New York Michelin Takeaway Collection | What can I eat for $20-800?

In the past 2020, four of the 76 Michelin-starred restaurants in New York (Gotham Bar and Grill, Nix, Jewel Bako and Ukiyo) have been permanently closed during the epidemic, and 35 have been reopened for takeout or delivery .

Today, the team organized the New York Michelin takeaway collection for everyone who wants to try high-end food delivery.

You can eat Michelin at home!


Chef Emma Bengtsson’s two-star Nordic restaurant offers take-out and take-out during the epidemic. Its flagship product isSmörgåsbord worth $115, Which includesMarinated salmon, three kinds of herring, sausage, meatballs, egg salad and toasted shrimp, Is definitely the largest number of food boxes in a single takeaway you have ever seen.

💰Price: 48-115

⭐️Sushi Noz⭐️

A one-star sushi restaurant with many takeaway varieties.Seafood don, sushi, sashimi to rice ball, Have everything!

💰Price: 40-525 knives


Really rich choice,500-800 dollars per person, only 20 boxes sold per week.The takeaway box also uses the red and black color of the premium bento box.

Courtesy of Masayoshi TakayamaMas of Sashimia is probably the most expensive Michelin three-star restaurant in the United States.Only accept email reservations, usually there is a waiting list.

💰Price:500-800 knives


Cost-effective fighter, tooOne of the most intimate Mi Er restaurants, Mainly seafood and pasta.

recommendFusilli ($ 36), spiral noodles, red wine stewed octopus and bone marrow; friends who like to eat octopus can also tryGrilled Octopus ($ 27). Highly recommended for seafood lovers to try.

💰Price: about $40 for one


Compared with other Michelin, Daniel Boulud’s advantage lies in the packaging and continuous improvement of the taste.He not only owns his own two-star restaurant.Moreover, his Feast & Fetes catering company employees have been fully prepared to produce food suitable for take-out, and have been working hard to improve the quality of takeaway.

Daniel’s menu includesBeef Ribs and Filet Mignon, And made for kidsMacaroni and Cheese, 而The take-out box is made of biodegradable sugar cane. Daniel said, "I don't want to be Hermès or Gucci with exquisite packaging. This is because I want to be responsible for packing good food."

💰Price: 108~300 knives/person

⭐️Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare⭐️

Cesar Ramirez’s restaurant is hidden behind a gourmet supermarket in the middle of Xicheng District.New York MichelinThe first three-star restaurant to provide takeaway.Even if the dishes are at risk of falling apart during the delivery, the chef will still incorporate high-end ingredients such as morels, foie gras and black truffles into their dishes.

There is a note explaining how long to heat in the microwave.It is also very careful.(But it is said that some customers had unpleasant experiences when the dine-in was restored before, so everyone can decide for themselves).

💰 Price: 60-150


The one-star Michelin restaurant operated by Nico Russell in Prospect Heights began selling Boxalis brand food boxes, and added a universal bag that can be used for salads and brunch.Delivery and self-pickup are only available on Fridays and weekendsservice.

💰Price: from $30

⭐️Jeju Noodle Bar⭐️

America's first Michelin noodle shop, The price is compared to other close people~

💰Price:Popular Ramyun seriesAround $ 20

⭐️The Four Horsemen⭐️

Located in the wine bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the owner James Murphy tried various possibilities during the epidemic: take-out food, wine, pantry.

But his most distinctive product is500ml bag of wine, Adopting the packaging style of the fruit juice beverage.

💰Price: ranging from 40-300 knives

The above isCarefully selectedOutMichelin restaurant with takeaway service ~ If you have tried it, please share your experience. Before eating, please rememberDisinfected food packagingWashing handsYo ~ I suggest that you try to choose a restaurant that can be delivered to avoid the risk of going out.

Text|Egg rolls, pot helmets

Picture|Internet public resources


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