Peking duck, lamb scorpion pot, duck blood pot... I have had the most heart-warming meal in the Bay Area since this autumn

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Although there are several Chinese restaurants in every city,
But it can be calledclassicBut there are only a handful of them.
No matter how many new stores or Internet celebritiesShop opened,
Still someoneJust love this classic taste.

San Francisco Chinatown we visited some time agoImperial Food Garden.It's definitely such a classic Chinese restaurant. (Pick the link below to see the Yushiyuan shop report)
Bashi! This is the only one in the Bay Area to have Maocai duck blood, authentic Jianghu Sichuan cuisine takes you back to Chengdu in minutes!

AlsoIn San Francisco,anotherChinese residenceRichmondEndless stream.It has also been loved by customers for many years.

(Photo source business Facebook)

Endless streamIn fact, it is also the business of the owner of Yushiyuan Han.Classics of the same origin.In addition to Sichuan cuisine, (such as the well-known gold medal boiled fish), in factBeijing cuisineIt is also remarkable.According to reliable sources from the team.Except forRoast DuckVery good, and very suitable recentlySheep scorpion to warm up in winterDuck bloodWait for hard dishes.Ever since, we once again decided to try dishes for everyone.

From 11/14 in San FranciscoDine offYes, although Boss Han would like to welcome everyone to the storeRoast Duck, But for safety, it can only be changed to welcome everyonePick up or take out.The small team visited the shop just in time for the last day when dine-in is allowed. Let us seize the opportunity to see what's delicious~


Hot dishes series

Roast Duck

Thanksgiving is approaching, although the custom is to eat roast turkey, but turkey can’t compareRoast DuckBetter for usChinese stomach!
Tips written in the front:
Roast duck on Thanksgiving Day needs to be booked as early as possible.
Limited quantity will be fully booked

Roast DuckOuter skinShiny,linesmoothFluent.
Just look at itNot enough salivaHow to do!




Good pieceCrispy duck skinmoving,Duck meat is tenderfull.ZayukiFull of side dishesKit-White scallion shreds, emerald green cucumber shreds, and soul sweet noodle sauce.Use backSteamingRoll the dough with moderate thickness and bite it down.sincereFun!

Duck skin duck meatCrispy, Shredded cucumberRefreshingAccompanied by a bit of spicy green onions.A duck cake is good for a biteAbsolutely!You can even hear the crisp sound of duck skin being chewed in your mouth, the more you eat, the more you have appetite.

Although the house family has been honing their cooking skills for so long, butRoast duck, Still gottaProfessional’S master to operate.The endless stream of roast duckCrispy duck skin, Chewing lightly can feel the slightCaramelOfOil, butDon't feel greasy.It's really right.

If you are worried that the takeaway home is not crispy enough, remember to heat up the oven or air fryer slightly to restore the duck skincomplexTaste~

When I visited the store, I needed a little detail. I wanted to film the process of the roast duck chef sliced ​​the duck, but the post chef insisted not to come out to meet outsiders to protect the chef’sguardLivingAnd foodSafe.Praise the master for his persistence👍  

Sheep scorpion


It was called by old Beijing because it looked like a scorpionSheep scorpionFrom the sheepEssence, Also known as gold in meat.If you want to be herecold weatherWhat to eat inWarm up, Then there is nothing more appropriate than eating a pot of sheep and scorpions!

Fresh side dishesChinese cabbageTofu andFan, Put it in the pot and cook for a short while, grab a spoonful of it and put it on the plate slowly steaming, in this cold weather, it’s just not necessaryToo satisfied!

Sheep Scorpion Pot


Remove the bones and leave behindSteamyPut the lamb into your mouth, the lamb is stewedFresh and rotten, I don’t feel tired after eating a large piece. It does conform to the saying that eating a pig is worse than eating a cow, and eating a cow is worse than eating a sheep!Warm tonic and nutritionAll ages.

Big pomelo's favorite side dishtofuIt is also delicious.Strong fragrance but not muttonThe sheep scorpion soup is soft and rotten, especially tasty!If you can’t finish it, you can keep the soupCook noodles the next dayeat!

Leek Fragrant Duck Blood

Recommended toDuck blood lover!
As soon as it came up with a strong scent of leeks, it hit his face.
This match is quitenovelof,
Big pomelo is not a fan of leeks,
There was a question mark in my heart.

