Enjoy tea's new product | Flowing heart mango mousse cloud cake, caramel crunchy chocolate box, personal test is a must-see ~

This fall, I found that Chicago’s cake map has been updated again
The most eye-catching among them is the old friendEnjoy tea
They have always insisted on using organic and natural raw materials for beverages
Also developed a variety of natural low-fat and low-sugar cakes~~

I heard recentlyEnjoy tea
🍰Suddenly launched againN delicious and beautiful cakes🍰
I ran to taste it and found that eachThey are all amazing!
Alone Better Together,
This will be introduced to everyone one by one!

Let's preview it first~~

Flowing Mango Mousse Cloud Cake

First of all, I want to introduce to you

Is thisFlowing Mango Mousse Cloud CakeLa!

The cake as its name is "cloud"

It looks soft and tender!

Cut it down with a fork, it really isMousse texture

It tastesVery rich mango flavor

The cream is also very fresh!I asked my little sister, it’s still organic cream~

What attracts the most attention is

AboveMango Bomb

Crystal clear, very Q bomb

Eat the middle part,
You can seeThe flow of real mango pellets and mango sauce!
Eat the domestically ripe mango in Chicago
I express my satisfaction! 💯

Hand made rose cloud mousse cake


Next, I will introduce you to Di
It's this style of painting that is particularly beautiful
Hand made rose cloud mousse cake~
Secretly, this is my favorite flavor in it🙆

Rose crystal jelly
There isPetals and burst beads
Think of a rosy old dream~

After cutting,Creamy rose has a strong flavor
But it doesn’t have the artificial feeling of some rose flavor on the outside.
More likeAs elegant as tea
The texture of the chiffon cake is also just right~

Because of the blessing of rose crystal jelly

cakeSpecial Q bomb~

Very suitable (like me) for a soft and cute girl!

Caramel Crunchy Chocolate Box Cake

 I believe everyone has eaten a lot of box cakes

Meat floss box, taro paste box...

And I, who have eaten everywhere,

It's the first time I ate thisA box cake with caramel and chocolate flavor!

Cake base is usedChocolate Chiffon CakeMade it~
In the middleCaramel Sea Salt Cream
The top finishing touch isCrisp and crunchy made from caramel!

I really like this crunchy, a little bit of nougat feel
This is crunchy, and a big hit"Squid Game" is the same
Dalgona CandyOh! !

Just... I personally tested it, it tastes so good that I can’t stop it
I don’t know if you have eaten the sea salt Oreo cake of Xiangcha
This one looks pretty like Haiyan Oreo, and it all passedThe combination of sweet and salty
Make both more prominent!

US Dollar Cake/Wonderland Cake 6 inch

Now in addition to the "resident" cake above
There will also beNeed to book 3 days in advanceSuper fancy
Dollar cakeDreaming in Wonderland CakeOh~
It is most suitable for a boy/girlfriend to surprise him on his birthday, right?
You can choose the cake insideFresh milk honeydew melon, fresh milk strawberry, mango passion jellyThree flavors

Again, see this wonderland cake
mineFairy soulCan't hold back again!
I announce to add a birthday to myself next month

Halloween Mellow Black Coffee Trick or Treat Cake


Xiangcha also prepared this for everyone

🎃Halloween Mellow Black Coffee Trick or Treat Cake🎃

Cake with dark chocolate and coffee-flavored cream inside

There are also favorites on the planeLotus caramel cookies!

Isn't it very atmospheric?

Friends, don’t forget the classic cakes for enjoying tea~

Low Sugar Strawberry Yogurt Cake, Sea Salt Oreo Chocolate Cake, Pure Dark Chocolate Cake

It is my favorite afternoon tea!

And the materials in his house are allHardcoreLow sugar, low fat, healthy and organic

Don't worry about gaining weight!

Milk tea beverage series

After seeing so many cakes, do you feel like you can have some tea!

Yes,All tea products of Xiangcha are updated and upgraded

Go to Taiwan to choose the secret organic raw leaf tea 🍵, with organic milk

And the syrup made by myself

It tastes delicious and healthy!

Can also be equippedBook cupOh~ 

His family firmly opposes the use of creamer, non-dairy cream powder, and added syrup 🙅‍♀
!Insist on letting everyone drink healthy and pure milk tea!

Milk tea and drinks areAuthentic Asian taste

When you drink it, you will feel the aroma of tea and milk is particularly strong~

I ordered a matcha latte
Matcha is the taste of real matcha powder
Not too sweet, a little bit bitter, very mellow~
This is the matcha I want!

The autumn breeze is coming, the mid-term exam is approaching,

Come and enjoy a cup of tea cake, a cup of organic raw milk tea,

RewardTrembling in the cold windMyself~

I’m more motivated to study and work

Everyone, go to Kuaixiangcha to taste the newly launched cakes and milk tea!

do not forgetHalloween limited trick or treat cakeYo!

🍵Food benefits🍵

Friends who forwarded this article to Moments and showed it,

You can enjoy a 9% discount at the store! !

🏠Shop name|Enjoy tea
Chinatown Store
📍Address|2169 AS China Pl, 
Chicago, IL 60616
☎️Phone|(312) 857-8993

Chida Store
📍Address|1115 E 55th St, 
Chicago, IL 60615
☎️ Phone | (312) 586-2308

downtown store
📍Address|520 N Michigan Ave Suite 421, 
Chicago, IL 60611
☎️ Phone | (312) 777-9125

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