Biden's 264 votes come back early? Trump asks Michigan and Wisconsin to recount the votes. When will the American drama end?

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Last night was probably the longest and most difficult night in recent presidential elections.Trump, who has won big ticket warehouses in Florida and Texas, has announced his victory

However, as of 4:11 a.m. Western time on the 30th, Biden's turnaround was very strong, and it was decided whether Trump would be re-elected in two of the three states:

WisconsinMichiganThe counting of votes has ended, and 26 votes are in Biden's pocket

Among the swing states, only one state is still counting votes. What is the result of the 2020 US general election?

Four swing states vote forecast

Nevada (6 votes)Expected result on 5th

49.3% vs 48.7%, Biden leads, and the current vote counting progress is expected to reach 86%.

Voting on all election days has been counted, and currently only postal votes and temporary votes that favor the Democratic Party have not been counted.

⚠️At present, the statistics of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nevada are coming to an end. If they win Nevada, Biden will maintain the current advantage and will get 22 votes in advance and 270 will come back early.

Pennsylvania (20 votes)A large number of Mail In, long time for counting votes

53.4% vs 45.3%, Trump leads, and the current counting quarter is expected to reach 80%.

According to an analysis by the New York Times, the remaining votes in Pennsylvania largely favor Biden.In the populous Philadelphia and Pittsburgh,Biden is currently leading.But he still needs to win two-thirds of the remaining votes to overtake Trump.

Georgia (16 votes)Expected result on 4th

50.3% vs 48.5%, Trump leads, and the current vote counting progress is expected to reach 93%.

Currently, Biden is far behind in the counties and counties surrounding Atlanta.If Biden wants to win Georgia, he must win two-thirds of the remaining votes.It is worth mentioning that the New York Times' prediction yesterday was that Trump has a high probability of winning Georgia.But early in the morning, the predicted wind direction turned into Biden's 64% win rate.

North Carolina (15 votes)

50.1% vs 48.7%, Trump leads, and the current vote counting progress is expected to reach 95%.

⚠️North Carolina has a high probability of being won by Trump

How many episodes of American history dramas are there?

Judging from the current situation, the vote trend in the US general election has been biased towards Biden, but this is not the end.Various Drama plots have been staged this morning.

just,Trump teamAppeal in Michigan,ClaimSuspend the counting of votes before the Trump team enters the venue to supervise.According to Michigan's state law, the recount process will be automatically initiated when the vote gap between the two candidates is within 2000.And if any candidateVoluntarily request a recount, You need to meetMultiple recount conditions,It may not be possible to recount, The variable isa lot of, The result is unknown.

(Read details:

At the same time, the Trump team also accused some counties in Wisconsin of illegal operations (but no evidence was listed), soFormal request for recount.If both of these requirements are passed, there will be a long wait to know the final election results, and the uncertainty will be magnified again.

The Biden team responded that if necessary, they can go to the court and continue fighting with Trump.

Magic 2020, what else can't happen?What we can do is to ensure our own safety before the dust settles.


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