After the new crown vaccine is approved, does the catering boss have the right to force employees to vaccinate?

Catering boss must read the blue words above

last Friday,The US Food and Drug Administration officially approved the emergency use authorization of Pfizer's new crown vaccine, which can be used for people over 16 years old.The vaccine began to be distributed and vaccinated throughout the United States this week.The first groups of people to be vaccinated in each state include high-risk medical staff and staff in nursing facilities.

Image source CNBC The first medical staff in the United States to vaccinate outside the laboratory

in spite ofOrdinary Americans will not be vaccinated until the summer of 2021 at the earliest, But the discussion about whether to vaccinate has long become a hot topic.A survey released by the Pew Research Center on December 12 found that only 3% of Americans said that once they have a vaccine, they are sure or very likely to get it.This number is far lower than the proportion required to achieve herd immunity in the United States (about 75%). It can be said that many people still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the new crown vaccine.

As one of the industries that have been hit hardest by the new crown epidemic,Many employers in the catering industry hope that their employees will be vaccinated and return to normal as soon as possible: The National Restaurant Association and other food and agricultural organizations wrote a letter to Trump and Biden,Require priority to be given to vaccinations for catering industry employees, "To ensure that the agricultural and food supply chains remain operational."

So does the restaurant owner have this right to compulsorily require employees to be vaccinated?the answer ispositiveof.

According to the law, employers usually have the right to require employees to be vaccinated.Except for religious and health exceptions, private companies have the right to maintain their own health and safety standards and canLegal dismissalEmployees who violate its rules (such as those who have not received certain vaccinations).For restaurant owners, restaurants where all employees are vaccinated against the new crown will certainly have an advantage in competition in the market.

However, Pfizer vaccines are still authorized for emergency use, and until the vaccine is fully approved, employers have the right to force their employees to be vaccinated.The FDA expects to wait until at least April next year after completing the procedure.In addition, although employers have this right, many employers are unwilling to become "guinea pigs" and be the first bosses who arouse conflicts in the employment relationship.

Looking at it this way, before the spring and summer of next year, American catering professionals are likely to be unable to get the vaccine.Recently, as the epidemic situation continues to worsen, many local restaurants have unfortunately recruited employees.Don't take it lightly, strengthen management, let employees conduct nucleic acid tests regularly, and attach importance to epidemic prevention measures.We believe that dawn is coming.


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