Dawen lockdown, this IG super hot hand-crank tea, the ancestor of the literary and retro flower cup, is now delivered to your door with free shipping throughout the city

Vancouver enters the lockdown stage again

Rainy weather

Staying at home and starting to miss me

Hot pot barbecue milk tea🥤

It just so happens that IG⬆️a super hot hand tea

Free shipping to home in Vancouver

whole city?That's right!Shiraishi, Langley is included!

Hurry up!row!on!

From TaichungThe ancestor of the flower cup


All the way from Taiwan to Vancouver

In a lot of simple and cold style milk tea

Their complicated and retro cups are particularly eye-catching


Good luck



Big flower with bright background

Literary and retro design

It’s hard to forget after a glance~

Even brought a lot of milk tea shops

Creative on the packaging

If it’s the first order,

Let’s start with these popular drinks




Yuhe Green Aloe Honey

ChunfangAloe-based green tea

It is said to be the favorite of ladies

The texture of QQ is quite special

The bottom of the tea is the four-season spring produced in Songbailing, Nantou, Taiwan

Old tea blended with fragrant new tea

Combines the fragrance of aloe vera pulp

It tastes full of floral fragrance

You can still taste the sweetness of lychees

Different from other tea products

Chunfang retains the original taste of tea to the greatest extent

The fruity aroma slowly diffuses along with the tea aroma

The sugar content is also very light, with lower calories




Orange grapefruit green aloe honey

Grapefruit, orangeMatching green tea and aloe honey

It tastes more sweet and sour than Yuhe

Fresh fruit aromas are more brilliant


Good luck


Freshly made fruit tea

Grapefruit and oranges are freshly squeezed

Elegant aroma of green tea

Sweet and sour mixed with freshly squeezed juice




There are also large pieces of Q-bomb aloe vera pulp

Just right sweet

This i fruit tea control is super recommended~

You can still chew between your mouth and teeth

Twisted pulp fiber

The taste is richer~




Purple Sweet Potato Pearl Fresh Milk Green

The following two are winter

Super recommended popular hot drink

Chunfang's Purple Sweet Potato Pearl Milk Green

Refreshing and not sweet

Elegant purple is full of happiness

Purple sweet potato is dehydrated and melted with tea soup

So it tastes very delicate

Removed the rough fiber feel of purple sweet potato

It tastes soft and fragrant with some mashed potatoes

Homemade pearl balls in the store

The pellets are Q bombs, the larger ones are more resilient~

A cup of stomach, full of satiety




Dajia taro milk

Another cup of taro milk is also a popular drink in winter

Choose normal sugar or low sugar

In rainy weather

Hold a cup of tender taro milk

Like a little luck in life

A cup of taro milk is full of ingredients

The mashed taro is more than enough to make at home

Homemade fresh taro mash

It tastes fragrant but not sweet

Milky flavor

Can also be based on customer needs

Add ice or make a hot drink ☕️




Osmanthus Pearl Milk Tea

Season's Osmanthus Pearl Milk Tea

Haven't had a sip

The scent of sweet-scented osmanthus comes out

The unique aroma of osmanthus

Mixed with freshly brewed milk tea

Delicate and soft, with rich aroma

Added to the silent winter

A touch of golden autumn joy

Remind everyone

The sweetness of Chunfang is lower than other brands

The sugar content of purple sweet potato and taro mash is very light

I recommend everyone to start with half sugar

Sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, fairy grasses are sugar-free

So it needs a little sugar to taste

You can also choose to add ice or make a hot drink

(Fruit tea can only be made cold)

You can also add different topping according to your preferences


Aloe vera

Chunfang's carefully selected imported aloe pulp

Sweet and delicious

Large pulp Q elastic smooth

Grass Jelly x Coconut

Grass Jelly X Coconut Jelly

Clear licorice fragrance

Floating fairy grass~

And summer pineapple flavored coconut

Enrich the level of fruit tea



Large pearl balls made fresh every day
Full Q bomb

Free milk tea is available throughout Vancouver

In the process of fighting the epidemic

We have to change our way of life

People who didn’t order takeaway before

Order takeaway every three to five~

Now the freight that saves money has been restored before the next stop

WeChat Solitaire Free Shipping Group

Richmond – 1pm 

Burnaby – 1:15pm

 UBC/ Vancouver/ DT 3~5pm

Free shipping for any two cups~


Surrey White Rock Coquitlam area 6pm

Free shipping for three cups~

Friends who haven't gotten in the car come to scan the code to join the group🚗

There is also a small customer service waiting for your order~



Address: 1067 W Broadway, Vancouver

Phone: 604-336-6922

Business hours:Mon-Sun: 11 am-9pm

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