Leek greenNo water,Duck bloodSmooth and tender.With chiliSpicy.The collision of leeks and duck blood is different!Duck bloodTaste like soft tofu but even betterFresh and slipperyDuangduang shook with the chopsticks.Duck Blood Star Chong!

Side dishesSmoothOf hot pot wide noodles,
Come and put a spoon on the rice,
Can't stop mouthfula feeling of!

After eating three hard dishes, the small team who came to the store ate warmly and comfortably!So ordered a fewPasta snacksMatch it.


Pasta series

Jingdong Meatloaf

Outer skinbutter.Thin skinThick flesh.In fact, in addition to eating it as pasta at a dinner party, Da Yu found that you can pack a portion and go home one day. Careful friends can spread the pan and heat it, and lazy people like mine can put it in the microwave directly.MatchBoiled wellPurple Rice PorridgeOr millet porridge, one mealWarm breakfastIt can enter the stomach!

Undergarment burning

The undergarment is pronounced dā lian (softly). It is a pocket with an opening in the middle and stuffing at both ends, which can be carried on the shoulders.becauseStripshapeSometimes it’s folded in half. This fire is very similar to a furry, hence the nameUndergarment burning.It is said that this is a food that has been passed down in Beijing for hundreds of years. Some people call it affectionately.darlingFire.

Golden appearanceCrispy, entranceBurnt.Must-eats from old Beijing, and curious Xiaobai also try it!

Golden Corn Branding

This golden corn brand is deeply loved by the friends who explore the store!Crispy on the outside, insideCorn kernels have a distinct taste, It tastes sweet and delicious.Because the team focused on posing for a hundred years,It was a bit cold when it was our turn to try it.but,It's delicious when it's cold!

I won't tell youColdThe photographer’s little brother, he took a bite out and said "Well~~", revealing a mysterious smile called happiness.

Followed to ask the boss how to cook this dish, boss: This is our masterCasuallymade.Hidden merit and fameAh yes.

In order to allow more Bay Area foodies to enjoy the endless flow of good dishes and meat, Boss Han urgently contacted all parts of the Bay Area.Group buy meal deliveryThe heads of the group are preparing for group purchases. Boss Han said with a smile that he is totally unable to deal with these new things, but in order for everyone to taste their own delicacies, he is working hard to prepare~

Continuous flow of food group + customer service WeChat

Want to know the endless stream of benefits and new dishes for the first time, scan the QR code to add the customer service WeChat, so many delicious foods are waiting for you!There will also be group purchases from all over the Bay Area, allowing you to sit at home and wait for the roast duck, sheep, and scorpion!

(Please be sure to scan the corresponding QR code in your area to enter the group. If you have not added it successfully, please click the customer service to pull the group, WeChat ID: chilihouse_sf)

The endless stream of group buying is in preparation! !Will be released soon

Foodies everywhere, first scan the local QR code to enter the group👇

San Francisco group buying group????

Peninsula Group????

East Bay Group Purchase Group????

South Bay Group????

Say the important thing again:
Roast duck on Thanksgiving Day needs to be booked as early as possible.
Limited quantity will be fully booked

Continuous stream xEatExclusive benefits

Free if you spend over $45

Spicy duck wings/or braised duck head

I always wanted to come hereSpicyOf.Boiled fish.Wild Sanjiao Beef and moreAddiction, This time with the small team finally have the opportunity to try a fewClassic Northern Dishes.

High-quality roast duck,Must-try in winterThe warm and nutritious sheep scorpion pot, and the long historyClassic pastaWait and so on, the team was full of praise.

Finally, the boss recommended the classicFish head with chopped pepper, It’s a pity that everyone can't walk anymore,Be sure to try it next time you come!

Ate this meal in late autumn in San Francisco,
My stomach has moved for me,
Endless streamThe background andIngenuityFor so many years,
I miss that hometown foodies, you can give it a try!

Restaurant Information:
🏠Store Name|Chili House SF
📍Address|726 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118
☎️ Phone | (415) 387-2658
WeChat ID: chilihouse_sf
🚗Parking|street parking

Copywriting Editor|Lu Dayou Achu
Photography | Board

* This article is an article about food promotion, and only represents the author's experience on the day
It does not represent the position of eating goods, it is only for transmission and reference,
Does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.

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