The greater Seattle area has a chance to see the aurora this week!

Missed the meteor shower in the summer, the team leader discovered today that Monday 11pm-Tuesday 2am is the peak of the aurora seen in Washington this year!

Except for Monday night and Tuesday night,NewsNoticeThere will be a chance to see the aurora this evening.

*Actually, Seattle has the opportunity to see a faint aurora every year, but it is very faint visible to the naked eye, and it still needs a long camera exposure to capture it.When you go out to chase the aurora, remember to be mentally prepared. Don't think you will see the sky very green, and you may not be able to see the particularly bright aurora in Alaska.

The weather is sunny this week, and the forecast says it should be visible along the Puget Sound, especially if you click to see the larger picture, in this area between the green and blue lines, Washington State is sitting on the KP line this time. At night this week, friends can find a place with less light pollution to join in the excitement of the aurora.

Not only did I have the opportunity to see the aurora this week, the temperature was also extremely high, and there was a chance to break through 80 degrees. In the previous 75 years, it only appeared 7 times. The long clothes and trousers I just took out have to be put off again. Up.

Although the weather in October makes people happy, but generally the hotter summer will follow the colder and wetter winter. Please enjoy the sunshine this week, and cherish it~

Written | Captain


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