Raiders | It is indeed Marilyn Monroe's favorite Los Angeles island, it is really beautiful...


The Thanksgiving holiday is coming soon~

Waited for the sunset, visited the park,

Where else can you come and go on a trip?


Let's go to sea!Not far from Los Angeles,

On the island of Kas, known as "Little Greece",

Today Tuantuan finally published this article,

🏖 "A day trip guide to Catalina Island"🏝 

How beautiful is Marilyn Monroe’s favorite island?



☀️ Santa Catalina Island ☀️

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Catalina Island is the most worth visiting of California’s dotted coastal islands, with its white "Crescent Beach" (Crescent Beach), emerald turquoise blue waters, and swaying palms.In summer, the sea is warm and there is a warm sunset view. The white buildings look like blue and white Greece.

Marilyn Monroe used to live on the island. The only town on the island is Avalon. It’s definitely a good place to go for a weekend to eat, drink and take pictures.

Dog friendly

I decided to take my fur boy to the island because the entire island is dog friendly. Dogs can be brought anywhere, but there are requirements on boarding. A person can only bring one 🐶, and must wear a mouth hoop or put it in the air carrier In the bag, I bought a tote bag that can be used for flight on Amazon. The price is $30+.





About booking ferry tickets

You can go to the official website of Catalina express to check. You need to buy tickets in advance. Because you are afraid that there will be too many people on weekends, Tuantuan chose to go on Thursday. The price is $75 round trip.

Showing off a previous ticket, the genius is dim, sleepy...

I strongly recommend that you choose to go at 9:50am. Those who don’t plan to stay overnight can return at 3pm or 5:45pm. Half a day is definitely enough.Many stores are closed on Monday and Tuesday, and car rentals are not open, so it is recommended to go on Wednesday to Sunday.

Oh, by the way, the free ticket discount on birthday is gone very early!

Official website booking URL:


About the boat

If you don’t have thick clothes, try not to sit outside

We arrived at the port of Long beach 45 minutes early. It is recommended that everyone go early and try to be 19 minutes early, because we board the ship early and choose a good location.Just search for "Catalina express" in the navigation.It is a very large parking building. The parking fee is paid when leaving, $XNUMX a day.

The chairs outside in the morning are wet

Just sit on the boat, and you must wear a down jacket with a hat when you sit outside. It's really cold for your wife. ❌Never sit outside in the morning!The chairs are all wet!The trousers are wet from the outside to the inside. Fortunately, I brought an extra skirt to change... You can choose an outside seat when you come back at night, but if you want to sit in the last row, the sea and wind will beat you mercilessly.





Go to the island and start playing

Because I get up too early, I have been dizzy on the boat. It is strongly recommended that the friends who are seasick and motion sickness take seasickness medicine one hour in advance!It’s only 8:30am when I arrive on the island. At the port, I store down jackets and large items in a locker, one for a dollar. Everyone is ready to put coins in 4 quarters, but there is also a place to change money next to it.

About car rental

Ca Island is a small island without gasoline cars, so here you can either walk, rent an electric golf cart, or rent a bicycle.The island says it’s big or small, and I really can’t walk for a day under the scorching sun, so I still choose to rent a golf cart.

Come out from the port and walk to the end

There are a total of two car rental shops on the island. The white car shop that you can see as soon as the port comes out has a bad attitude, and the map given is difficult to understand.I suggest you go to the small town of Avalon, the blue golf cart shop Cartopia Car Rental around the corner is not bad.I will give you a driving route map, just drive along.

Cartopia Car Rental store map

The golf cart is $50 hours, and it can be rented for up to two hours. When I return the cart, there are 17 minutes left, and I refunded $15.But everyone must remember to bring a driver’s license. Drivers are required to be 25 years old +, and the deposit and rent are $50 cash + $50 credit card.

About entertainment on the island

I drove around and took photos, but I drove the wrong way. I could walk around the island in less than 2 hours.Because there are botanical gardens, casinos, museums, and small towns on the island, you can rent a bicycle or walk around slowly.

Because of the epidemic, many projects have not been opened. There is a small kiosk selling tickets in the small town of Avalon. You can book tickets for various entertainment projects there. You can go and ask.The project probably has these:

✨Helicopter tour around the island

✨The off-road vehicle travels around the entire Avalon town

✨Golf course

✨ Jungle Zipline

✨Katerina Museum

✨Five camps can camping

✨Snorkeling, diving, parasailing, kayaking

The casino didn’t open when we went, so we could only take pictures outside, but there are really too many places to take pictures on the island of Cayman~ pretend to be in Europe~But if you don't play projects, just like us just strolling around, half a day is really enough.



About the restaurant

There were only a few restaurants on the island.It was about 2/3 open. It is estimated that they are all open now. There is actually a Starbucks on the island.For the guide, the most recommended ones are The Lobster Trap and Bluewater Grill. We finally chose Bluewater Grill. The things here are not very expensive, and the average meal is $30-40.

We had finished shopping around one point, there was really nothing to do at the Mexican shop next door to Bluewater and ordered drinks and salads, and they were delicious. All restaurants and shops here are also dog friendly.

Scoops Homemade Ice Cream’s ice cream is super popular, don’t miss it~



Finally, I hope everyone still wears masks.

Although there are not many people, safety comes first!

This island is definitely a good place for walking children and girlfriends,

What else do you want to add, please leave a message to us~



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