Wong Lo Kat + American??! Domestic KFC is really crazy...

Recently, KFC in China has launched a new explosive product——


Wong Lo Kat Bubble American Style!

Now, those who like to drink Wong Lo Kat, those who like to drink soda, and those who like to drink American style are all silent...

Netizen: Drinking Chinese style on ice

KFC, you are really crazy.(But I still want to try what’s going on


 Fast food brands are going crazy in the country!

 I'm stunned by the North American...

In March, Pizza Hut’s menuIt sprouted directly.

New Pizza Hut products:

Coriander preserved egg beef pizza+Cilantro Lemon Tea

For people who don’t like to eat coriander, this is really a lethal dose...

This kind of hard compatibility,

Are you really sure that most Chinese people love it?

Where did you find your research team? ? ?

However, friends who like cilantro may find it very fragrant. Regardless of its status as pizza, a piece ofCoriander preserved egg beef scones, seems pretty good! ?

This cup of green coriander juice smells like coriander even through the screen.Rush to Tianling CapThe.

I want to check the mental state of these North American catering brands in China with one click. How did they develop these weird things?

KFC in China also released Fengyoujing at the beginning of this year...

It is said that this Fengyoujing also smells like fried chicken. . .

KFC: Just tell me if you are attracted!

The last time the captain was so shocked was KFC last year.bullfrog taco. (Yes, KFC again!)

It's not a traditional tortilla, but a fried chicken-based taco with tender fried bullfrog sandwiched between it.

Maybe the team leader's imagination is too poor. I really never thought that there would be such a way of eating in the world...

"My husband betrayed me, my mother-in-law made things difficult for me, and I have endured the humiliation and hardship for many years only to get worse...V me 50, listen to my revenge plan!"

The Crazy Thursday literature, which was originally a joke among netizens, has also been brought to the dining table by KFC.

A lazy cup with fried chicken on the top and Coke on the bottom feels like it’s perfect for watching movies!

Saliva chicken + stir-fried beef burger, looks so delicious!

"K Sa", an ultra-thin cake base with topRich mashed potatoes + slightly spicy and crispy chicken popcorn, I don’t know which genius came up with this perfect match.

Personal test is very delicious! So much so that after KSA was taken off the shelves, I couldn’t help but eat chicken popcorn dipped in mashed potatoes every time.

There is also something that I loved to eat when I was a kid.Tender cow, is resurrected and put on the shelves from time to time. Last time, he and Xiaolongkan jointly produced aMaoxuewang flavorof. The combination of spicy beef, duck intestines, blood clots + burritos is delicious just thinking about it...

The late-night snack stall is only available after 8pm, including chicken feet, wing tips, chicken collarbones, fried chicken racks, spring rolls, and even juicy grilled sausages...

While eating the original chicken (chicken breast version) in North America, my saliva and tears flowed down three thousand feet.

Only if you can’t think of it, no domestic KFC can do it! Yes, they even sell itSnail powder!

Collaborated with Liushen to launch lime sparkling iced coffee and coffee-flavored toilet water. I wonder if the smell of toilet water will hit my forehead after taking a sip, which will be a double refreshment...

In collaboration with Zhiweiguan, a long-standing pastry brand in Hangzhou, it started selling Dingsheng cakes before the college entrance examination. There were three characters "Definitely Winning" on it, and it covered all the hot spots in the country.

As another fast food giant, McDonald's is certainly not to be outdone! What Mai Mai is best at is playing tricks on the flavors of its own sundaes.

For example, it was once sold for a limited timeCilantro Sundae, an unimagined combination...

Oh my god…..

However, the green jam inside is actually lemon-flavored, which makes it not so hard to accept at once.

For another example, the visual impact is perfectSpicy sundae!

Of course, Mai Mai also has some wonderful seasonal flavors, such as poplar nectar, brown sugar ice powder, red bean double-skinned milk, osmanthus fermented rice... they all sound delicious.

Mai Mai also put the soul of snail noodles - sour bamboo shoots - into the burger!

Grilled Chicken Leg Burger with Sour Bamboo Shoots! !

I’m already craving for the domestic grilled plates, and here comes the plate grilled with pickled bamboo shoots. Fans of snail noodles are ecstatic!

There is also a night market in Mai Mai, and you can order from 5 p.m. There are plenty of grilled chickens, chicken racks, and chicken collarbones, as well as fruit beer and braised burgers.

It would be great if these brands could be unified globally and let us Chinese in North America try these weird flavors...


 Weird flavors emerge in an endless stream 

 Coffee: Can you show me some respect...

Another area hardest hit by the "magic reform" in the catering industry iscoffeeThe.

For example, not long ago, domestic Starbucks launched the Dongpo Meat Latte. . .

evenAlways sell coffee seriouslyStarbucks has fallen, not to mention other small stores!

For example, because it is too dark, it became popular on the InternetPreserved egg latte.

The store even made it very carefullyPreserved egg hanging on the wall, full marks for craftsmanship.

On par with preserved eggsStinky tofu latte, and there is a thick milk cap with stinky tofu sauce on top.

Shanxi mature vinegar coffee👇

Pork latte that rivals Dongpo meat latte

Teochew beef ball satay latte with chili powder sprinkled on top. .

There are large pieces of sauerkraut topping on the sauerkraut latte. I’m not used to it. I wonder if I can take it home and cook it...

And this coffee shop, no matter which flavor you try, is shocking enough...

You can also choose the spiciness level of your Tom Yum Latte.

American bean juice…

The most important players appear:Octopus latte!



Yes, it is alive! ! !


The store also thoughtfully introducedSoil bamboo shoots and frozen horn.

…No, you guys who make coffee can have unpopular tastes, but they can’t be evil...

What other foods with weird flavors have you guys seen?

Hurry up and share it in the comment area to make the team leader stand out!

The squad leader’s current mental state👆



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