Bread head look over here! 3 minutes to teach you to understand the types of bread in Los Angeles supermarkets

Although there are also bakeries everywhere in China,
Bread is nothing new.
But in the United States,
I was still surprised by the breads that are long and short, big and small
The appearance looks very solid and not attractive
dessert.Generally placed in the United Statespastry shopsell
Andbread shopThey are usually made insideStaple foodBread.
Today I will give you a popular science,
How should we choose so many breads?
Maybe give you more inspiration for wfh breakfast
Different raw bread    
White bread
The bread is baked with wheat flour from which the bran and germ have been removed, which is"Fine noodles".The bread made is white in it, so it is called white bread.Very soft taste.I think it’s a little bit roasted. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s very delicious without adding too much jam.
Whole grain bread
Whole wheat breadwhole wheat It is a kind of whole grain bread, which is made by grinding whole grains into powder.Whole grain bread is brown and tastes better than white breadRougha lot of.But better than white breadMore fiber.Vitamin contentAnd more.It is a higher quality carbohydrate, and many fitness people will choose whole wheat bread.
Multigrain bread
In addition to wheat flour, some other grains are added, such as oats.More nutritious.Obviously you can eat some grains,Richer taste, But I personally prefer soft white bread.If you want to eat healthier, choose whole grain bread or multigrain bread.
Different kinds of bread       
After talking about the different raw materials, I have to tell everyone what those different shapes of bread are
Bagel should beAmerican favorite breadWell, especially New Yorkers, the degree of fanatical enthusiasm for Bagel is a bit unimaginable.This bread looks like a doughnut with a hole in the middle,Very solid taste,very chewy.

The taste of bagels is not likely to deteriorate as the baking time becomes longer, and they are very delicious when eaten cold.It’s suitable for people in a hurry in the morning. You can also make sandwiches with anything in between.

Croissant, also called croissant,Layers of meringue, It tastes so delicious. Costco costs $6 a box of 12 croissants, and it covers a week's breakfast at home.Bake it in the oven before eating, and it will become crispy on the outside, which is delicious.Ke Song is very delicious without adding anything, that isThe oil is relatively large.Each layer of meringue is the credit of the shortbread, which is not suitable for weight loss friends.
English muffin
English muffins are baked with fermented dough, which has large pores and is relatively soft, and is generally used for breakfast.McDonald's scoreThe series uses English muffins.The flavor of the bread itself is relatively ordinary, with a little fermented sourness, it would be better to eat with some bacon.classicbrunch.Eggs BenedictThe bread part is also English muffins.
Sourdough bread
When the dough is left for a period of time, some colonies will be formed to help the doughNatural fermentation.Then add some fresh dough to bake sourdough bread.The outside is relatively hard, and there are many large pores inside, which are relatively wet and soft.If you eat it aloneMore sour, I personally think it's not very tasty.

More suitable for wipingCheese sauce.Cream sauceCome eat.Chowder, a specialty of the West Coast of the United States, then used sourdough breadDip and eatIs the most amazing.In short, it will go well with salty things.
French favorite bread, long,Extremely hard shell, Basically can be used to beat people.The inside is relatively soft but very chewy, and the aroma of bread is all in the mouth.
Cut into thick slices and smear someGarlic butter(garlic butter, You can buy them in supermarkets), and bake them slightly until the butter melts, not to mention the fragrant.
Slipper bread ciabatta

This is white bread that Italians often eat.It’s big, the skin is very crisp, the inside is very soft, a bit like a French stick, usedIt's delicious to make sandwiches, It just tastes a little bit toothy.
Breadsticks grissini
Like thin pencils, Hard, very brittle.I sometimes treat it asSnacksCome eat, match someCheese,orDipped in sauceThey are all delicious.Italians love this thing very much, and often pair it with red wine to makeAppetizereat.
Halla bread challah
Traditional Hara bread isJudaismYou can’t add butter and milk to the food.But now many have been added, usually made into a braid shape, a bit like braided bread.Soft taste, The inside is very textured, it can be torn into strips,It's delicious when eaten alone. Trader Joe's and whole foods are available.
A kind of French bread,Between dessert and bread.It’s made with butter, cream, etc. It’s very, very soft and sweet.Full of butter and cream scent.
Trader Joe's It's on sale, it's super popular, and it's often out of stock when it's late.It can be served as a small dessert for afternoon tea, or it can be eaten directly for breakfast in the morning.I didn’t buy TJ’s last time, so I went to Safeway to buy a substitute. I personally tested that it was soft, but the milky fragrance and taste were not as good. You can refer to it~
Do you feel suddenly less dazzling
Do you have any delicious bread that you usually love?
You can share it in the comment area~
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