New York March Food List: Net Red Cheesecake, Hokkaido Air Seafood, Cheese Hot Dog Stick, Tiger Hall Milk Tea Free Home Delivery

In a blink of an eye, Goddess Festival is coming!

It's the festival of discounts and chop hands again. It's time for the goddesses to let go of their hands and empty the shopping cart to reward their hard work.


Don't forget to comfort your stomach while buying bags and clothes.after allThe happiness brought by food is irreplaceable!

Weee hereDesserts and snacks from all over the world, fresh fruits, Food gathered, let’s take a look, what to buy on Goddess’ Day?

Don’t go to the supermarket queuing with fear,

No need to carry big bags in the cold wind,

Weee came to deliver the supermarket to your home.


Sashimi-grade fresh scallops from Hokkaido are urgently frozen when they are fished out of the sea to lock the freshness and fullness of the freshness.

Take a bite,Thick flesh, delicate elastic teeth,and alsoA touch of sweetness.It can be fried, grilled, fried, or cooked in a pot, and it can be made into Chirashi to taste the taste of the sea.

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IMURAYA White Jade Red Bean Matcha Ice Cream, whose name is literally translated as "soft rice cake", is a rare Japanese glutinous rice dumpling ice cream.The most amazing thing about this ice cream is that even if it is just taken out of the freezer, the glutinous rice dumplings can magically maintain the Q-bomb state.

White jade tasteSoft glutinous Q bullet, The bottom is delicate matcha ice cream and sweet red beans.Milky, tea, nutty, Lip service.


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Imuraya White Jade Red Bean Milk Ice Cream is also worth a try.Red beans with milk,Silky and creamy tasteRich milk aromaIt's a perfect match.

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THE MAPLE MANIA, Japanese Maple Sugar Butter Biscuits, has been featured in the Japanese lunchtime information program "Hirunandesu" (Hirunandesu) for two consecutive times in Tokyo.Best souvenir first placethrone.




Maple syrup produced in Quebec, Canada, mixed with fermented cream, and then mixed with chocolate cream, unique to maple syrupWoody sweetimpressive.BiscuitsCrispy taste, rich milk flavor, The filled chocolate cream is even moreDelicate and silky, unforgettable.

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SURASANG Korean Spicy Octopus Dumplings are thinly packed and have a Q bomby texture, a bit like shrimp dumplings.The filling is fresh and fragrant small octopus filling, which is very spicy.



Spicy star people can also taste the original octopus dumplings.The same spring teeth, the same freshness, it is better to dip it in soy sauce~

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Pumei Duo Hot Dog Cheese Sticks are crispy and fragrant on the outside, which will burst juice after one bite.Full of mouthsRich milk aroma of mozzarella cheese.


Full of cheese, tender and fragrant grilled sausages, paired with glutinous elastic teeth with a lightly wheat-flavored crust, and then wrapped in a circle of bread and deep-fried until golden, sure enoughThe combination of carbohydrate and fat is the most addictive~



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Love Me Sweet from Canada is the handle of Japanese cheesecake.

The double-layered matcha cheesecake has a rich tea aroma in the milky aroma, moderate sweetness, and a slight salty taste of cheese and the bitterness of matcha.

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For Japanese double-layer durian cheesecakeGolden Pillow DurianMade, you can smell the strong durian flavor as soon as you open it.Every bite can taste the unique sweet and milky fragrance of durian.

Oreo Double Cheesecake inA touch of crispness is added to the creamy and silky texture.The sweetness has the slight bitterness of chocolate, and the milky fragrance has the unique chocolate bitterness of Oreo cookies.The taste is rich, sweet but not greasy.

There is also the original Japanese-style double-layer cheesecake, one bite, delicate taste, rich cheese and milk, sweet and salty, likeJust eat cheese on an empty stutter.

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Weee's handmade milk dates are too top!


Cheese Berry RaspberryPink and tender, Very cute.BiteSoft and soft, With the crispness of altar wood, and rich layers.The sweet and fruity scent of strawberry, coupled with the strong aroma of milk and nuts, can't stop one bite at all!



There is also matcha flavor,Matcha tea powder imported from JapanThe rich tea aroma and slight bitterness make people fall in love with one bite!

Milk dates will be replenished on 3/8 days. If it shows that it is sold out, you can "Add Reminder" to buy it immediately
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Mango Mango is also a cake signature in the Eastern United States.


Chocolate crispy cake, under the crispy chocolate is a silky and creamy mousse cake.Tastes likeGanacheGenerally rich and soft fragrance. 



There are also Musang King durian puffs,Creamy cream with fresh Musang King durian fruitMeat, hidden inCrispy puff pastryInside, burst the juice in one bite.


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Tiger Sugar Milk Tea, which is popular all over the world, is now ready to drink!



The brown sugar boba thick milk tea from Laohutang has a rich milky aroma, a mellow tea taste, and a sweet aroma with a burnt aroma. The taste is smooth, sweet but not greasy.Now with the convenience package, you can also buy it in weee.

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Pink GuavaTender lotus powder, The juice is abundant, sweet and sour.



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And pearl guava,Crisp and sweet, tender meatIt can be eaten empty, or sprinkled with sour plum powder and marinated for a while. It is sweet and sour and has a unique flavor.It also has the effect of slimming and whitening.



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In addition to the fresh desserts mentioned,

There are more delicacies waiting for you to discover, all in



Don’t go to the supermarket queuing with fear,

Enjoy food without going out, lying at home being fed,

There is nothing more pleasant than this!


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