Don't eat it! The festival is approaching, this "colored sugar" is a drug

Drugs and light drugs have been one of the most serious problems in American society.


In 2021, the number of drug-related deaths in the United States reached a record high, with nearly 11 drug overdose deaths, equivalent to an average of one death every five minutes, up 5% from 2020 figures.



More than 700 colored pills of fentanyl have just been captured by Bay Area police in Haywood.

When it comes to drugs, the first reaction of most people is still heroin.But now in the United States, "fentanyl" has surpassed heroin as the number one "death-killing drug" in the United States.


The colorful fentanyl drug pills have been on the drug market since late August, with similar seizures in 8 U.S. states.


Traditional drugs are too easy to distinguish and they are beginning to be rejected by people. In order to attract young people to take drugs, drug dealers who have no conscience began to design some fentanyl drug pills into"Candy" style, in the shape of skulls, grenades, and even Hello Kitty.



Disguised as candy to trick teenagers into eating by mistake,Contact the last addiction!Its heart can be punished!


One of these pills can even skip the addiction stage and go straight to death, and the DEA has been warning the public against ingesting these deadly candy-like drugs!



Fentanyl is a good drug for anesthesia, but it has become a black hand that kills people without knowing it.


In 2019, a 13-month-old boy in Santa Rosa North Bay died after accidentally ingesting fentanyl.


The body of 29-year-old father Patrick Savoy O'Neal was also found at the home, also from a drug overdose.


Trevor, 2020, dies in 18 after fentanyl failure




Last month, 24-year-old Haley Godshall pleaded guilty in court to guilty of manslaughter against the dead son of a friend and was sentenced to 4-7 years in prison. The tool of manslaughter was fentanyl.



In November 2021, Haley Godshall was invited by a friend to help care for her 11-month-old son.Another female friend, Daisy Bare, was with Haley Godshall that night.


After the little boy finished eating, he fell asleep between the two, and then the two took out a bag of fentanyl to share, and lost consciousness after smoking.


When the two regained consciousness, the one who lost consciousness has become this poor child.Although he was taken to the hospital, he died after taking a lethal dose of fentanyl.



2021, CDC StatisticsMore than 70,000 people have died from fentanyl overdose in the U.S., an increase of 2020% over 23.Of these, more than 5,000 people died from fentanyl in California.



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