New York cherries, sweet oranges, and candied haws are on the market! 520 should be sweet

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Weee on the day of 520! We did something again!

Fruits, fresh food, desserts, snacks,Big wave of new products struck!

Cantaloupe, sweet orange, drunk crab, dragon tabby, candied haw...

Let you be dazzled!

Let's take a look, what do you have for 520?


Fresh fruit series

Freshly picked sweet oranges from California farms are round and yellow, like little suns.

California's sunshine is best for fruit growth.The grown sweet oranges enjoy sunbathing every day, and they are sweet from the inside to the outside~ when cut open, they will burst juice, moisturizing and sweet, and the whole house is full of orange fragrance.

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Elizabeth Melon, also called Cantaloupe Full of Houses, took out the box and smelled the delicate fragrance of melon.

The aroma is more intense after cutting, the charming fruity aroma is light green flesh, the taste is delicate and moist, soft and sandy, and it is sweet to the heart with one bite~

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And the red cherries can't be missed!Every summer is the season of cherries, each with a seductive luster like red agate.

Because it is freshly picked from a California farm and sent directly to Weee!, the freshness of the cherries is ensured to the greatest extent.The flesh is thick and plump, crispy, sweet and sour~

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

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Seafood series

Frozen Taiwanese pearl dragon tiger grouper landed in Weee!

Dragon Tiger Grouper is known as Zhao Zilong among fishes,

Is the baby of gentian grouper and tiger spot

It has the head of the mother tiger grouper, the tail of the father gentian grouper, and the appearance is beautiful with colorful patterns.

In addition to good-looking,

The quality of fish meat also inherits the advantages of two kinds of fish:

It also has the gelatinous Q bomb of gentian grouper, and the delicate meat of tiger spot, and it has heavy gelatin and oil. The entrance is fragrant whether it is steamed or cooked in a casserole.

Or stir-fried or pan-fried, both are suitable.

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Blessed are the students who love yellow mud snails!

Silver pearls without sand yellow mud snails are now also available at Weee!

Secret old formula, drunk mud snails, ready to eat.

Just suck it lightly and press the tip of your tongue,

The delicious and crispy snail meat slips into the mouth.

Conch meat alone has a unique taste of wine stains.

Those who are not used to drunk seafood,

You can also dip it in millet vinegar or stir-fry directly.

Just as full and crispy!

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Every time I eat hairy crabs, I always find it too troublesome to pick meat.

I really want to have oneboyfriendTool man,

When eating crabs, help me pick out the meat and fill a bowl.

The tool man didn't find it, but found this crab crab powder.

I opened the lid and uttered in surprise,

A lot of crab meat and crab roe!

A jar full of crab meat and crab roe,

Let me truly feel the joy of my dreams coming true.

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

Have a bite, eh!That's it!

The crab meat is delicate and delicious, with sweetness,

The crab roe is rich and mellow, and the aftertaste is endless.

Mixed with rice, mixed with noodles, mixed with tofu, so fragrant!

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

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Drunken crab is a popular delicacy in Jiangnan area.It is made from hairy crabs, added with soy sauce, rock sugar, cinnamon, ginger and other spices, and drunk with huadiao wine. The finished product is as lifelike as a living crab, with fresh and sweet taste and rich aroma.

It is a pity that it is not easy to find fresh drunken crabs in the United States. Fortunately, there is Weee!Open the lid and eat it, the crab meat is crystal clear, delicate and delicious; the crab paste is thick and yellow, fat and fragrant.

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Sugar-coated haws

The old Beijing candied haws are coming by plane!

(Photo by Chenyu Guan on Unsplash)

Gong Yufang candied haws, the red bunches look so tempting!The caramel on the outer layer is crispy and sweet, as well as sesame-flavored. The hawthorn on the inside tastes very fresh, sour and sweet, exactly the same as those bought on the domestic street!

There are also red bean and hawthorn candied haws. The hawthorn is cored and stuffed with red bean paste: the outer layer is crispy with caramel; the hawthorn is crispy and sweet and sour; the red bean paste inside is fine and firm, with a light bean aroma.

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Zongzi Series

Next month is the Dragon Boat Festival, and it's the day to eat rice dumplings.

Every Dragon Boat Festival, I think of the days when I made rice dumplings with my family.The fragrance of zongye after boiling, and the fragrance of glutinous rice oncoming after the layers of zongye are peeled off can evoke the yearning for hometown.

Zongzi can be sweet and salty.

The salty rice dumpling party and the sweet rice dumpling party are on par,

No one can't understand who.

Sweet Zongzi is a warm and lovely little fresh, white and clean, wrapped in sweet candied dates or delicate bean paste.

Of course, there are also "gangsters" that do not follow common sense. For example, this sweet-scented osmanthus blood and chestnut dumplings looks like the boss of the triad, but they are actually soft and delicate, sweet and delicious.

Once the salty rice dumplings are peeled off, you can smell the rich sauce and oily aroma.

Under the sauce-colored glutinous rice is usually a large chunk of pork.

The pork melts in the mouth by boiling, and the lard is poured into the glutinous rice, bringing a rich oily milky aroma.There is also a rich salted egg yolk hidden in some salty rice dumplings, the aroma is even higher~

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Lying at home being fed,

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