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Active business LIST

It's Yogurt——Chino

Full 22 minus 15

A dessert shop featuring yogurt!

Words are like its people, words are like its shop

Her yogurt ice cream is really delicious!

It is very healthy without coloring and flavoring!

You can choose a variety of ingredients

The super creamy texture of yogurt ice cream on the bottom

It's not very sweet but you can taste the pure fruity taste

Healthy and delicious!A must for afternoon tea!

Buy it!

Northeast Silver-Irvine

Full 22 minus 15

Authentic taste certified by Irvine Northeast Old Railway

All kinds of traditional northeastern dishes can be eaten here

If you like Northeastern cuisine, you must come!

The amount of food is a big one!

We from the Northeast are just two words to be refreshed

Stop talking!Start building!

Another Village-Irvine

Full 22 minus 15

Nourishing Oxtail Soup

Pork Ribs Rice

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup

"It's good for the body and good fortune!"

The taste of oxtail soup stewed is not too greasy.

Pork ribs are particularly rich in rice, and they are moderately fat and thin.

All his cattle are premium beef.

Try it now!

Cooking fire food & pizza-Irvine

Full 22 minus 15

Hefeng Eel Pizza

Eel pizza is the signature of the shop

If you love eel, you must not miss it

Cut the eel into large pieces and add it to the pizza

Minimize the fishy eel and highlight the fragrance

The bottom of the cake is tenacious, and it’s satisfying to eat a piece while it’s hot

Musang King Durian Pizza

There is a delicious food that breaks the curse of people who don’t eat durians.

Pull the rich cheese into a waterfall-like silk

Thick durian on the round dough

The amount of durian is very large, and it is full of softness and aroma of durian after one bite.

Instant Boiled Spicy Hot Pot

Hot pot is a carnival of a group of people

Maocai is a hot pot for one person

So, let's have a carnival one by one!

Numb does not spit the throat, does not get hot

Gentle and neutral, does not hurt the spleen and stomach

Mellow taste, authentic taste

Delicious, affordable, convenient and fast.

Jinling Family

Irvine/San Gabriel 

Full 22 minus 15

Duck Blood Fan Soup

Made from duck blood, duck intestines, duck liver, etc. added to duck soup and vermicelli

The taste is gentle, delicious and smooth

The soup is fragrant and looks great

The taste is delicious, refreshing and pleasant.

Drinking a bowl in winter will definitely make you feel full of happiness!

His house is the only shop in Irvine that makes Nanjing duck blood vermicelli soup~

I can’t even eat it at other homes!

Fresh broth

The dough is as thin as paper, and the meatballs inside are super big

There is still a lot of soup in it

Be careful when you eat, it will come out

It's really fragrant, the soup is even sweet, and it's delicious every bite!

Shrimp Soup

Every bun can be eaten full of shrimp meat,

It's also full of soup

Meat and shrimp mixed together

The scent of meat and the scent of seafood are different and refreshing!

Imperial City Food

San Gabriel 

Full 22 minus 15

Green Pepper Chicken

The diced green pepper chicken is boneless with fresh chicken,

Stir-fry with chili and green pepper,

The chicken is tender, delicious, low-fat and high-protein,

It is definitely a weapon for food.

Golden Fried Cake

The homesickness of northerners is all in this mouth.

The outer skin is crispy, the inner is soft and sweet,

It's perfect for breakfast.

Beef with sauce

Soy sauce beef carefully marinated from beef tendon,

When I was a child, every household was greedy for the New Year.

The meat and marinade combine just right,

The taste is rich and subtle,

Great satisfaction for meat lovers!

Little Pepper-Rowland 

Full 22 minus 15

Authentic Hunan cuisine

That's really delicious

Don’t miss his house if you like spicy food

Definitely let you go home satisfied!

The meat is oversized

Super sophisticated materials

So much activity now

Try it now!

Meow Meow Fresh-Rowland 

Full 22 minus 15

Featured signature paper wrapped fish

Miao Miao Xian's most important main dish

When ordering, I asked ignorantly what the paper wrapped fish is

Because I eat LA all over

 But this is the first time I have heard of such a distinctive dish.

After inquiring, I found out that it was in recent years

A new type of healthy special dish that is popular across the country

It is an improvement from the original Chongqing grilled fish concept

Use braised grilling instead of charcoal grilling

In order to present the most tender and healthy dishes to the diners

This has also become one of the last popular Internet celebrity delicacies at the moment.

Of course the editor of the paper bag series will never let it go

Another main feature of Meow Meow-the No. XNUMX spicy hot pot in Northeast China!

After eating fresh fish and frogs, of course you should order seafood. 

So the editor ordered a family portrait of seafood that is very harmonious.

I have eaten all kinds of spicy and braised flavors from childhood to big

Can be described as a senior lo-mei diners

Meow meow fresh ingredients are bought and made right now

Add more than 40 kinds of spices such as pepper, dried chili, star anise, cinnamon, etc.

Carefully made without adding any preservatives and colorings

The prepared lo-mei hemp is spicy, spicy and sweet, sweet and fragrant

This bite is particularly memorable!

Two Tea | ToTea Cafe——Rowland 

Full 22 minus 15

An attitude milk tea shop

His sandwich bread is not soggy

The meat inside is super big, the lettuce is fresh,

The key sauce is super delicious!

There are also Japanese-style fat gyudon,

Chinese three-cup chicken set meal,

Salt crisp chicken set meal and so on.

The combination of meat and vegetables is rich and convenient.

Let's have another dessert after the light meal

Blind spots of beverages are ok, and no thunder is allowed for each one!

The handmade pudding has no coagulant, healthy and delicious!

Waffles are especially recommended.

All 22 minus 15!

The onigiri full reduction activity is still being updated.

Call friends and relatives to continue to pay attention.

Don't go away,There is also a large wave of discount merchants below.

Other businesses LIST

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San Gabriel

【Min 22 minus 15】Gumbling miles 

[Over 22 minus 15] Haidilao Canteen (Arcadia)  


[Over 22 minus 15] Imperial City Food

[Over 22 minus 15] Haidilao hot pot

[Over 22 minus 15] Haidilao Canteen

[Over 22 minus 15] Lazy Hot Pot Convenience Store  


[Over 22 minus 15] One Pot Chicken 

【Over 22 minus 15】Thousand-Layer Pork Bun

[Over 22 minus 15] KS Little Kitchen (Costa Mesa) 

[Over 22 minus 15] Yummy Yummy Mala Tang

[Over 22 minus 15] Irvine Yes, midnight snack   

[Over 22 minus 15] The wheat is ripe | Noodles n'More 

[Over 22 minus 15] Fushun spicy and spicy stew

[Over 22 minus 15] China Moutai Irvine | Uncle Fossil

[Over 22 minus 15] Northeast Sisters | Northeast Sisters

[Over 22 minus 15] 七七米粉77 | Rice Noodle

[When you spend 22 minus 15] Chef Tommy | Bento & Meatball Yeemy Yummy

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