Try 10+ kinds of rice in Asian supermarkets, the best one is…

We often see a saying in TV dramas called

"My mother, I have eaten more salt than you have eaten!"

(Replenish the drama in the deep house compound)

Every time I hear this, I get angry

Not to mention that if you eat too much salt, you will get high blood pressure, maybe you will gain weight

But Who dares to eat rice with me! !

(Note that "eating rice" must not be referred to as "eating rice" at this time)

Undoubtedly a good Chinese meal

Have plump meat and tender vegetables

But no matter what the dish is oftenA bowl of fragrant rice is indispensable


But do you really know all kinds of rice from snack to big rice?

I thought that the United States is the country of bread for breakfast, bread for lunch, bread for dinner

The shop disdains selling rice

But actually

There are not many types of rice on the shelves of various supermarkets


This time the small team took on the important task of sweeping rice again

Sweeping a shelf of rice in minutes to carry home... (Is it easy!!)

Just because I can talk to you about the Mi family from all schools and factions in the rivers and lakes today~

An assortment of rice in an asian supermarket


1| Short VS Long


"The North-South dispute" on food will never end

From glutinous rice balls and moon cakes to sweet and salty rice dumplings to spicy tofu nao...

It’s a representative food that can be debated endlessly

The same goes for rice, short rice in the north VS long rice in the south

The picture above (it’s not better than I don’t know...this is too short!)


Northern short rice 👆


Southern long rice 👆


From left to right are short rice 👉 middle rice 👉 long rice

Okay, let us interpret them one by oneThe taste, methods, and interesting stories of various types of rice


2|Short Grain Rice


Let me talk aboutShort rice~

Short rice is collectively referred to asJaponica (read jing, but academician Yuan Longping thinks it should be read as geng) m

The rice grains are all short, thick and round, referred to as the oval fat man

Don’t watch it eat lotus root...(chou)

But usually the surface is shiny, so it also has some tall names

such asCrystal rice pearl riceAnd so on



The biggest feature of rice cooked with short rice isVery sticky and soft taste

It often sticks to the spoon that serves rice, and it often clumps

So generally pinchRice ballLa rollsushiI use this kind of rice 

butShort rice has poor water absorption, so add a little less water when cooking


Peony round rice, a common type of short rice, is a familiar face in all major supermarkets

This kind of rice generally comes from the fertile black soil in Northeast China

Speaking of rice in the Northeast, there is a saying

Nanpanjin North Wuchang

It's basically the same as North Qiaofeng and South Murong in martial arts novels

Panjin RiceIt is also considered an old famous rice in the Tian Dynasty

After arriving in the United States, I bought this Fulinmen Panjin Ecological Rice

The shape of the particles is full and the taste is quite good High toughness and good taste

After being cooked, the aroma is strong and it tastes very chewy

Fulinmen Panjin Ecological Rice bought here are all vacuum packed

Every time I buy it back, it is a big long square

Although the appearance is crusty and deflated, the image is very unphotogenic

But it is very helpful to preserve the taste of rice

After removing the vacuum packaging, it looks like this 👇


Panjin rice that has been vacuum removed

The yellow-yellow-green package in the middle is Wuchang rice

Fulinmen's Panjin Rice

Wuchang RiceIt can be said that in recent years, the upstarts waiting for'Milin' have come out with their strength.

Especially before "China's tongue"After introducing this rice

In fact, it became very popular. I used to have a classmate who went back to China to find this kind of rice.

But the lucky ones are now available in T&T and other stores.



One kind of Wuchang rice is Fulinmen's Daohuaxiang

There is also a kind of northeast rice from Dadi Granary

Daohuaxiang can be regarded as the star product in Wuchang rice

The packaging is nice and there are various anti-counterfeiting marks and the like

Because the amylose content of Wuchang rice must be between 15% and 20% according to national unified standards

Previously, the Domestic Consumer Daily conducted a unified survey and listed six products that met the standard.

And the only one that is sold in this store seems to be the Fulinmen Daohuaxiang.

The comprehensive evaluation of all aspects is also quite high


The fragrance of rice flowers

The appearance is crystal clear and the head is sharp when you look closely

You can see chalky whiteness when flipped

Listen to a word of mine from a professional like this is good rice!

The taste cooked by myself is quite powerful, and the room is full of fragrance before the lid is lifted.

Another Northeast Wuchang rice is relatively not so "famous brand", but it is also a good rice limited to Wuchang

I bought it once. It is shorter and smaller than Daohuaxiang. It is probably more suitable for making rice balls than normal rice.

Although the fragrance is not so obvious when it is cooked, it is still delicious



3| Long Grain Rice


Long rice is often collectively referred to asIndica (Pronounced xian, read as shan to face the wall) rice

If short-grain rice is soil, fat and round (I hate that people are very expensive)

Long grain rice is typicalTall and thin

The transparency of long rice is lower than that of short rice

After cookingLow viscosity and clear particles

Since long rice contains more amylose

And short rice is softer than long ricehardbrittlesome

When long rice is boiled, it has a lot more water than short rice and it will swell a lot.


The representative rice of long rice isSilk Miao MiThai rice

Silk Miao MiIt is the most famous long rice grown in southern China.

