Limited sale! This super-net celebrity Japanese Soufflé store in Metro Vancouver has a new flavor! It's so delicious, only 6 copies are sold each time!

Girls' love of desserts

Enough to spare a stomach for dessert

For nice desserts

There is no resistance

The chubby and tall Soufflé

It is a shot aimed at the heart of the dessert party

Blindly guess that no one can refuse this soft little cake

Gram Soufflé wind blows from Japan to Vancouver soon

The most classic three-layer stacking shape

The softest and most delicate soufflé

How much is in the hearts of Wen people

pancake ceiling

The new "Black Fatty" has only recently appeared

Came back with his classic look

Familiar shape, unfamiliar formula

Success caught my attention

Chocolate Souffle


Soufflé is really a delicate dessert, yes

Every order is made and eaten

Have to wait up to 30 minutes

But he deserves

Warm pancake just off the fire

Still retains the most fluffy state

Take one bite, all the fluffy "cells"

Disintegrate instantly in your mouth

Slowly melt away

If marshmallows are described as clouds

So Fulei is softer than clouds

Soft, soft, sweet

And the cocoa scent of chocolate

To be soft and stylish

The master’s skills are very particular

Turn it over lightly

Time must be accurate

In addition to technical requirements

In pursuit of a more perfect and soft texture

Even the flour needs to be processed in a Japanese factory

hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Cold weather, Brunch, Soufflé

Any factor is related to a cup of hot chocolate

Very good match

The exquisiteness of this cup

Don't lose to Shu Fulei

The raw materials are from good brands

Sweet attitude chocolate powder

JJ beans imported hot chocolate and coffee

Original milk

Make this cup of milk taste strong

Chocolate hot chocolate

The sweet taste goes well with pancake



The pancake version of tiramisu is really super nice

The thickness of pancake

Let the dessert have a thick feeling

Eat traditional tiramisu

I always think the biscuits are too soft

A layer of pancake and a layer of custard

Sprinkle on every layer

Thick chocolate powder

The slightly bitter coffee smell is hidden deep

Faintly looming

custard tastes very sweet

But it won’t overpower other flavors

Each through the taste complements each other just right

Avocado salmon pancake

Avocado Salmond Pancake

The salty pancake is also a good brunch choice

Avocado and salmon

Freshness visible to the naked eye

The collision of colors instantly attracts the eye

Salmon meat is marinated

Put it with the sweet pancake

A new balance of taste

The delicate texture of the avocado adorns it

Shuttle back and forth between salmon and pancake

The taste is better integrated

Banana Chocolate French Toast

Banana Chocolate French Toast

French toast is well grilled and really delicious

Thick bread with crispy edges

The torn inside is very soft

Ice cream on freshly baked toast

Slowly melt

Before the ice cream melts

Fork a piece of bread and serve with ice cream

FeelingSoft and warm bread

Collision sweet and delicious ice cream

Berry French Toast

Mixed Berries French Toast

This face value and color

People can't help but take a billion more photos of him

Take the beauty crit together

Toast is still soft

Strawberries and blueberries are also in the sweet cream and ice cream

Embellished with some sweet and sour taste

Powdered sugarNot a vase

Has its meaning

On the basis of all flavors

Adds more flavor and taste

Chocolate Souffle


Sandwich Souffle is the top order during the epidemic

The chocolate-flavored custard filling is thickly squeezed into the soufflé

Even so Shu Fulei looks unambiguous

Still standing the round and tall cylindrical elephant

The taste of chocolate is not strong

The custard is not greasy

The faint taste will not be too rush

Creamy taste is silky and delicate

Souffle fragrant and soft

High-class and exquisite taste

The event on the poster has started!

Check-in friends

Pay attention to the supply time of chocolate souffle!

Service time 12pm, 2pm, 4pm every day

Only 6 orders per time period! ! !

If you buy it, you earn it! ! !

If you want chocolate flavor, you must pinch some!


Address: 4151 Hazelbridge Way Unit1360, Richmond, BC V6X 0A4

Phone: 604-370-1217

Business hours:

Mon-Fri: 11am-6pm

Sat-Sun: 12pm-7pm     

Tue: close

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