The counting of votes continues, Biden is approaching the threshold of victory, and the legal challenge of Trump's team is not smooth

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On November 11th, two days have passed since polling day, and people concerned about the general election focused on Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia, which are still counting states.In general, Biden's advantage is expanding, but as of the afternoon of the 5th Eastern Time, the general election is still in suspense.The Trump team has launched legal challenges in more than one state, but it has not gone well.

On November 11th, the vote counts for Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada and George Asia are still in progress.In Arizona and Nevada, Biden leads slightly. Among them, the lead in Arizona is shrinking but the lead in Nevada is expanding; in Pennsylvania and Georgia, Trump has a slight advantage, but Trump leads. The scope is shrinking and even tends to be overtaken by Biden.In addition, Trump can only be re-elected until he has almost won Biden in these four states. Although the election is still in suspense, it can be said that the Democratic candidate Biden is one step closer to victory.

As a result, the Trump team launched several targeted legal challenges from yesterday (November 11) to today, but they did not go well.The lawsuit initiated by the Trump team in Michigan was dismissed because Trump did not have strong testimony and evidence; the state’s electoral votes were declared to belong to Biden on the 4th.Georgia election officials held a press conference on the morning of the 4th and stated that there are more than 5 absentee ballots that need to be counted. The goal is to complete the vote count before noon and resolutely deny violations.The Georgia judge also rejected the petition of the Trump team.However, on the afternoon of the 6th, Georgia's election officials also stated that there are still nearly 5 votes to be counted, and the goal of "complete before noon" has not been reached.

In Pennsylvania, on the morning of the 5th, 15 members of the Trump team received an appellate court order allowing them to enter the Philadelphia Convention Center's counting point for close supervision, but the Pennsylvania Supreme Court quickly cancelled this Orders.The counting of votes in Pennsylvania is still in progress, and the remaining votes are mailed votes, which is beneficial to Biden.Secretary of State of Pennsylvania Kathy Boockvar said in an interview that the results of the Pennsylvania election can be known before the end of today.

In Nevada, the Trump team held a press conference and said it filed a federal lawsuit to stop the state from "illegal voting."Later, Nevada’s election officials held a press conference later, emphasizing that the gap between Trump and Biden in the state is very small, but the state’s six electoral votes are very important to the presidential election result, so they value accuracy. Not speed.Officials also stated that according to relevant regulations, the deadline for counting votes and entering data into the system is November 6th and next Thursday. There are still many “tentative votes” (votes that require additional identification confirmation) in the state that have not yet been calculated. Inside.Nevada is the state with the least progress in vote counting in the United States.

Some legal experts said that these lawsuits are unlikely to affect the final outcome of the election.But Trump still did not admit defeat.He posted several tweets on the 5th, demanding "stop counting votes" and "stop fraud" in all capital letters. He also announced at noon that he would launch a legal challenge to all states that Biden won in the latest reversal or in a leading position.Trump said that the media has reported a lot of evidence of election fraud and irregularities in these states, and he is confident that he will eventually win in these states.

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