Pink pineapple, durian mille, brown sugar raw milk pie, awesome facial's time to treat yourself to LA Goddess Festival!


The annual Goddess Festival is coming again!

It's time for fairies and goddesses to chop their hands wantonly

Treat yourself well~

Whether it’s exquisite and delicious desserts and snacks,

It is also a high-value fruit that supplements vitamin C moisture,

As well as the most important beauty and skin care products, stock up on stocks!

In addition to helping everyone find a bunch of rare American

But in addition to the delicious food in the domestic fire,

Now there is an extra 88% off on pink fruits!

I wish all the little fairies can be tender and beautiful~

A time-honored brand opened from Japan to Taiwan

Brown sugar pearl milk rolls from the Internet celebrity bakery,

US East Dessert Xiaobawang Mango Mango

Musang King Durian Melaleuca and Italian Tiramisu,

Daoxiang Village Beef Tongue Cake and so on!

We are all ready for you!

A pink pineapple from Costa Rica,

Less fiber, almost no astringency, and super sweetness,

Suitable for sweet you~

And intellectual imported sweet jujube and prunes,

The content of natural antioxidants ranks first among fruits,


Sunmerry Brown Sugar Pearl Raw Milk Roll

Taiwan's time-honored bakery shop Sunmerry'sBrown Sugar Pearl Raw Milk RollI am also a well-received Internet celebrity player~ The cake roll is wrapped in light cream, and there are brown sugar pearls with Q bombs inside, which is simply irresistible!

The cake body is super fluffy because of the use of Japanese imported flour!And as soon as you open the box, you can smell a strong custard scent, the cream in the cake roll is light and delicate, and you can taste the faint brown sugar flavor of pearls in every bite, so happy~

Daoxiang Village Beef Tongue Cake

How could it be lessFavorite Daoxiang VillageToo!When I am homesick, I am greeted by a mouthful of beef tongue cake full of memories!

This beef tongue cake, named because it looks like a beef tongue, is really a product of Daoxiang Village!All the friends who have been Amway fell in love with it~

This is frozen and needs to be baked in your own oven. It can only be said that although it is a little troublesome, it is absolutely amazing!

Because I can be at homeFresh and cookedFeeling beef tongue cake, smelling the fragrance of the house, I really feel like returning to China in a daze!

The epidermis is crispy, the filling is salty and salty mixed with the sweetness of sesame. The wheat fragrant is salty and sweet. The more you chew, the more fragrant you still have the aftertaste of peppercorns in your mouth. I just love it!

You can't miss the wife's cake that needs to be processed by yourself~ The dense filling and the layers of the daddy's skin after baking complement each other. The light and light sweetness is mixed with the moist and light nutty aroma, and there is a strong gentleness!

Nuomixing people can't walk when they see itDaifuku from Japan!The skin is glutinous and chewy to the fragrant rice, and the red bean fillings also bite into the sweet and soft honey red beans~ With hot tea as an afternoon tea snack, it is too healing~

Slightly hot hill pineapple cake

Selected from French butter and Taiwan native pineapple, it has a rich flavor and a combination of sweet and sour.

You can smell a faint roasting scent when you open the bag.The milk is full of fragrant, the filling is smooth and sweet, not to be fussy.The thickness of the outer skin is moderate, and the ratio of inset and outer skin is perfect, which is absolutely affordableHermes of pineapple cake, The classic taste, you can never go wrong.

Mango Mango Musang King Durian Melaleuca

Mango mangoPresumably the little fairies who like desserts are no strangers!The popular Hong Kong-style dessert chains in New York and Chicago can now be eaten while lying at home~

Mango Mango’s signature product, highly recommended to all durian lovers!As soon as the box is opened, the strong durian aroma is ready to come out. Melaleuca has a thinness comparable to that of Lady M, layered on top of each other, and it is pleasing to the eye when you look at it!

With one fork down, the cream is light and gentle, and the mellow and heavy Musang King durian and the refreshing softness of the cream slowly spread between the teeth at the moment of the entrance, the aftertaste is lingering, the durian star is really invincible and happy! !

It’s really rare to eat durian-flavored desserts with such sincerity in the United States, and the sweetness is just right, so you won’t feel greasy after one piece, I highly recommend it to everyone~

Its Italian Tiramisu is also an absolute must!The delicate and light mascarpone cheese body, the bottom layer is a soft sponge cake soaked in coffee wine, the taste match is really unstoppable~

Not to mention the rich layers of taste.The mellow bitterness of the coffee is gently wrapped by the creamy cheese, and the silky end of the chocolate also carries a bit of wine, which is so charming!

