New store in April in Los Angeles|Steamed Fried, Xiaolongbao, Net Red Donuts, Lanzhou Ramen, Roujiamo...

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Japanese and Korean snacks/a face mask take home ⬆️

Under the gentle sunshine in California in April,

Served with a spicy and sweet bite on the tip of the tongue.

It can always lighten up the mood of food in an instant~

Today, the team will take you at a glance

New April store in Los Angeles,

Living up to good food is the right way to open up spring.

Los Angeles May New Store

Little Pan-Fried Bun




Friends who like pan-fried buns come over here!

In Xiaopan Shengjian, you can eat authentic fresh meat pan-fried buns!

The taste of pan-fried buns is also highly rated on yelp!


As a new store that specializes in pan-fried buns,

Xiaopan Shengjian also offers a variety of hand-made dumplings and hand-made dumplings!

Other than that,

🌞In the increasingly hot weather,

You can also have another special cold dish with SAIC to quench your thirst.

Address|1056 Walnut Ave, Tustin

O Dumpling Bar




Fried noodle!Xiaolongbao!Fried dumplings!

The stir-fried noodles that combine American and Chinese styles look quite appetizing!

Foodies who like to try new varieties

You can choose this garlic fried noodles.

Don’t have a cage of hand-made Xiao Long Bao in April?


Xiaolongbao with fried dumplings is also an option to satisfy the appetite.

Chinese-style dumplings are paired with Western-style platters,

It also has a special flavor.

Address|165 N Glassell St, Orange

Meet Qin Noodle




Friends who like to eat Xi'an snacks and noodles are happy!

The shop offers noodles and noodles from Xi’an.

Beef noodles, Rou Jia Mo and other specialties.

And the store also offers Shaanxi noodles,

If it’s a foodie from Shaanxi,

Then you must go to the store to check in~

Food and design in the store

They are full of strong Shaanxi flavor.

Address|16 W Main St, Alhambra

LAN Noodle




Highly recommend foodies who like DIY meals to visit the store!

Lanzhou Ramen Restaurant offersPersonalized noodle making.

Guests can according to their personal preferences

Choose noodles of different thicknesses.


There are 5 different levels from the finest to the thickest.

In addition to the main recommendationLanzhou noodles.

You can also DIY other noodle soups in the store.

Address|1428 S Azusa Ave, Ste B, West Covina

MIAN Sichuan Gourmet Noodle

Image source|Sean X.

Highly recommendedNoodle lovers

Choose this shop as the first choice for April exploration shop!

Mixed noodles with different simmered vegetables,

Topped with spicy oil, great!

Pair it with a bowl of cold dishes and a bowl of hot pig intestine!

The joy of food sprouted in my heart!

I’m not worried about my friends who don’t eat spicy food.

You can also order different flavors of clear soup noodles ❤️

Address|11632 South St, Ste104, Artesia

Dun Huang

Pasta lovers can visitDunhuangOpen a new gourmet experience!

You can eat authentic hereLanzhou noodles!

At the same time, you can choose a variety of different noodle soups!


AsRoasted meatHeavy enthusiasts,

I recommend everyone to eat noodles at the same time

Order a warm Roujiamo!

A bite of noodles and a bite of meat!

Don't be too satisfied!

Address|2710 Alton Pkwy, Irvine


Image Author|Caroline F.

Donut loversMust punch online celebrity shop

The soft and waxy ones are more sweet and not greasy,

Paired with coffee and milk tea is also a must!


With different colors and shapes,

It’s just a photo taken and posted to MomentsAccumulation artifact🔥

New Ontario store is open!

Foodies who live nearby, go and check in!

Address|2570 S Vineyard Ave, Ste B, Ontario

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Picture | Upload pictures from Yelp merchants and users feedback

Stickers | from Xiumi APP 

Typesetting|Wu Xuxu

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