Goose intestines and hairy belly, county liver and brain flowers, and now killing bullfrogs, this old Chengdu hot pot in Xiutun is too authentic, right?

The weather in Houston is getting colder recently. When I dug out my long-sleeved sweater from the closet, I seemed to hear the footsteps of the god of hot pot coming to Texas—perhaps, the southern hot pot season is here?!

In the past two years since the opening of Xiaolongkan in Houston, the reputation has been very good. They have long known that their spicy pot is very spicy and the bottom of the tomato pot is not bad. Take advantage of the fall of autumn, let's find out!


From the two thick wooden doors at the front of the store to the retro-national decoration in the store, it takes people back to China in one second!Excuse me to bother me, may I ask if this is Chunxi Road 😭

The facilities are completely domestic cateringIntimate high level, Each table is a non-contact scanning code ordering, and is equipped with independent small racks, tools, napkins, and unfit dishes can be stacked here.

If you don’t want your clothes to stick to the smell of hot pot, you can also put them in the clothes basket.

There are snacks such as mochi, fruit, and kimchi in the small material area, and there are two stations behind it.Smoothie machineI am also tirelessly flipping the icy smoothie, now it is lemon yogurt and granny apple flavor, and I will often change the flavor later~

A new one was recently added next to the small material tablemini fridge, You can get Wangwang Bingbing here!Break into two sections and share with friends to eat, relive some childhood happiness~
(Suddenly there is a store in order to let everyoneJie La feels all the stops)

Bottom of the pot

The bottom of the pot is available in three flavors:butter,tomato,Clear soup (pork bone soup)
🥘The hot pot is really spicy and fragrant, and the tumbling heat is like a weapon.
🥘The bottom of the tomato pot is very strong, sweet and sour, fruity, well received~
🥘The bone broth is very fragrant, and the taste of the drink is the feeling of boiled pork bones, which is suitable for warming up.

🌶Spicy Suggestion: According to my personal experience, the spiciness of Xiaolongkan Hot PotReally not kiddingFor those who are not very spicy, it is recommended to order Mandarin Duck or Benz Pot.

Special recommendation

Crystal tender beef


This dish is definitely worth a first recommendation!Marble-like textureThinly sliced ​​beefWithFreshly beaten eggs.

The silky egg liquid locks the beef juice, this is really what I have eatenMost tenderThe beef shabu!Chopsticks, Can't stop at all~

Internal organs topic

Next is the special topic of internal organs necessary for old hot pot!

Goose Sausage


I don’t know if you have imaginedGoose intestines eaten as noodlesHappy!Fresh goose intestinesTrembling slightly, Tumble up and down in the hot pot seven or eight times, and you can eat it to the point of being slightly rolled up!Tender and crispy, with a great taste!
*This goose intestines can only be eaten in the hall

Black hairy belly


I usually choose between black hairy belly and white hairy bellyBlack hairy bellyThe hairy belly itself is brown, and the black hairy belly has not been processed too much, which generally means that the ingredients are fresher.

The fresh hairy belly that can be eaten by just a little bit, indeedSuper crispy!Countless on the hairy bellyLittle gripperNaturally, it is the perfect carrier to absorb the seasoning. Adjust a bowl of your favorite sauce and experience the crispy taste!

Spicy Little County Liver


Cut to the right thicknessXiaojungan's liver is chained by long bamboo sticks, avoiding the trouble of letting go of the pot.County LiverBrittle and toughThe taste is also unstoppable!

Smart brain flower

â € â €

Even people like me who don’t eat naohua often think that naohua is aa big surprise!

The brain flower rolled in the spicy pot is covered by the fragrant and spicy taste, and the textureVery creamy, The texture is very delicate. For those who are trying for the first time, it is recommended to add chopped green onion and other small ingredients, the taste is better~

Phoenix tail piece

â € â €

The waist piece was thinly beaten with a knife, and it was slightly rolled into a beautiful arc as soon as it was rinsed in the pot. The name "Phoenix Tail" is very appropriate!As internal organs that are not easy to handle, there is also no obvious peculiar smell and tasteSoft and crispyDon’t miss it for those who love to eat kidneys.

Cattle, sheep and pigs

Long Ge Fat Niu

â €

The texture of the fat cow is clear and closeLike snowflakes, The thickness is also very solid.

It will emit slowly as you chewMilky flavour of beef fat,This isFat and not greasyBar!WithSour and freshThe tomato pot is a must.Those who know how to eat can roll some enoki mushrooms and coriander on their own and eat them together.

Need Lamb Shoulder

â € â €

The mutton shoulder meat is very fragrant, firm and large. It is recommended to cook it in a clear soup pot with the white radish, and you will get a pot of fried chicken and deliciousmutton soup.

Secret Ribs


Marinated pork ribsVery tasty, It won’t be able to cook for a long time, it’s still springy, but the ribs themselves are big and they will cook slowly, so be patient~

Kill Bullfrog


This may be something you can eat in HoustonThe freshestThe bullfrog!The store also took me to the back kitchen to verify the aliveness of the bullfrog-although I was scared, I took the courage to take a picture. This isSpecially cultivated edible bullfrog.

⚠️Live bullfrog warning⚠️
Those who are scared, please quickly scroll to the next screen

When it was served, the meat was still trembling and there was no one!

⚠️Warning end ⚠️

As for the taste, it should be cleaned upCleanThe bullfrog, the garlic clove flesh is firm and silky, chewed carefully and there is a hint of sweetness, it is too enjoyable to eat.

Other dishes

Kung Fu Potatoes


Unlike the common thick-cut potato chips, the potatoes are cut into petal shapes (also very similar to potato chips).Thin and uniform, Will be cooked soon~ 

frozen tofu


Another excellentCarrying the soupDelicious!The sweet and sour tomato soup, the refreshing and pleasant clear soup, happily fills every pore, just like this one piece by piece is delivered into the mouth~

Green and Vegetable Combination


To be honest, the leafy greens on the hot pot may be a placebo more often, so thisChinese Cabbage + Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum + Spinach + Vegetable AThe combination will definitely comfort you.Anyway, whether you eat or not, as long as they are there, this is a healthy and balanced meal! 😺

Brown sugar

â €

As a glutinous rice lover, thisBrown sugarI give four stars!

shellVery thin and crisp, You can also see rice with distinct grains inside. The texture of glutinous rice is very good. One star is deducted because the inside is a bit too moist.

In general, Xiaolongkan, as a domestic chain restaurant brand, has maintained a fairly high level overseas.The taste of the soup base is natural and not artificial,Fresh ingredients,Environmental FacilitiesIt is also in place, I recommend everyone to try it!

It's time to respond to the call of the god of hot pot,Let's start the autumn tonic!

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