Inventory of the "best cities for studying abroad" in the twelve constellations, the best match for Chicago is...

Every zodiac sign has a unique personality and character, just like every city has its own grammar, and these personalities constitute the diverse and diverse society of the United States.
So, which twelve cities in the United States correspond to the twelve constellations?
Today we will take stock~
Capricorn – Boston
rational and mysteriousCapricornoften give ainscrutableimpression,Refined selfishnesswith a littleBelly black, People often can't guess the true inner thoughts.At the same time, Capricorns have a strong sense of responsibility, are firm and decisive in doing things, and are good at planning and execution.
And the city with the most Capricorn temperament is undoubtedlyBoston, the city that is so delicate that there is a little alienation and the cold weather often make people feelstrangers stay away.
But asMost educated in AmericaOnly when you really embrace it can you feel the power brought by history, culture and tradition.
(Boston, source:Denis Jr. Tangney, copyright belongs to the original author)
Pisces – Cleveland‍‍‍‍‍‍



sentimentalPiscesMaybe in the zodiacmost carefulthe one, PiscesEmotional.Delicate feelings, very sympathetic, is a sensual, romantic, imaginative constellation.
And the Pisces in American cities isCleveland, as a once smashing industrial center, after an industrial transfer, it became the newFinancial and Wellness Center, the Buddha sits and watches people come and go.
Here is Director Jarmusch at"A Stranger Shadow in Paradise"I can’t go back to my hometown of Lake Erie; also because of the"America's Most Classical Orchestra"The Cleveland Orchestra becameAmerica's Music and Arts Capital;The Economist ranked Cleveland as theAmerica's Best Cities to Live.
(Cleveland, source: Google, copyright belongs to the original author)
Aquarius – San Francisco
late winter born水瓶座It is the first air sign of the year, Aquariusindependent,full of creativity,Strong curiosity, There are always novel ideas. In communication, Aquarius is also a lovable party focus.
MentionSan Francisco, you may think of the city of technology, but San Francisco is also aextreme romanceThe city has a rich cultural and artistic atmosphere.And Palo Alto, about 40 miles south of San Francisco, is the heart of Silicon Valley.
The famous director Woody Allen once commented on this city:If you can't fall in love in San Francisco, you can't fall in love anywhere.
(San Francisco, source: Google, copyright belongs to the original author)
Aries – New York
Passionate and full of energy, no one else canAriesunlimited energy, the fire sign of Aries is the most activeoptimist, as if never feeling tired, always a vibrant little superman.
And the only thing that can match it is the "city that never sleeps"new YorkLa!New York has the vitality of Aries, always full of vigor and enthusiasm, from"Money Never Sleeps"From the famous Wall Street to the glamorous Broadway, the endless flow of the city is like a beating pulse. This bustling city is colliding with fierce sparks all the time.
Aries is like this New York City, always exuding endless charm~
(New York, source: Google, copyright belongs to the original author)
Taurus – Chicago
TaurusmostPractical,steady, Give a kindreliableAt the same time, Taurus is industrious and frugal, and after having a set goal, he will unswervingly work towards it. Others may say that Taurus is stubborn, but Taurus knows that this "stubbornness" is also a kind of romance.
Of the many U.S. cities, onlyChicagoCan understand this kind of romance, Chicago has been rated as the"America's Most Balanced Economy", Chicago, located in the center of the North American continent, has developed in an all-round way with a variety of industries, and has been making steady progress over the past two hundred years."stable"word.
while Chicago'sLaSell Streetwas hailed by the New York Times asWall Street in the Midwest, with the largest futures market in the United States and the Chicago Stock Exchange.There are only two words in the eyes of the hurried pedestrians in suits and leather shoes:Make money!
(Chicago, source:Google, the copyright belongs to the original author)
Gemini – Miami
born in midsummerGeminiLike summer itself:enthusiastic.Ancient Spirit.The curious Gemini always has endless questions, and at the same time often has two opposite personalities. The clever and lovable personality makes Gemini often become the focus in social situations.
Gemini in American cities isMiamiAlright, a year-round warm climate is like a Geminiendless enthusiasm, It always attracts people's attention and makes people want to find out.
and from time to timeTropical Typhoons and RainstormsJust like the unpredictable heart of Gemini, but the colorful clouds on the seaside after the rain can make another scene.
(Miami, source: Google, copyright belongs to the original author)

