Watching the drama tracking in August, you can watch the high-definition juvenile rap project for less than $1, the new drama "Cycle First Love"?

Summer youth

Unhappy Young

Summer Specials at iQiyi North America Station

New members are waiting for you to grab 0.99 in the first month

Summer scorching The heat wave hits

I have prepared it for everyone

August FeaturedWatching TV series guide (Remember Ma Zhu! )

Reap the beauty of summer without leaving home~

Rap of China 

Youth Rap Project

The familiar feeling of summer vacation is here again!

Rap of China Youth Rap Project 

Arrive on schedule Spend the summer with you~

"Youth Rap Project"

IQiyi's self-made Chinese rap innovation industry observation program

This year’s Rap of China aims to discover,

Cultivate new rap players,

Subverting the growth path of traditional rappers,

Launched "Juvenile Rap Project"

Eventually create the most fearless juvenile rap label 

ByLi RonghaoServed as the music director of the BOSS group

Pan WeiboServed as the A&R marketing director of the BOSS group

MC HotdogServed as the rap cultural director of the BOSS group 

Zhou ZhennanServed as a BOSS team planning commissioner 

Members of Super Luxury Mentor Team:

GAI Zhou Yan, VaVa Mao Yanqi, Tizzy T,

Wang Yitai, Sheng Yu DamnShine

There is also the most fearless "young Rapper" collected on the entire network

This summer, let's witness their growth path together!

This year's show is organized byLiu Yishou Hot Pot North America General Title.

In August, iQiyi members took screenshots with their membership status,

Weekdays went to the hot pot dine-in restaurants in Liu Yishou in North America,

All the pot bottoms are folded in half!

Secretly reveal a gossip to everyone~

There is a North American brother among the players

Expect them to shine on the stage!

Remember to call them!

Girls planet 999

Except our hip-hop boy~

This summer we have ushered in

Girls Planet 999: Girls Planet

This is a file with global activities as the goal

Girl group debut plan launched

99 volunteers from China, Japan, South Korea and other global idols are engaged in PK

PD: Actor Lu Jin-jeouJoin hands

K-POP Master (K-POP Master) 

SUNMI_Xuanmei & Huang Meiying

"Second-generation idols and two mountains" form a mentor lineup

They used Girls’ Generation and Girls’ Generation in 2007

Wonder Girls made their debut in the music industry,

To this day is still active with a strong influence,

Has a solid fan at home and abroad,

Is a representative K-POP artist in Korea

Shocking kpop tutor group + China, Japan and South Korea pk

And the young lady from Qingyou 2

Xia Yan, Xu Ziyin, Wenzhe, etc.

Pick her who you like together!

Scan the code to download now "IQiyi International Edition"

Call for the pick in your heart!

Compass for Chasing Drama in August


"Northern Ruins" tells five

Growing up and experiencing women with different temperaments

Build friendship and work hard together to gain love

Urban emotional story

and! "Northern Ruins" but

Director Feng XiaogangFirst directed a web drama work

versusGold medal screenwriter Chen PingCooperation

And findPhotographer Zhao XiaodingPalm mirror

Such a combination is really not to be missed!

Cycle first love

Adapted from DTT's best-selling novel "Time Machine" tells

"High Cold Learning Ba" Ye Youning (played by Shi Baiyu) and

"Sunflower Girl" Xia Wenxi (Chen Haoyu)

A sweet "adventure" in parallel time and space.

The two met with a probability of one in a billion

Restart high school life

Re-encounter youth playmates

Relive Sentimental First Love

This conversation across time and space,

For the beautiful young time to cover a layer of fantasy

Your name my last name

Xiang Yuqiu grew up with Lianxin

From study to work

From "brother and sister" to lover

Ten years of company

The relationship between the two changes

Name me by your last name

Between the blind orphan Lian Xin and Xiang Yuqiu

What exactly is the ten-year emotional story?

Let’s join iQiyi on this journey of revealing the secrets!

Mr. He’s love is not forgotten

Adapted from the super strong Mary Su love novel "He Shao's Flash Marriage and Warm Wife"

This is a presentation for He Qiaoyan, CEO of Heshi Group

The story unfolded by Qin Yiyue, a child psychologist

Tells the warm and kind Qin Yiyue

The story of the lonely and indifferent He family father and son gradually healed

real!of!Can't help but watch five episodes in one night!

It's the smell of Mary Su's novels in the bed in childhood!

The plot above is super sweet to my heart!

Love Theater"Meow, make a wish"

Written by Man Mei, the author of Super Fire Novel Hong Xiu Tian Xiang

"Meow if you are happy"

Telling about the social fear of the Buddha Department store manager Chi Yan,

The odd "meow" girl takes a break, the cool reporter Qin Mingming,

A fairy tale co-written by poor-mouthed veterinarian Xu Zihao.

What bad thoughts can cute cats have?

Come to Lianlian Theater and start the story of cats~


IQiyi International Station Membership Card

"Summer price spike"

VIP membership only costs $0.99 for the first month

$ 0.99

Just nine!hair!Nine!

Don’t stop the drama every day~

"Iqiyi International Station"

Overseas dramas can be synchronized with domestic ones, 

No need to worry about copyright issues!

More exciting"Iqiyi International Edition"

Scan the QR code below immediately

Download iQiyi International Edition now!

Or log in directlyThe official website of iQiyi International Station: 

There is also a "Diamond Member" advanced screening function,

No need to wait, watch the finale right away!

(The drama I like is to watch right away~

This summer, watch a comprehensive drama movie

will get IQIYII'm not alone with you~

Thanks for reading

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