Toronto April New Store | Durian Coconut Chicken, Grilled Big Bone in Sauce, Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup, Spicy and Crispy Carp...

A touch of warm sun dissolves the dust of winter,

The cherry blossoms in April are blooming,

And what new stores will there be in Toronto in April?

Let's take a look with the team 👇


Zen Pot

Hong Kong-style health food 

🌟Address: 4733 Steeles Ave East Unit7   

This summer it’s better to take a look at this health-preserving soup pot cuisine:

Gold medal-beautifying Huajiao chicken, signature Buddha jumping over the wall...

The soup is delicious, the lips and teeth are fragrant, and the bottom of the pot will have to be filled with several bowls!

The materials used are unambiguous, and the delicacies of the mountains and the sea are all in it;

After drinking the nourishing soup pot, you can also make a hot pot——

Seafood, beef, lamb, mushrooms...Eat two in one pot!

A delicious soup pot,

It also enhances the shabu-shabu~

Recently, their family has also launched new products——Durian Coconut Chicken

The sweetness of coconut neutralizes the sweetness of durian,

Durian lovers must try it!

There are all kinds of Cantonese fried

Hong Kong-style snacks, waiting for everyone to unlock~

Heart Dumplings

SHINYI Handmade Dumplings

Creative Chinese Pastry

🌟Address: 641 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z9

Newly opened in Downtown (Yonge/Bloor)

Dumpling Specialty Store Heart Dumplings.

Rely on the sign "Rainbow dumplings"Out of the circle,

Anything you want to shoot will look good~

7 colors and various flavors, each one is a surprise!

The colors are all derived from vegetables, which is healthy and delicious!

There are also a variety of ingenious pasta, Jianghu dishes,

10086 kinds of Chinese pastry can also be made!

2045 small restaurant

2045 Spicespace

Spicy Hot

🌟North York: 5170 Yonge Street unit 141

🌟Scarbough: 790 Millitary Trail

🌟Markham: First Markham Place Food Court 

(Coming soon)

Spicy and spicy open three stores in one breath.

It is said that the black technology of waterless cooking is used,

Mala Tang that can be eaten with peace of mind even during a fat-reduction fitness party!

Tomato oxtail, shacha hot...

It's all unique fresh flavors,

Because Mala Tang no longer comes into contact with boiled water,

If it has fundamentally restored the taste of the hand-boiled soup base.

It is recommended to try the steak in the side dish,

Isn't he fragrant with the tender, tasty and large thick-cut steaks!

Dare to bake in Beijing

BBQ skewers 

🌟Address: 7077 Kennedy Rd, Unit 109,

Markham, ON, L3R0N8

(2021.04.26 Soft Opening)

There is a new place to go for late night snacks!

I heard that the chef of this skewers shop has something to do--

More than XNUMX years of chef experience,

The recipe marinades are all exclusive!

The secret skewers and fresh skewers are all roasted with Xinjiang cumin by air...

Four-character summary——Hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant!

There are also secret grilled fish, grilled big bones, spicy lobster tails...

Big seafood!

Sorbet bean paste, almond tofu and cheese grilled rice cake...

The Northeast special desserts are also worth trying!

 Kika Sushi

Light food

🌟Address: 3623 Hwy 7 #102

Markham ON, L3R 8X6 

I didn’t lose weight in April, but I was sad in June...

The weather is getting hot, and the refreshing and refreshing little sushi shows more and more appearances~

Newly opened in TorontoLight meal sushi restaurant.

Fish sashimi, sushi, salad...

The ingredients are fresh enough, Simple dishes are delicious hin,

The point is super healthy~

 Mr. Xu duck blood vermicelli soup

Nanjing snacks 

🌟Address: 9390 Woodbine Ave, Markham (16th&Woodbine Wangfujing, opposite to Datonghua),Food court on the first floor.

Domestic netizen Mr. Xu duck blood fan soup is also here!

The first overseas branch, Greedy other small shellfish in North America~

Don't underestimate this bowl of vermicelli soup,

Speaking from the soup base: a selection of old ducks,

With dozens of natural spices and Chinese herbal medicines,

Cooked for several hours, it has a unique taste and good health.

Take a bite of a fan, bite a piece of duck blood,

There is a domestic taste!

There are other authentic Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai snacks:

Glutinous rice siu MaiSoft and delicious,

Gluten stuffed meatFull taste,

Duck legs with backFragrance is everywhere,

The red bean dumplings are sweet but not greasy...

Served with vermicelli soup, full of satisfaction!

Memories Bento

Henan snacks

🌟Address: 235-3255 Hwy 7

Markham, ON L3R 3P3

Toronto finally has something specialHenan snacksNow!

Large slices of beef with crispy fungus & daylily,

Q-bomb gluten plus sea scallops, peanuts...

A bowl of hot and spicy soup is another day full of energy.

and alsoHenan Lo Noodles :

The unique steamed noodle process, the noodles are firm and chewy,

Full of the aroma of the side dishes (pork with beans and soy sprouts),

Soy-colored oily run...the saliva!

In Toronto, where it’s hard to find Henan cuisine,

Don’t forget to come to this new store to get all kinds of Henan’s famous Bento lunches~

Flor Cake

Exquisite and beautiful flower cake

🌟Address:16th/woodbine (King Square Wangfujing)

There is a new choice for the sense of daily ritual in Toronto...

Kangkang’s sweet and delicious little cakes,

The girl's heart is sprouting again~

In addition to daily desserts,

There are also a variety of hand-painted custom cakes at his house, which can also be matched with bouquets.

Satisfy all your sense of ceremony in one stop!

In addition to the new store,

These veteran shops in Toronto also quietly put on new products! 👇

Liu Yishou

Crispy Anhui with Goose Intestines

🌟Many stores

Want to have hot pot during the epidemic?

Quickly try Liu Yishou's newly launchedValue hot pot set meal for 2 persons.

Hairy tripe, beef and mutton rolls, prawns...everything

💰58.88 eat!To!support!

In addition, of course, new dishes are indispensable:

Crispy Anhui, Small County Liver, Goose Intestines...

Especially when you pinch a crispy Anhui, you can't forget it in one bite——

Fresh, smooth and tender, so crispy!

It's crunchy in your mouth.

Various new bottoms have also been added:

Lao Duck Soup, Tom Yum Goong, Change to shabu-shabu~

Now Liu Yishou also provides home delivery service,

Guests can choose to pay by credit card upon arrival.

Homestay can also realize the freedom of hot pot!


Explosive popular milk tea

Three new stores:

🌟260-11 Disera Dr Thornhill ON, L4J 0A7


 ETOBICOKE ON, M8V 1L7 (Coming Soon)


(Withing Soon

Toronto milk tea popular king Coco opened three new stores again.

Friends from more regions can drink authentic Taiwanese hand-cranked milk tea!

Also broughtNew product in spring: Dragon Fruit Tea!

This time the new product has a total of

Pitaya Passion➕ Pitaya YogurtTwo flavors are available,

You can drink real dragon fruit cubes in every cup!

The early summer in Toronto is short of this cup of limited-time items~

By the way, all the food and beverage owners in Toronto are ready to open new restaurants.

Unlock the smart cashier aggregation and payment all-in-one machine, just scan her! 👇

What are the new stores in Toronto in April,

Welcome all friends to leave a message and tell us 🙋

✍️ Wen Yiyu
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