Swipe my mother's membership card at Costco and experience a large social death

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In North America, Costco can be described as a well-known popular retail giant.With all kinds of high-quality and cheap commodities, it has always been the base camp for overseas Chinese shopping.But since Costco implements a membership system, if you want to shop here, you must first become a member.It is understood thatCostco's membership fee is not cheap, the annual fee for ordinary membership is $60, and the annual fee for senior membership is as high as $120, so some consumers have the idea of ​​"borrowing a membership card".So is this doable?


Labeled a "scam"
Recently, a Tiktok user named Temo (@tvmoo_) shared her personal experience.She wrote in the short video: "When you use your mother's Costco membership card (shopping), they will reject it as a fraud." The short video shows that Temo was checking out at Costco's self-checkout area at the time, and when she scanned When coding, the screen of the machine displays: "Please wait a moment, the assistant is coming."

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What happened next left Temo speechless. "The staff chatted with my mother on the phone for 20 minutes, and three people confirmed online—my mother authorized me to use her Costco membership card." So far, the short video has exceeded two million views.

Coincidentally, many users in the comment area have had similar experiences.

One of them revealed: "Costco did the same thing to me. I use my mom's membership card to shop and they don't allow it. Costco is very serious, which is why I prefer to go to Sam's."

"I used my dad's Costco membership card to buy goldfish and they let me out, wouldn't let me buy it, and tagged my dad's account as a 'scam,'" wrote another.
Netizens even pointed out that borrowing a Costco membership card may cause their membership to be "revoked"; someone has been detained by Costco for fraudulently using someone else's membership card.

Although some people sympathized with the experience of the above-mentioned netizens, others said, "Costco membership fee is only $5 per month, which is very cost-effective. There is also a reason for not allowing loans."
Why is Costco so "real"?
Costco has been serious about "borrowing membership cards" for a long time.Shoppers have been kicked out of malls, or even detained, for violating its member-only policies. Costco is so serious, why is it here?

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The reason is that membership is the core of Costco's entire business model.According to the statistics,The retail giant currently has about 6690 million members worldwide, and membership fees will contribute more than $2022 billion to its revenue in 42 alone.The continuous inflow of funds guarantees the effective supply of Costco's high-quality and cheap commodities.In view of this, it is not difficult to understand that Costco is serious about "borrowing membership cards".
Shopping guide for non-members
Costco membership cards cannot be loaned out, even to immediate family members.At the checkout, a staff member will check the ID photo.So how do non-members shop at Costco?

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According to the relevant regulations of Costco, a membership card can apply for a "family" supplementary card, but the premise is that the supplementary cardholder must be over 18 years old and live in the same address as the main cardholder (must provide prove).That is to say,If your family member has a Costco membership card, then you are eligible for a supplementary card.


In addition,Costco also allows a member to bring up to two companions into the mall, but the checkout must be handled by the member.In other words, you can have legitimate reasons to ask friends with membership cards to happily "shopping" at Costco!







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