I don’t like salad because you didn’t choose the right one?! Unlock the universal formula for green leafy vegetables and salad dressing in American supermarkets

I used to be a carnivorous star
Salad is cold like eating grass, I don’t like it
However, after coming to the United States, I really felt the charm of salad
Less oil, healthy nutrition, become my first choice in summer
It's a little bit late to see each other~~

Today I will show you how to open the salad

Green leafy vegetables

This must be a saladThe most indispensableThere are actually many choices of dishes, and different dishes will be provided.Different flavors, To introduce you to several more common leafy vegetables.


There are many categories of lettuce, such asBall lettuce, romaine lettuceWait, but the texture and taste are relatively close, bothCrunchy and sweetIs in my mindFirst placeSalad dishes.Basically, it is delicious with anything and any sauce, and it is high in vitamins.


SpinachVery tender, It’s easier to wilt, so you can’t buy too much at a time.Spinach goes well with most sauces, add some to the saladGreaseOf, such ascheeseIn the first category, the effect will be better.


It doesn't taste much,Heavy on taste, Suitable for increasing the texture of salad.It goes well with garden salad dressing.


I have received many "star vegetables" sought after by fitness bloggers, which are very nutritious.But the taste is firmer and rougher.Vinegar will have a miraculous chemical reaction with kale, which will make its leaves softer, generallyWith balsamic vinaigretteeat.


Arugula comes with a veryStrong taste, Good or not, the polarization is more serious.People who like it all like the taste of arugula, so it is not advisable to add other things that have a prominent taste.Generally match someNuts and VinaigretteIt tastes best when eaten together.


There is a faintPeppery,it suits wellRelieve greasyIt goes well with fatty salads or mayonnaise-based salad dressings.


It has a bitter taste, especiallyGreasy, All those with meat added, or those with a thicker salad dressing are very suitable.


Salad dressing

Salad dressing is for the whole salad灵魂.Give you a few comparisons of popular scienceCommon salad dressings, And a suitable match.
Ranch Dressing

Is AmericaMost popularOne of the salad dressings, mainly made of cheese, mayonnaise, garlic and onion.Relative tastemellow,HaveCreamy fragrance, Suitable for light and oily salads, such as pure vegetable salads.Like beef, bacon and other high-fat, they are not particularly suitable for pastoral salad dressing, and will make the whole taste too greasy.
Caesar Dressing

Caesar salad is a common dish in various restaurants, and the most basic version only has lettuce and croutons.Because the Caesar salad dressing is alsoUse mayonnaise as the baseYes, mustard, black pepper, garlic, fish sauce, etc. are added, so it is generally used to matchLight salad.Taste better than garden salad dressingA little lighter, Chicken breast or low-fat seafood such as shrimp can be added to the salad.

The simplest vinaigrette is composed of three parts of oil and one part of vinegar. Different styles of vinaigrette will be flavored with honey, whiskey, spices and the like.Different brands of vinaigretteTaste gapWill also compareL, If you have a special taste you like, you can also make it at home.Vinaigrette has relatively low calories,Relatively healthy.
Thousand Island Dressing

It is also a mayonnaise-based salad dressing, with ketchup and lemon juice added to it, which tastes sweet and sour and refreshing.It is also suitable for some vegetable-based ones.

There are really too many types of salad dressings. The above are just a few of the more common salad dressings on the market.Calories are generally higher.If you are pursuing low-fat, there are actually a lot of sauces.Homemade, There are many on the Internet, and those who are interested can explore it by themselves.


Free choice

Of course, delicious salads can’t only consist of vegetables and salad dressings. The following three categories are fine.According to your own preferences and needsAdding it will add to the layering and flavor of the salad.


For example, beef, chicken breast, bacon, seafood, mushrooms, and tofu are all high-quality proteins.If you only eat salad, it’s best to add some protein so thatNot hungry easily.Beef and bacon have their own strong aroma and can become the backbone of the salad. Other things are just a foil, the bestDon't grab the taste.

The others are relatively light and will rely more on the seasoning of the salad dressing.In short raw materialsHigh fat, Try to chooseLight sauce;Fresh raw materials, You can chooseMore flavored sauce.

Carbon water

Carbon water can provide energy for a short time, and you will feel satisfied immediately after eating.Feel fullIf you do, you have to rely on carbon water.Soba.Quinoa.brown rice.pumpkinThey are all good choices, healthy, low-calorie, and full.I wrote an article about cereals before, and there are a lot of them that can be added to salads and combinations. If you are interested, you can go to the "Weight loss artifact before summer | American supermarket 10+ healthy cereal inventory"


Generally used for saladsIncrease taste, Can also enrich nutrition.Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, etc. are very good, you can add them according to personal preference.

Have you learned how to mix salads?
What else do I want to know,OkStay in the comment area
We will give everyone one by one popular science

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