Newsletter | Hot domestic nostalgic Chengdu Chuan Chuan, Houston's roadside official announced its opening!

Since the news on the side of the road in Houston was announced
There are always enthusiastic readers in the group and backstage
"When do you drive on the side of the road?"
Today finally finally
I can give you a definite answer!
Legend of "Chuan Chuan Xiang" in China
"Side of the road"HoustonChinatown Store
 tomorrow Just open!
Check out the countless good guides on Xiaohongshu
No wonder everyone is eager to try!

Let's take a look at the quick report that this pigeon brings to everyone!
The location is in Diho Square in Chinatown
(The one with Wellcome Supermarket~)
I was fascinated by the retro decoration style before entering the door
Distressed window frames,Exquisite wall painting
Strong 80s style
I don't know if it arouses you
I have to say that fashion is a circle,
The Internet celebrity shops from China can really play!
The retro trend of the 8090s is so cool!
Millennium girls please wear your y2k outfit
Come here to take pictures
The store is also full of "memory killing" decoration,
Take you back in one second
The most authentic old Chengdu city in the 80s.
And these signs,
It's too interesting!


Retro royal blueTables and chairs

It deepens the sense of this "virtual reality" scene.

Not only eating skewers here,

It is a nostalgic atmosphere.


Come to the optional small material area
As if really came to the door of the ice room
I want to find the boss for a 5 cents ice powder~

Of course stringing is the highlight!
Looked at the display in the freezerwholeQiOf
Small county liver, tender beef, pig sky ladder, hairy belly……
Take the box and have it all!
Shabu into boilingFragrant pot bottom
Smell the spicy taste in the air
It's too irritating!
Don’t forget the snacks on the menu
Melaleuca belly, flower beetle, brain flower
Are all authentic Chengdu taste
Bashi is very good!

Disclose the full menu in advance👇

The specific opening time is here!
The Houston store on the side of the road will be in
Saturday, January 1 at 16 p.m.
Open on time!
Opened on the first day,
Will be open until midnight
Don’t miss it if you want to try it!
of course,Also during the mealPlease follow
State government and store regulations
Be well protected and eat safely ❤

Store information card

🏠 shop

Malu Bian Bian on the side of the road


9102 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77036

* This article is an original article, Does not involve any commercial interests.
It is for transmission and reference only and does not constitute any suggestion of behavior.
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