Super Practical Guide | With TA, more than 200 state parks in California can be played for free~

Have you heard it?From now on, friends who live in California, you canFree trips to more than 200 locations in CaliforniaState parkNow!

The rain finally stopped, and the weather is just right recently. During the Spring Festival, you can go hiking, or go camping and barbecue with your family and friends, and spend a leisurely weekend in the mountains and forests.

How to get

if you already have aCalifornia Public Library Card, then congratulations, you only need to pick up a California State Library Park Pass (California State Library Parks Passes) at any California public library, and you can enter more than 200 state parks for free.

if you don't have a library card, as long as you live in California, you can apply for a library card at any California public library with a valid ID (such as a driver's license, Real ID, passport or military ID card, etc.), and thenPick up a park pass.

You can copy the following link to your browser,Find your nearest library:

Rules of use

This pass is only valid for a car with a capacity of not more than 9 people, or a road-approved motorcycle.

Available seven days a week, weekdays or weekends.

Please Note

1. PassOnly admission fee is exempted, but the campsites and activities (such as cruise ships, fishing, museums, etc.) in the courtyard are not included, and additional fees are required.

2. Not all California state parks are covered.You can copy the link below to your browser and checkList of parks eligible for the pass:


Look up parks not covered by the pass:

california state parks

California's state parks are unique.Some can overlook the sea along the way and enjoy the sunset; some can walk in the ancient forests and watch waterfalls, and some parks have peculiar desert landscapes.You can find it hereState park closest to you :

We have also selected for youFive of the best state parks in California to visit~ These five parks are also on the list of more than 200 state parks, and you can go for free with a library card!


Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Californiaoldest public park, just off Highway 20, about 1000 miles north of Santa Cruz.The sequoia trees in the park are all over 1800 years old, and the oldest tree is XNUMX years old.

In addition to the redwood forest, the park also has waterfalls and a variety of wildlife, such as deer, raccoons, bobcats, and various birds.

There are various routes to choose from to climb here, with a total route length of 80 miles.good for people who like to hike.If you want to relax, you can also choose to camp with your family, and dogs are allowed in the camp.



Old Town San Diego 

State Historic Park

Friends who live in Southern California must visit here.Unlike other state parks that focus on natural landscapes, Old Town is mainly a historical site, where you can enjoy ancient buildings full of Spanish style.

It was the first Spanish colonial settlement in California, and was later occupied by Mexico. It was not until 1848 that California officially became part of the United States.Therefore, the architecture and food culture of the Old Town are integratedSpain, Portugal and Mexicoof various elements.

There are also many boutique handmade shops in Old Town.You can visit historical sites, taste delicious food, and go shopping in small shops here.It's a day's itinerary~


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

California's largest state park.After years of weathering and erosion, it has formed a unique landform feature, known for its folded mountains.A common wild animal in the park is the bighorn sheep.

Every spring, there are many wild flowers blooming here, and many tourists come to enjoy the flowers.If you want to drive around the park, it is recommended to use a four-wheel drive, because the road here is bumpy.

In addition to mountain climbing, you can camp, ride horses, or enjoy the starry sky in the park.


Indian Grinding Rock 

State Historic Park

The park was established in 1968 as aNative Indian residence.There are tall oak trees everywhere in the park, and ancient relics left by Indians can be seen everywhere.

A very interesting experience in this park is that you cancamping in a bark house.Each bark house can accommodate up to 6 people, which is very suitable for people who want to learn about Aboriginal history and experience interesting culture.

Every year, the local aborigines also hold several grand traditional activities.You can check the event time, maybe you can catch up~


Crystal Cove State Park

If you like the sea, don't miss this place. Crystal Cove is on the famous Laguna Beach, one of the hottest tourist attractions in California.The most special thing about this park is that you canPanoramic view of mountains and sea at the same time.

The park is divided into two parts, one part is mainly for mountain climbing.Climbing along the line to the top, you can overlook the entire sea, and then go down the mountain with the sea breeze blowing and watching the sea view.The other part is the beach, which usually costs $15 to enter, but is free with a library card.Everyone can have here"private beach"The experience, there are few people on the beach, the beach is very clean, very comfortable.

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