Is your major there?After the big layoffs, the United States released the ranking of the most needed talents in Silicon Valley

When it comes to the hottest majors in Silicon Valley, what comes to your mind?



Silicon Valley loves recruiting economics?

Over the past decade or so, Dachang has favored students in computer science, engineering, physics, and statistics.

However, starting this year, the wind has changed.Distinguished Student Scholarships awarded to students studying economicsmany newcomers.

It is reported that many major manufacturers have begun to pay special attention toThe ability of high-end talents in product pricing, business prospects and risk control.

Amazon is cutting 1000 jobsBut companies are always on the lookout for experts who understand strategy.

Dachang hopes to bring together business analysis research talents and let them use statistical data and model calculations to predict product trends, as well as how the economy, policies, and global business ecology will change.


The 20 most hired jobs in Silicon Valley

Of course, economists are important, but tech hires have always been at the top of the list.

The national recruitment website Indeed released statistics not long ago. The following 20 positions are the most popular in Silicon Valley. If you are accidentally laid off recently, you can see if there is a chance to change careers?

  • Software engineer
  • Senior software engineer
  • Product manager
  • Software architect
  • Full stack developer
  • Front end developer
  • Senior Product manager
  • Data scientist
  • Development operations engineer
  • Software test engineer
  • Developer
  • Data engineer
  • System engineer
  • Back end developer
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Technical program manager
  • Data analyst
  • machine learning engineer
  • Java developer
  • cloud engineer

If you want to gain a foothold in Silicon Valley,
We still have to think of ways

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