A must-try cocoa mille for chocolate lovers~ The entrance has a fragrant cocoa aroma, and the slight bitterness is neutralized by the cream and sweet crust, which combines the perfect flavor~

If you can't eat Lady M and use their green tea Melaleuca to relieve your greed, it will be impossible!The green tea taste is very strong but there is no astringency at all, and the price is very high!

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Occasionally I want to eat something down to earth, such as the freshly fried cannabis sold at the breakfast stall in front of my house when I was young!Just use the oven to heat it up, and you can get the hemp flower with crispy and sweet skin and soft and silky inside!

Not to mention the gluttonous energy that smells fragrant all over the house when it's heated. After it's out of the oven, it is eaten with soy milk. It's almost heavenly~ It's just such a gluttonous bite when I go abroad!

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Pink pineapple, prunes, white nectarines

The fruit that the little fairy eats must be beautiful!All kinds of fruits that are high-value and delicious, as well as detoxification and beauty effects, are arranged for everyone!

Super high-value pineapple from Costa RicaThick ins wind,Satisfy girls’ hearts~The reason for turning pink is because it reduces the level of an enzyme in pineapple, so most of the lycopene is retained, and the flesh turns pink~

The plantation of pink pineapple is very scarce, and it takes 20-24 months to mature for picking; and full of vitamins, it can also protect the cardiovascular system and improve immunity!It's three things in one fell swoop~

Open the drying area, without exception, all praise this pink pineappleRainbow fart :

It’s not the season of cherries, but there is something more delicious than cherriesTreasure Fruit-Chile Prunes!

It's more than 3 times sweeter than cherries. It's big and thin, and the flesh is super tender. It's like a natural sweet water bomb in your mouth!It also has the effect of detoxification and fat reduction~

And fromWhite nectarines shipped by air from Chile, To satisfy the desire to eat good peaches in winter~

Nectarine can be crispy or soft, hard to eat sweet and sour and refreshing; let it eat for a few days and then eat it soft and fragrant, with the "fairy" air of some peaches, you can smell the overflowing peach fragrance just by holding it in your hand!

There are still fruits and vegetables88 off

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After talking about the food, the top priority of the little fairy is of course beauty and skin care! !After all, it is a lifetime homework to dress oneself beautifully!

COW Milk Stone Shampoo Thick Foaming High Moisturizing Body Wash

This shower gel has been listed in Japan’s biggest beauty list @cosme every year for many years!Last year I also found the first place in body bath products!

The ultra-fine foam can penetrate into the pores to bring out oily dirt, and the feeling of use is also excellent!In addition to the soap bases that traditional shower gels have, they are additionally compounded with cocamidopropyl betaine and lauryl hydroxysultaine, which are mild and will not damage the cleansing force. Stratum corneum.

Three popular maintenance ingredients, shea butter (moisturizing), hyaluronic acid (moisturizing), and collagen (repairing) are also added to the formula~ the development of milky muscle is just around the corner!

Dr.jart silver pill black bamboo charcoal bubble cleansing mask

The cheap fighter in the net celebrity mask!People who have used it say that the effect of cleansing and shrinking pores is well-known!

The mask paper made of high-density bamboo charcoal can strongly suck out the blackheads and dirt; of course, the pore astringent liquid is intimately added, and it does not forget to give everyone "invisible" pores while cleaning.

Plant Extract Rose Shampoo

A truly gentle care product composed of 90% natural ingredients-French Grasse rose essential oil, Brazilian nectarine fruit oil, egg fruit seed oil, etc.!

The new formula also adds a variety of natural essential oils such as argan essential oil, azu fruit oil, western plum oil, etc.!It can bring rich nutrition and luster to the hair while giving it high moisturizing power~

Nadeshiko Rice Mask

The classic old net red mask!The main ingredients are rice fermentation broth, rice bran oil, rice amide, rice bran extract, the ingredients are streamlined, full of rice extract moisturizing but will not add burden to the skin!The moisturizing effect is visible to the naked eye!

JM SOLUTION Pink Love Rose Mask

The Korean beauty brand JM SOLUTION must be familiar to everyone. It has sold 2019 million facial masks in 8. It can be said to be an expert in facial masks!

This mask is added with nourishing ingredients such as Rosa rosa, Moringa seeds and Yintai lantern flowers, which can continue to replenish moisture and relieve dryness and dehydration of the skin~

Kao new steam moisturizing eye mask

Kao Steam Eye Mask is a must-have at home!It won the Japan's Most Excellent Product Award and is widely acclaimed in Japan~

The faint lavender scent and a constant temperature of 40 degrees can effectively relieve fatigue, increase blood circulation and reduce dark circles!Even problems such as dry eyes and sore swelling can be solved~ the non-woven material will not irritate the skin!

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I wish you all a happy Little Fairy’s Day in advance! !

With Weee! Spoiling you to make this Goddess Festival happy!

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$10 off the first order for new couples

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