Sell ​​one in 10 seconds! Seattle's Valentine's Day must-eat Japanese fairy cheesecake replenishment! There are also Gao Yuanyuan's same wedding candy and pink peach chocolate!

This year’s Spring Festival is too close to Valentine’s Day,

Staying at home every day, if you forget to prepare surprises for your lover

That's not going to go on.

Today I will focus on sending sweets,

The sweetness of Seattle in February hits you.

Hokkaido Air FreightOriginator of Cheesecake-Letao

Double cheesecake/chocolate double cheesecake, restocked!

There are also both face value and taste online

turn offteaLava Little Volcano Chocolate

Guancha Peach Heart Gift Box

Gao Yuanyuan’s [Sugar Village] French Nougat Hong Kong

Jade Pineapple Cake

Buy chocolate today and still have 13% off!

Sweet crit is coming

Weee!A lot of "cow" goods are airlifted from Japan!



Our Sky


Fired for 22 yearsHokkaido god-level desserts.Originator of Japanese Cheesecake——LeTAO, its double cheesecakeSell ​​one every 10 seconds, Is simply a myth in the cheesecake world!

LeTAO cakes are made byThe original cold chain from Hokkaido came flying, Original cheesecake or chocolate cheesecake, two flavors one by one!Newcomers can deduct $10 from their first order,The discount price is only $4=39.99 , Free shipping if you buy one directly, Enjoy the lowest price in North America!

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LeTAO Double Cheesecake

Top class cheesecake, I sell one every 10 seconds, that's it~Cheese control must not be missed!

If you want to eat cheese, it’s great?

Cheesecake will always carry the banner in the Cheese world

The trembling cake body


Take a sip without chewing

The sweetness of cheese blooms in the mouth~

Italian Mascarpone CheeseversusHokkaido Fresh CreamPerfectly blended, softChiffon Cake Base, Then put onFluffy cake crumbles, The taste is rich and multi-layered, layer by layer.

Take a sip,The sweetness of cheese gradually melts in the mouth, Delicious blooms.The cheese is smooth and delicate, the milk is rich and melts in your mouth, Neither sweet nor greasy everything is so just right.



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If it says "sold out",canAdd reminder.Weee replenishes from time to time!

LeTAO Chocolate Double Cheesecake

Chocolate cheese tooSuper popular, The atmosphere of chocolate is blessed, which is most suitable for Valentine's Day.Feel happy onceChocolate and cheese doublesweetCrit!

The entrance is silky with chocolate, intertwined with the rich and thick cheese aroma,Mellow and slightly bitter cocoaversusFresh and slightly sour cheeseIt blends together and brings an amazing taste, with the aftertaste on the tip of the tongue,Refreshing and not greasy.

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If it says "sold out",canAdd reminder.Weee replenishes from time to time!

Sugar Village Nougat

Just watched the HD Qing Ya episode on Netflix,

I knocked Zhao Youting's face again

The best French nougat in the world

ExactlyThe designated wedding candy for Zhao Youting's Gao Yuanyuan wedding!

This couple is really sweet to the heart

Select imported high-quality raw materials,

Strictly useNormandy milk imported from FranceMade of natural cream,

With plump and crispyCalifornia Almonds.

And fragrant and deliciousNew Zealand milk powder.

Every nougat hasNo additives.

Let the mouth fall in love with this taste.

The packaging of the classic bag is atmospheric and matte

Valentine's Day, let's have a sweet holiday together~

Such a high-value and delicious sugar village French nougat,

Long press the QR code to buy

Guancha Lava Little Volcano Chocolate

Purchases need to choose 2/11 to be delivered to show that they are in stock

Thousands of delicious chocolates, this special moment of Valentine's Day

Must try the chocolate made by Guancha.

Under the hard shell is a soft indentation,

Flowing core like lava.

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Purchase needs to chooseDelivered after 2/11Will show stock

Guan Cha Peach Heart Chocolate Gift Box

Valentine's Day limited pink chocolate,

It's from Guancha, whose beauty is super good.

A pink peach with a lovely peach heart

Be a lotchocolateSpecial place in China!

I took a bite and found that the "connotation" is also extremely rich~

The pink coat is made of imported white chocolate,

Peach sauce made with fresh peaches in the filling,

Lying on the mellow and bitter matcha tea,

Take a bite, the crispness of chocolate, the softness of matcha,

The delicate sweetness of peach jam is present in the mouth,

Unique taste and rich layers.


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If it says "sold out",canAdd reminder.Weee replenishes from time to time!

Valentine's Day Surprise

Japanese air freight Kumamoto strawberry


How obsessed the Japanese are with strawberries,

You can see one or two by looking at Kumamoto strawberry

🍓Japanese air freight Kumamoto strawberry🍓

Direct world top!

Look directly at buyer comments👇

Simple and rude, four characteristics:

Red, round, big, sweet

Kumamoto strawberry in the middleRich in juice.

Taking a bite, the thick strawberry flavor burst in my mouth,

Even the throat became smooth and sweet.

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Jade Pineapple Cake

A must-buy souvenir in Taiwan for 2 hours in line!

Guardian Pineapple Cake, the return of Valentine's Day~

Jiade's pineapple cake has the strongest milky aroma.

You can smell a faint roasting fragrance when you open the bag.

[Jade Pineapple Cake] is a traditional Taiwanese practice

Combination of winter melon + pineapple

Full of milky fragrance, smooth and sweet inset, not to be fussy

Moderate skin thickness, perfect ratio of invagination and skin

If the heat is the Hermes of pineapple cakes, Jiade is LV

The classic taste, Jiade’s pineapple cake, never go wrong

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There are more sweet products ⬇️

Hong Kong【Qihua】Couple Panda Cookie Gift Box

LeTao flat replacement

Love Me Sweet Japanese Double Cheesecake

This long winter in Seattle,

Weee spoils you!

Free shipping over $35

$10 off the first order for new couples

there are moreNew Year Gift PackAndGreat dealsWaiting for you to discover!
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