Stanford's latest report: 94% of the US population has been infected with the new crown virus

On November 2022, 11, the School of Public Health of three American universities, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, uploaded the latest research progress on Omicron immune defense of the American population on medRxiv [20].


The results show that:As of November 2022, 11, 10% of Americans are expected to have been infected with the new coronavirus at least once; 94% of Americans are immune to the new coronavirus;The study also warns that as the virus evolves and immune antibodies continue to decline, it is necessary to be alert to a new wave of new crown infections.



The title of the paper is "Changes in population immunity against infection and severe disease from SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variants in the United States between December 2021 and November 2022".In this paper, the findings of the research presented show that:Infected with the Omicron mutant strain + inoculated with the booster vaccine, the effectiveness of preventing severe disease is higher than 95%. Even after 50 weeks, that is, one year later, the effectiveness of preventing Omicron infection is still more than 70%.However, if you are not infected with Omicron and only received a booster injection, the preventive power of severe disease is 76%, and the resistance to preventing infection with Omicron is only 20%.



(immune protection established by infection/vaccination and attenuation)


Not only that, in the United States, 7% of the population was repeatedly infected, 55.7% were repeatedly infected + vaccinated, 2.4% were infected only once, and 29.1% were infected once + vaccinated.
According to such data, 94.2% of Americans have been infected with the new crown virus.- Only 3.6% of the vaccinated population has not been infected with the mutant strain.- A further 2.1% of the population are neither vaccinated nor infected.



(The above pictures are reproduced from Hanson Clinical Research)at the same time,The United States is ushering in the most severe winter of the virus.



The U.S. CDC is reminding people that the number of new crowns, flu and an infection called respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is surging across the United States.Medical workers in more than one area said that large-scale human infections are making a comeback.There is a shortage of medical staff and insufficient beds, and it may happen again at any time The biggest impact of this round is RSV, 风险最大的是5岁以下的儿童,特别是1岁以下的婴儿,以及65岁以上的老年人。RSV每年在65岁及以上的老年人中造成约14000人死亡,在5岁以下儿童中造成多达300人死亡。



Symptoms of RSV infection are much like the common cold, with runny nose, decreased appetite, coughing, sneezing, fever and wheezing.Children are especially prone to severe symptoms because their immune systems are underdeveloped and their airways are smaller than adults', making it harder to breathe when inflamed.Most other variants do not appear to cause more severe symptoms than earlier versions, but the trend of immune evasion is likely to continue, experts say.

Here, medical experts still strongly recommend that the public get vaccinated against new coronary pneumonia and influenza as soon as possible.

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