collect! Seattle has nice weather, let’s take a sea trip~

 boat trip


One of the most unique places in Seattle

There are abundant waterways

In addition to being directly connected to the Pacific Ocean

It is also surrounded by numerous lakes, bays and islands.

experience itSeattle boat tour

Let’s explore the unique water scenery together~


Argosy Cruises

Argosy Cruises has the largest fleet in the Pacific Northwest and is one of the longest-running cruise services in the Seattle area.

Embark on a water trip to explore the beauty and history of Seattle on a cruise ship. There is also a full-service bar on the ship. You can enjoy the scenery and have a drink, which is the perfect spring trip.

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Boat Tours Seattle

Each vessel in this unique fleet is different and is spearheaded by a team of Coast Guard captains dedicated to providing the safest and most enjoyable experience on the water.

From 2-hour tours to nighttime adventures, from small motorboats to sailing boats, passengers can choose their preferred type of trip and environment. This year we will start going overseas on May 5st. Interested friends can pay attention~

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Sailing Seattle

Sailing Seattle, which has been featured in National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, TripAdvisor and more, is great for all ages, including kids and babies. Guests can bring their own food and drinks and learn to sail the boat from a sailor or captain on board.

Every itinerary on each of their yachts is unique,Because the route is determined by the wind direction and boat traffic of the day, is worth experiencing, and will also start sailing on May 5st.

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Soundview Sunset Cruises

Enjoy Lake Union's scenic landmarks and history in addition to Portage Bay, Lake Washington, and the Seattle Locks. This hotel is most famous for its sunset tours. In addition, it also offers tours at other times in the morning, lunch and evening.

During the football season, there are also cruise ships that go to the University of Washington to watch games on the water, and you can also take a look at the sky-high-priced mansions on both sides of the water.

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Emerald City Pirates

One of the most unique water experiences in Seattle. The theme of the cruise ship is pirates, called the Queen Anne's Revenge. Put on pirate costumes and embark on an interesting treasure hunt with the pirate crew.

Suitable for all ages (including babies), dogs under 25 pounds are allowed on board, and pirate gear is available for purchase on board.

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Waterways Cruises And Events

Seeing the Blue Angles on a cruise is great~ From private events like dinner parties to holiday tours, Waterways Cruises And Events offers cruises for every occasion, including weddings.

They offer dinner cruises, weekend brunch cruises, and Sunday buffet dinner cruises that are on the water for two hours and are a great way to spend quality time with friends and family.

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Seattle Water Tours

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Seattle Water Tours’ special services: limited from March to October, affordableice cream water trip, It takes passengers along Fremont Avenue to the historic sites of Lake Union, passing the Boeing Company, a 100-year-old shipyard, the busiest suspension bridge in the world, and more.

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Spring is here, it’s time to go out and enjoy the breeze

Get close to nature~

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