Real estate firm Redfin prepares to lay off 1 jobs after tech company layoffs

In 2022, economic recession and inflation are already visible to the naked eye. Silicon Valley companies such as Microsoft, Google, Meta, Intel, Snap, and Twitter have also entered a storm of layoffs...


01The wave of layoffs in Silicon Valley's big factories is getting more and more intense...


Meta: 1.1 people byeNo matter how Zuckerberg applauds Metaverse, Meta's huge losses cannot be covered up.Just got bloodbathed this week.


Google: Internal integration, quietly layoffs
At the Google Code Conference in September, Google CEO Pichai publicly stated that he wanted to increase the company's efficiency by 9%, and then slowly layoffs began....


Microsoft: Mass layoffs planned
Not only Meta and Google, Microsoft has been laying off employees since July this year. Considering the risk of recession, the company plans to cut 7% of its 18 employees and slow down hiring significantly.The target involves the jobs of 1 people.


Twitter: 3700 people cool down after the acquisitionAfter Musk acquired Twitter, he also laid off 3700 employees last week, which is half of the total number of Twitter.


02Mortgage interest rates break 7.6%, real estate companies also lay off workers





high interest rates, high housing prices,The impact on the real estate industry was no less than that of Silicon Valley's big factories. Soon, Redfin announced layoffs.


Redfin Corp. (RDFN)Said Wednesday,The company is cutting as much as 16% of its workforce as the U.S. housing market slumps,And gradually shut down its RedfinNow home buying business.



Nearly 862 employees were involved, or 13% of its workforce, and an additional 218 employees were removed from their positions, who could choose other positions,Thousands of people were affected.


According to Redfin,if thisSome employees will all leave, and the layoff rate will reach 16%.It is reported that Redfin cut 6 jobs ahead of the expected decline in home sales in June. The company said that the housing market in 470 may shrink by 2023% compared with 2021.,After this layoff is over, there will be a second round of layoffs, and a third round of layoffs, which will continue until the end of next year!Such information undoubtedly makes people shudder...


I hope that this Thanksgiving holiday, everyone can keep their jobs and spend it safely!


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