up to date!The Chinese embassy resumed the ten-year visa, and China and the United States began to resume most flights in late January

The Chinese embassy in the United States stated a few days ago that the previous ten-year trip to China has made multiple round trips.Q2The use of the visa is suspended. If you need to return to your country, you need to apply for a new visa.
Recently, a small partner has successfully obtained a new applicationQ2 visa to China, we will netizen@I'm going to fight monsters and upgradeThe application process is organized as follows:
Step 2: Send an email to apply for a QXNUMX visa, submit all the required materials, and then you may receive a notice of supplementary materials, and submit them in time;
Step 145: Send all paper materials, including a handling fee of XNUMX US dollars;
Step XNUMX: Show the embassy received;
Step XNUMX: Answer the call of the embassy. If you miss the answer, you will receive a voice message, indicating that the new XNUMX-year visa has been issued, but you must agree to cancel the previous visa (if it is in another passport, you need to send it);
fifthstep: Received a new ten-year visa.

official visa sample
Chinese Americans usually apply for a Chinese visa through the Q2 family visit visa, and only need to ask their relatives in China to submit an invitation letter.The content of the invitation letter can be downloaded from the official website of the Chinese embassy and consulate in the United States. After filling in the personal information and confirming that the content is correct, print the form and sign.
Full resumption of flights between China and the US is just around the corner
Liang Nan, director of the Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and a first-level inspector, said in Beijing on the 10th that the Civil Aviation Administration has begun to accept flight plan applications from Chinese and foreign airlines since January 1.Among them is the application of China-US airlines to resume the operation of China-US routes.
Nearly 40 Chinese and foreign airlines have submitted plans for about 34 passenger flights per week involving 700 countries, of whichMost flights are scheduled to resume operations between late January and February, CAAThe review process is being carried out in accordance with the procedures.At the same time, the Civil Aviation Administration has resumed accepting applications for international passenger charter flights and business jets to meet the needs of international business contacts.

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