Sweet water tangerines, seedless small watermelons, three-color dumplings, good quality potato chips...LA will arrange everything from fruits and vegetables to snacks and seafood for you this spring!

The weather is getting warmer,

The tree also quietly appeared tender green shoots.

Spring came quietly.

The epidemic has been going on for a year unknowingly,

We who prevent the epidemic at home,

Can't help but want to get out of the house,

Stepping into this gradually rich greenery,

Feel this oncoming spring.

(Uwe Conrad on Unsplash)

Weee also brought youSpring spree :  

Spring fruits and vegetables88 off.

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Bring spring to your home.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Tender milk green, covered with crystal clear water drops;

Take a bite with a click, cool and crispy, refreshing and juicy,

With a little salty taste;

Yes, you guessed it right, yesIced vegetables!

Crisp and cold, crystal clear, like jasper,

This is the taste of spring!

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In addition to the crispy and refreshing iced vegetables, there are also green onesFresh amaranth seedlings, Fresh and delicious; tenderFresh chicken, Exuding bursts of fragrance;

Cherries are like red and tender radishes; colorful carrots; more chopped mustard greens fillings, which can be used to wrap a plate of delicious wontons!

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In addition to green vegetables, sweet and juicy fruits are also a must-try "spring taste"!

Directly sourced from California farmsSweet water tangerine, Was an attractive'Hermes Orange'.The pulp is rich in juice, slightly crispy, sweet and sour, like the taste of first love.

Extra 88% off on fruits and vegetables!

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Seedless mini watermelon, Red, dig a bite, the sweet juice fills the mouth and flows into the throat.It's a mini size, and one person can just hold it and eat it.

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There are also fresh large blackberries, all plump like obsidian, one bite at a time, sweet and delicious.

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Speaking of the spring when everything is resurrected, I think of the annual spring outing when we go to school.

I remember that I always had to carry a bag full of snacks: potato chips, candy, bread, milk tea... I went to the park to find a green lawn and sat with my friends, eating and enjoying the joy of the spring breeze. .

(Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash)

The favorite brand at the time was Shanghaojia:

Potato chips, corn sticks, onion rings...

My schoolbag has been filled with good support.

(Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash)

Now you can buy it in WeeeShanghaojia series productsLa!

Sent home full of childhood memories.

Crisp and classic original flavor, sweet and sour tomato flavor

The curious mustard flavor on top, and the sweet and spicy flavor... www.sayweee.com Can buy it!

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Vegetables, fruits, and snacks are available, but there is a lack of a spring meal!

(Spencer Davis on Unsplash)

Milkfish maw, which is plump and tender, has a unique flavor, and is called'milk fish'.Put it in the frying pan and fry it, and the aroma will come out.The fish bones are also taken care of, so you can taste the tenderness and sweetness of the fish more assuredly.

Squid skewers are necessary for barbecue. Whole squid is used. The taste is fresh and tender. It is suitable for grilling, deep-frying or oven.

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(Https://www.sohu.com/a/234142285_100102093 Reviews Xiansen)

The Japanese oden-boiled material packs not only have fresh and tender meatballs, but also glutinous blessing bags.Watching the ingredients gurgling and tumbling in the pot, smelling the attractive fragrance, this is the taste of happiness.

(Https://www.zhihu.com/question/21556784 Penguin Eating and Drinking Guide)

Finally, a few skewered Shirakiku three-color dumplings, milk green + beige + cherry blossom powder, are very lovable.The taste is soft and waxy, with a slight sweetness accompanied by the fragrance of rice.

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What do you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?Don't worry!

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Cheap spike

Don’t forget, there are 5 other items,Shocking, value-for-money, low-price spike!

Crispy and delicious small walnut kernels,

 I have a few lonely mouths, crunchy and sweet and nourishing the brain

Lotus Peak Small Walnut Kernel

$9.99 $6.99 30% off 

Taiwanese cabbage buns with thin skin and big filling, bursting with juice in one bite

Fresh Taiwanese Vegetable Meat Buns 

$4.29 $3.49 19% off 

A crisp taste with a special and charming aroma of Brussels sprouts

Organic Brussels Sprouts

$3.59 $2.99 17% off

The flesh is firm and the color is white,

Take a bite of the fragrant Greenland Cod

Greenland Cod

$11.99 $8.99 25% off

Finally, there is Musang King, the king of durian, with delicate flesh, rich milky aroma, and light sweetness, which melts in the mouth.

Musang King Frozen Durian Meat

$32.99 $22.99 30% off

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