee➕12 ounces of hot/cold water➕stir, You're done!

Organic Cold Brew Black Tea

Organic cold extract concentrated black tea

$ 4.99 

Recently, the self-made milk tea made by Uncle Que De is really popular on Xiaohongshu. As long as the formula is used correctly (three-piece set below), it is a perfect copyHong Kong style mandarin duck milk tea!

Share a popular recipe:

🎃Organic Cold Brew Black Tea

🎃Organic Cold Brew Coffee

🎃Organic Half & Half

🎃Organic Sweetened Condensed Milk

Proceed as follows:

1️⃣ Prepare enough ice cubes

2️⃣Pour black tea and Half & Half, the ratio is 1:1

3️⃣1 scoop of refining➕1 scoop of cold brew coffee

4️⃣ Just mix well

🌟Zhen milk stars can also cook some pearls by themselves~

Non-Dairy Maple Oat Beverage

Dairy-free maple oat milk

$ 2.99

Oat milk has been very popular in recent years. If you have not tried oat milk, I advise you to try it. It is a good news for friends who are lactose intolerant.

Generally sweet oat milk is vanilla, if you just like itMaple syrupThe taste, then such a seasonal limitation must not be missed.The scent of maple syrup is full, which makes me enjoy the autumn flavor when I am still in LA.

Baking & Desserts

Dark Chocolate 

Salted Caramel Bar Thin

Sea Salt Caramel Ultra Thin Dark Chocolate Bar

$ 1.99

Usually filled chocolate is very thick, but this Belgian chocolate bar is reallyUltra thinIt is crunchy with one bite, and sea salt caramel melts into the mouth with two bites.It is precisely because the chocolate bar is thin enough, each piece only130 calories, It can relieve the greedy, and will not have too much guilt.

Protein Muffins

— Breakfast in 60 Seconds!

60 Second Muffin Cake

$ 1.99

Uncle Que De really understands lazy people, this gospel of lazy people allows you to eat muffin cake in 60 seconds.The cake has two flavors,Dark chocolate and maple syrup.Let’s enjoy a relaxing morning together~

Wicked uncle lunch bag

$ 5.99

The new lunch bag made by Uncle Qu is really worthy of my love, and the sisters are all about to rush.The feel of the kraft paper bag is really retro, textured and cute.The point is that it can be washed with water and has a very large capacity, And only $5.99, which is a bargain price.

It can be hand-carried or worn as a bag. It is not too versatile to say that it is very versatile. The only drawback is that the inner side is harder to handle, but this price is really very 🉑️ as a shopping bag/grocery bag/lunch bag.


Do you have a shopping list in your mind?

Hurry up and take this dry goods to visit Uncle Quede

Welcome foodies to share more new treasures~

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