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The friends in New York probably have a deep understanding recently. It’s so cold that I doubt life recently (how did I survive last year?? 🙄️).

Faced with this kind of weather, I want to have a pot of hot captainSummarized for everyone the 7 most popular places in Manhattan, New YorkHomeJapanese hot pot restaurant!

📍Uptown 📍


(I.e. Momokawa

1466 1st Ave., NY 10075


Momokawa can be said to be the absolute Japanese hot pot in New Yorktop3! This store is also in the United StatesThe only branch. The Japanese-style hot pot in the store can be said to have obtained the essence of authenticity. Among them, Sukiyaki is especially famous!



The soup base of sukiyaki is made with seasonings such as soy sauce and sugar.A little sweetness.The ingredients are boiled in the soup base, which will bring a little sweetness of the soup base to the original deliciousness.

There are many choices of meat for sukiyaki in the store, not only common beef, chicken and pork, but also rareduck!Among them beef3 types, Of which the highest quality isMiyazaki Beef, is also the signature product in the store.Personally, I recommend ordering a piece of beef to try. Momokawa's beef is of very high quality in Japanese hot pot restaurants!


The grilled fish in the store is also very good, which is very suitable as a side dish before or during the meal.Eat upNo fishy smell, Only the sweetness and slight aroma of grilled fish!



📍 Midtown 📍

🍲 Lucky Cat

232 E 53rd St, NY 10022


Lucky Cat’s most famous is the super imposing in the shop"Roshan Hot Pot", the hot pot will definitely leave you stunned when it is served! This red meat is as tall as a mountain, and its height is as high as15cm!



As time goes by, Roshan will be boiled by the soupSlowly getting shorter, and finally blended with the soup.The soup base will slowly change from the initial lightThicker and thicker, The more you cook, the more fragrant!


Friends who feel that the meat is not enough can order moreExtra meat.Friends who want to eat more abundantly can order other ingredients (such asTrotters.Udonetc.) to the pot.While eating more satisfying, the taste of the soup will become stronger!

(I.e. Nippon

155 E 52nd St, NY 10022


The most special thing about this family is theirDuck hot pot!


The store will put the duck meat with the skin into the pot and simmer, the soup base will become moreShannon. duckSweet and tenderIt is very satisfying whether it is served with rice or udon noodles!

This restaurant has been operating in New York for more than 50 years and is definitely an old qualification! The taste is worth itGive it a try!

(I.e. Jukai

237 E 53rd St, NY 10022


Another good Japanese hot pot.The store is relatively hidden, and the area is relatively small, so it will be a bit difficult to line up on weekends.


Above: Xiaohongshu user 1 mouthful of food

The most popular of his family on Xiaohongshu isDuck hot pot, the reviews all report that the soup base is rich and delicious, and the quality of the duck meat is also very good(But the amount of duck meat is not much).There are also vegetables, mushrooms and tofu in the soup.


Above: Jukai – INS

In addition to duck hot pot, there are also sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu in the store, but some foodies commented that their sukiyaki is particularly sweet.



📍 Downtown 📍

 (I.e. Shabu-Tatsu East Village

216 E 10th St, NY 10003

Shabu-Tatsu’s soup base is generallyKelp stockMake the bottom, the taste is light, pay attention to the food through the bottom of the potOriginal taste.



To ensure quality, Shabu-Tatsu’s food ingredients have always been veryfresh. Among them, their rib-eye beef is highly recommended. Each piece of meat is of appropriate thickness and size, easy to cook and tasteEnergy. If you think it is light, you can eat it with the secret sauce in the store!

Of course, in addition to the clear soup pot, the store also providesSukiyaki,Grilled meatand alsosnack.In short, this store has a wide variety of choices! It is a good choice for friends and couples to date, after all, different tastes and preferences can be taken care of! Their homeMatcha ice creamLin is also very famous, I highly recommend friends to try it!

(I.e. Kimura's

31 St Marks Pl, NY 10003

Different from other Japanese hot pots, KIMURA in the East Village is most famous for its motsunabe andTrotter skinpot! It is said that each pot is full of collagen, which is especially good for the skin.

The bottom of the pot itself already has very rich ingredients and collagen-rich trotters! Even without adding anything, the soup base tastes very goodRich and fragrant, The trotters are stewedRotten.

(I.e. Shabushabu Macron

16 Delancey St, NY 10002


From the name, we can tell that this is a specialized companyShabu ShabuThe store is now!

Like many Japanese food stores, they are committed to making food exquisite, even ordinaryThick cut meat, The same can beThe display is pleasing to the eye.


When the weather is slightly cold, eating a gentle and just right shabu shabu will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The above mentioned companies,

Is there a family in your mind?

Still your favorite Japanese hot pot is not mentioned,

You can also leave a comment and recommend it to everyone! 🙋


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