On the third day after the election day, key states "turned blue", Georgia announced a recount

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On November 11, three days have passed since the polling day of the 6 US general election. On this day, the trend of the Democratic candidate Biden's victory quota became more and more obvious.Key battlefield states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania turned blue, allowing important figures including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to publicly predict Biden’s victory.

Trump’s colleagues have a tendency to “cut” with Trump, but the Trump campaign still did not admit defeat and issuedThe statement will seek to recount votes and initiate lawsuits to find "votes cast in an improper manner," and said it believes Trump will still win.

On the third day after the U.S. election day, the ballot counts were still not complete.But on the morning of November 3th, Eastern Time, the key states of Georgia and Pennsylvania turned blue.The Democratic presidential candidate Biden overtook Trump, gaining a narrow lead in both Georgia and Pennsylvania.Although a few undecided states are still counting votes, Biden is getting closer to winning the White House in a close match.

The Trump team issued a statement that it did not recognize the defeat, stating that the prediction of Biden’s victory was wrong, based on the results of 4 states that did not complete the vote count; it will find inappropriate ways to vote through recounts, litigation, etc. Voted out and believe that President Trump will win.The Biden team said in a statement: "As we said on July 7, the American people will decide this election, and the U.S. government is fully capable of sending intruders out of the White House."

Near noon, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (Brad Raffensperger) held a press conference in Atlanta to announce that the votes will be recounted and to ensure that the process is transparent.At the same time, Biden was ahead of Trump by more than 1000 votes, a very small gap; according to state law, the difference between the two candidates' votes less than 0.5% is a necessary condition for the recount.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives and Democrat Pelosi held a press conference and stated that as vote statistics in key battlefield states continue to advance, the Biden-He Jinli combination will win the White House, and "Vice President Biden" will soon become "President-elect Biden." .Pelosi also said that Biden's election is historic, and what drove his election was the largest number of votes in the history of the United States-7380 million Americans voted for Biden, higher than any US president in history.Therefore, Biden has strong leadership. Under his leadership, the Democrats in the Democratic House and Senate will work with them.She also celebrated that the Democrats "won the democratic life and death battle" and retained the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, although they did not win the expected number of seats as expected; "lost some battles but won the war."

In this general election, judging from the current situation, the situation in which the Democrats control the House of Representatives and the Republicans control the Senate will remain unchanged, but the advantages of the "majority" have been reduced.

On the afternoon of the 6th, when the Biden team announced that Biden would give a speech at 8 o’clock Eastern Time that night, many outsiders believed that this would be a victory speech; and the Trump team issued a statement reiterating that “all legitimate votes must be counted. "All illegal votes should not be counted", saying that all aspects of the law will be used to advance this process, and that he will never give up fighting for the American people and the country.

In the evening of the previous day (November 11), Trump accused election fraud in a speech at the White House.After that, Republican Senator Mitt Romney and other important Republican figures tweeted condemning Trump's attacks on the American democratic system, emphasizing that "we must have confidence in democracy, our Constitution and the American people." After the possibility of Biden's victory on the 5th rose sharply and Trump was still attacking election fraud, news revealed that officials within the White House and the campaign team were also cutting Trump.Some people believe that Trump can object to the election results, but the unfounded accusations are inappropriate.

This "divided" election has so far not seen the violent incidents that people generally anticipated in advance, but as the difference between victory and defeat has become more and more obvious, confrontations and other "actions" between supporters on both sides have gradually increased.Take Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as an example: In the morning, the Philadelphia police intercepted a car from Virginia, arrested related personnel and seized weapons; the people in the car were originally intended to attack the ticket counting center in Philadelphia; in the afternoon, although Biden has not announced Winning the election, but supporters have been singing and dancing on the street, carnival.

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