Can't you use this oil for Chinese food?How to choose 9 common edible oils in North American supermarkets?

Oil must be an indispensable role in every kitchen

But the oil on a whole shelf of a supermarket always poses a problem for households who are difficult to choose.

How to choose so much oil?

Some people say I know how to do this!Extra virgin olive oil

It’s tall and tall at the first listen, it’s definitely right to buy this

Actually every oil hasDifferent characteristics, ForDifferent cooking methods

For example, extra virgin olive oil is actually not suitable for cooking methods such as stir-frying.

Let me introduce to youThe difference and characteristics of various oils



First introduce some of the different oilsComposition.

It's also the main reason for the different characteristics


saturated fatty acid

More in naturestable.

Suitable for higher temperature cooking.

Generally, oils rich in saturated fatty acids have a special aroma.

MostlyAnimal fat, Such as butter, lard,

And a small amount of vegetable oils, such as coconut oil.

Excessive consumption willIncrease the burden of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

Easily causesHigh blood pressure, heart diseaseand so on.


unsaturated fatty acid: 

Relative in natureUnstable.

Not suitable for higher temperature cooking methods.

usuallyVegetable oilThe main component.


trans fat:

This is a provenSubstances harmful to the human body.

Many unhealthy snacks will contain it.

But natural oils also contain trans fatty acids,

OrDuring cooking.

Exceeding the corresponding oil"Smoke Point"Will produce trans fatty acids,

And other harmful substances.

So choose the right oil and cooking method,

Has a very important effect on physical health




Olive Oil


Extra-virgin, virgin,

Pure olive oil (pure), light olive oil (extra light).

These four are olive oilFour different processing methods.

Extra virgin is indeed the best processing method among these four.

Use relatively high-quality olives,

and alsoMaximum retention of the aroma and nutritional value of olives.

The other three are in descending order according to the order.

Olive oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids,

Less burden on cardiovascular,

Is avery healthyOf oil.

But olive oilRelatively low smoke point.

Not suitable for deep-frying or stir-frying.

Best for cold dressing.

Due to the special aroma,

It can also be used to make some short-time frying and stir-fried dishes,

Will bring a special fragrance.

But ordinary Chinese food is actually not suitable for olive oil.

Especially extra virgin olive oil,

The smoke point is very low,

It is not recommended as a daily oil for Chinese households.


Coconut Oil


Coconut oil was once touted as a super food.

Some people say that for cardiovascular disease,Breast disease,

The immune system has an improved effect.

But the aboveHave not been fully confirmed.

So everyoneDon't be blindly superstitiousInstead, choose coconut oil.

Coconut oil is high in saturated fatty acids,

Even higher than lard,

Therefore, some Harvard professors think that eating more is not good for your health.

Coconut oil has veryStrong coconut fragrance.

And the nature is stable.

If you like the taste of coconut oil,

Can be boughtStir fry.Baked stuffand so on.

Make dessertEtc. can also be used instead of butter,

Brings a unique fragrance.

But if it’s from a health perspective,

It's not necessary.


Corn Oil


Corn oilThe nutrient content is not high.

Suitable for high-temperature cooking, such asFried and stir-fried.

And there is no special smell,

cheap price.

General fried chicken restaurants, fast food restaurants use more.

No problem for family use,

But it would be better to choose other oils with higher nutritional value.


Peanut Oil


Peanut oil should be one of the more commonly used in Chinese households.

Peanut oilRich in nutrition.

Also suitable for high-temperature cooking,

FryingThere is no problem.

But there isStrong fragrance.

If some dishes do not want to be overwhelming, use other oils with a lighter taste.

Peanut oil relativeEasy to spoil.

After opening, it’s better to6 monthsAfter eating left and right,

Otherwise, it is easy to produce harmful substances.


Canola Oil


Canola oil is a very suitable oil for home cooking.

cheap price,

AndSuitable for most cooking methods.

Nutrition is slightly richer than corn oil.

From the perspective of economic benefits, it is good.

But some rapeseed oil is genetically modified food,

Mind remember to choose the Non-GMO logo.


Flaxseed Oil


Flaxseed is also popular in North America.

full of nutrition, Rich in omega-3, linolenic acid, etc.,

It has a positive effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health and adolescent brain development.

The taste is relatively refreshing,

Suitable for cold dressing.

It's more like olive oil,

It is also not suitable for high-temperature cooking.


Sunflower Oil


Sunflower oil is my personal opinionThe best oil for Chinese home cooking.

The smoke point is relatively high,

There is no problem with frying and cooking,

There is no special taste,

Most cooking methods can be used.

AndRich in omega-6, vitamin E and other nutrients.

Although experts do not recommend excessive consumption of omega-6, 

But every day as long as not every meal is greasy,

Generally there is no problem.

You can also choose thisSpray typeThe oil can to control the dosage.


Avocado Oil


Rich in Vitamin E.

Same as olive oil,

Relatively healthy.

Has a higher smoke point than olive oil,

There is no problem in frying for a short time.

weakness isThe price is generally higher.



Are you using the right oil?

Hurry up and show it to those friends who are still cooking with olive oil!


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