The name reveals an elegant style and the route of short rice is totally different

The taste of silk seedling rice is smooth and smooth after being cooked. I like it very much.


Variety of silk rice and thai jasmine rice



If the characteristic of northeastern rice is that it is very fragrant when cooked, it is a versatile side dish

Then southern silk miao rice is more suitable for making variousFried rice risotto baked ricesuch as

Because this kind of rice can absorb water better, it can also absorb the taste of various soups very well.

Like many famous southern onesClaypot rice with lard and ricesuch as

I often use this kind of rice to make drops



Another well-known long rice is Thai fragrant rice

I think my friends are familiar with it

Its official name isJasmine Rice

The Thai language is called Hom Mali. In fact, this word is also used by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Thailand.

Only the fragrant rice that meets the standards will be awarded the Green Mark of Origin of Hom Mali

So everyone must be optimistic when buying

Thai fragrant rice has a strand that white rice does notFresh Pandanus scent(What's this smell? It's scary to have no culture)

The beige is crystal clear and the germ has no white spots

Many advantages such asLow viscosity, high swelling, high rice yield



4|Medium Grain Rice


In addition to short short meters and long long meters

There is another kind of riceMedium grain rice in between

(So ​​humans just like to be more authentic... Rice should be measured so precisely in length)

Although it sounds like there are so many incomparable types

But in fact, there are many big bags of rice sold in supermarkets

Can be classified as medium grain rice✌️

Due to the viscosity and hardness are between short and long meters

Therefore, compared with the distinctive short rice and long rice

Medium-grain rice can meet the requirements of most people who are not so picky

This one can often be bought in supermarketsPeng Lemi Is a typical medium grain rice

Penglai Mi's name comes from Taiwan

Originally Taiwan’s southern produce is basically indica rice

Penglai rice is a variety introduced from Japan and improved with northern rice.

So in Taiwan, Penglai rice is basically a synonym for japonica rice

Although the appearance and viscosity are closer to japonica rice, it is still different from the real short rice in the northeast.

So it is classified as medium grain rice


Peng Lemi


Another typical medium-grain rice is Fulinmen's long-grain incense

Although the name is "long grain", it is because this rice belongs to the Northeast rice series

But compared to the "pure" short rice mentioned above, it is considered "long grain"

So everyone can actually see these classification routines lol

Although this long-grain incense is not as well-known as the northeast short rice mentioned earlier, it is consideredBrand-name high-quality products

After all, it was also planted on the northeast land of the famous grain producing area in our celestial dynasty.

Compared with Penglai Rice This should be more suitable for students who are used to eating northern riceOh ~


Fortune's long-grain incense


5| Non-white rice


Next we are going to talk about the less white rice

dala~ that isPurple rice, black rice and miscellaneous grain rice

Chinese medicine says that black rice can nourish yin, nourish the kidney, invigorate the spleen, warm the liver, replenish the spleen and stomach, replenish qi and activate blood

In recent years, black rice is indispensable for mothers’ confinement meals after giving birth.


The black rice available in the market here is generally imported from China.

We picked this bag of black rice from the granary of the earth

Compared with most other black rices, it has a cool attribute

It’s not cooking and processing so that it can keep the rice fresh

More importantlyMaximum preservation of black rice's unique nutrients

But because of this, the black rice before cookingIt is best to soak for several hours

Otherwise, it’s easy to cook, and it’s easy to be uncomfortable after eating.

In addition to cooking Black rice porridge Or mixed with other ingredientsEight Treasure Congee

It's also a very common delicious recipe

There is also a special kind of black riceThai black glutinous rice

Many other packaging also call itThai Purple Rice

The nutritional value and ingredients are very similar to ordinary black rice

But because it tastesWaxy and soft Generally speaking, there is less chance of making rice

But used to doVarious dessertsIt's excellent

(I almost succeeded in making Thai snacks for everyone with Rice King’s black glutinous rice.)



Multigrain rice (It is whole grain rice)

It means that only the husk outside the whole grains is removed during processing

Keep all the important components and natural nutrients of grain seeds

Finally, it is completely integrated into a grain product of rice grains

(cough cough ~ excerpted from Baidu Encyclopedia)

So students who want to eat whole grains at once don’t have to buy anything else

onIt's convenient and healthy to eat multigrain rice

Andbrown riceIt refers to the caryopsis after the rice husk is removed from the outer protective cortex

The texture is coarser and it takes more time to cook tightly

But the good news isSignificant weight loss!


The "selected brown rice" on the right sounds very powerful, right?


Compared with ordinary refined white rice

Brown rice and multigrain rice are richer in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber

Regarded as a green healthy food

<<< To summarize:

     The rice that I often eat is evaluated here~

     In terms of personal taste, I'm rightNortheast short rice is slightly more preferred

     After all, Panjin and Wuchang rice are famous

     And there is a guarantee of origin

     There is still a big relationship between the origin of rice and the quality assurance

     Serious Chinese rice is still more fragrant!


Although rice is delicious, don't be greedy

Balance is the most important

Image source unsplash@mggbox

* This article is an original article on food,
It only represents the food-food position and does not involve any commercial interests.
For transmission and reference purposes only.Does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.

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