Cancer – Houston
the most appropriate words to describeCancerIt is rich in emotion, emphasizing on affection and family. Having a Cancer friend is like having the best emotional support. In love life, there will be no big winds and waves that Cancers have never seen.‍‍‍‍‍
And this kind of city with a touch of romance in its warmth isHoustonNow, this gentle and sensitive tropical city was bred on the sunny Gulf of Mexico, where warm sunshine and tropical rain blend together with passion.while the iconic Texasoversized houseIt also declares silently:Family and friends are all we have.
Leslie Cheung's song"Houston Love"It makes the city full of poetry and romance.‍‍‍‍‍
(Houston, source: Google, copyright belongs to the original author)
Leo – Hawaii



LeoGenerous and confident, always willing to show yourself, just like a lion loves his mane.Leostrong self-awarenessIndependent, is definitely a strong backer who can stand alone.‍‍
LikeHonoluluLike the name of this fiery, onlySome Like It Hot in HawaiiIn order to be worthy of the passion and blood of Leo.As an island tourist destination, Honolulu will always open its heart to the world and show its proud figure.And the geographical environment far away from the United States also makes this placeIndependent, become the special one among many cities.
(Honolulu, source: Google, copyright belongs to the original author)‍‍‍‍
Virgo – Washington, DC



forVirgoSpeak up!There are too many prejudices against Virgo!
Virgosto seek perfection,Pursue details, Organized, and orderly, but has endured too much ridicule from everyone for a long time.If you have a Virgo friend by your side, he will definitely be able to help you make detailed plans and bring you a full sense of security.‍‍‍‍‍‍
Among American cities, the city that can understand this sense of security is undoubtedlyWashington DC.‍‍‍‍As the political center of the United States, Washington, D.C. pays attention todetailorganizedmanagement.let's just say thatPerfect fitWhich Virgo would not like the unique urban design!
(Washington, DC, source:Google, the copyright belongs to the original author)
Libra – Portland



Libragood at communicationtrade off, will always be the one who can best adjust problems among the friends, Libraelegant, Love beautiful things, but sometimes seem indecisive, difficult to choose~‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
And the Libras of American cities arePortland, this West Coast pearl has a fascinating urban culture: it has been rated as thecleanest city in america, with countless parks and green spaces, the use of clean energy also makes this rainy city ethereal and fresh, isAfter the constant balance between man and natureone of the best ways.
In addition, Portland is also known as the"Coffee City", street corner open-air coffee shops are dotted in this city of street art and museums, constantly blending to form a unique slow-paced enjoyment.‍‍‍
(Portland, source: Google, copyright belongs to the original author)
Scorpio – Seattle



ScorpioIt is often dubbed the title of black belly, which is actually a misunderstanding.scorpioclever,calm, while trusting your feelings and intuition unconditionally, willPassionate to those closest to me, this mysterious charm is always unstoppable.‍‍
Just as Scorpio sticks to Libra in the zodiac, so does Portland in American citiesSeattleThe most mysterious temperament of Scorpio.
seattle all year roundRainy, often makes people feel incomprehensible; but large technology companies frequently prefer this place, making Seattle a well-deserved place in the United States."Think Tank".Every March and April, Seattle, where the dark clouds overwhelm the city, can bloom the most beautiful cherry blossoms in the city again.Dedicate enthusiasm and tenderness only to those who understand themselves best.
(Seattle, source: Google, copyright belongs to the original author)
Sagittarius - Los Angeles‍‍‍



born in winterSagittariusWith passions that are not of the season, SagittariusOptimistic, sincere, positive, the sociable Sagittarius can chat with anyone, and love of freedom and adventure are also synonymous with Sagittarius.‍‍‍
Such a "social butterfly" constellation is onlyLos Angelesable to match it.Los Angeles is warm and radiant all year roundHollywood, endless streamSunset Boulevardand bustlingSanta monicaEach other in this city of angels.
Los Angeles isThe most humaneAs one of the most famous cities in the world, taxi drivers can often chat with passengers throughout the journey, and Los Angeles, surrounded by mountains and sea, also loves freedom.adventure loversHow can a Sagittarius not love such a city.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
(Los Angeles, source: Google, copyright belongs to the original author)
Constellations and cities have unique personalities,It is also often mixed withSubjective factorsIndividual Differences, the above content can only be for your reference, I wish you all find your ideal city~
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