The U.S. election may not have a result tomorrow? Reminder: This week Seattle people hoard more food and go out less

When will the general election result be released?

The initial result is not necessarily the real result👇
This year’s ballots are quite special. The number of mailed votes is several million more than in 2016. It may take a few days to count the mailed votes after November 11rd.And supporters of the Democratic Party are more inclined to vote by mail.

Success or failure depends on the swing state👇
In general elections over the years, the four swing states have become the key.
Arizona:The votes were counted a few weeks ago, and the results will be available on the 3rd.
Wisconsin, Pennsylvania:The ballot count only started on election day, and the vote count was slow.
Florida:Calculate the votes before election day and post votes
The swing state may only produce results that day, only Arizona, other states may be later. According to data released by the New York Times, as of Sunday, the four swing statesIt's all in Biden's favor right now.

The proportion of voters who participated in the vote increased this year. In Florida and Arizona, more than two-thirds of those who did not vote in 2016 have already voted this year.Such people account for 56% in Wisconsin and 36% in Pennsylvania.

Turn over the blue state👇

Texas (38 votes), Georgia (16 votes), and North Carolina (15 votes) are all three states.In the past, all states that supported the Republican Party, But there is great hope for turning blue this year.


Current polls show that Biden is leading by a large margin, but this is not a certainty. Refer to the 2016 polls, Hillary Clinton is leading, and he has not beaten Trump.The final result depends on the final votes.

Americans’ enthusiasm for voting has been extremely high this year. So far, a record 9300 million people have voted early, which is equivalent to twice the number of early voters in the previous general election.Friends who have the right to vote, don't forget to exercise the power~~~

Now the U.S. epidemic is fighting back again, with nearly 10 new infections in a single day.At this juncture, President Trump publicly told his supporters: When I succeed, I will most likely be relieved of the new crown high-level senator in the Anthony Fauci administration.

In addition to the results of the general election, the recent security issues are also of concern to ordinary people.

Tense and unstable election week

Shops in Washington State will be closed on election day, some even for a week. Brand stores in Beverly Hills, California and Fifth Avenue in New York are nailed to the door panels to prevent being beaten and looted.

New York City's Sixth Avenue store entrance

Reinforce the entrance of the Union Square store in San Francisco

This past weekend, Trump supporters blocked the highway in New Jersey.The order was chaotic.

According to a report from USA Today, George Washington University recommends stocking more frozen food, medicines, and daily necessities at home, and don’t go out if you can.

This week is destined to be a tense and restless week. It is recommended that friends in the Bay Area also avoid going out, try to avoid public places, stock up living supplies, avoid unnecessary disputes, and avoid viruses...


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