Mass shooting in LA Chinese district!Suspected jealous husband crazy revenge (with live photos and videos)

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department,A gunman opened fire at a Monterey Park dance hall Saturday night, killing 10 people and wounding at least 10 others.



(The picture is provided by this informant)

Sheriff Capt. Andrew Meyer told reporters Sunday morning that the mass shooting occurred around 10:22 p.m. in the 100 block of West Garvey Avenue,It was one of the deadliest shootings in recent memory in California.



The owner of the dance hall is said to be from Guangzhou

Suspected jealous husband crazy revenge

Police have little information on the suspect: male, still at large.The motive was unknown, and there was no description of the shooter.


But according to the news from the local WeChat group, the shooting may have been committed by a jealous Chinese:



Similar shootings occurred in neighboring areas

"When the police arrived, they saw a lot of people, customers ... screaming and pouring out of the scene. Officers entered the ballroom and found more victims," ​​Meyer said.


Meyer said firefighters pronounced the 10 victims dead at the scene.At least 10 others were taken to various local hospitals, some in stable condition and some in critical condition.



Investigators don't know if the victim was the target, Meyer said.He said it was too early to tell whether the shooting was a hate crime."We look at it from all angles," Meyer said.


Meyer said he learned that,There was also a shooting in Alhambra, a neighboring suburb north of Monterey Park, and "we have investigators on the scene trying to determine if there is a connection between the two incidents."


Semi-automatic long gun, firing indiscriminately

Seung Won Choi, who owns a seafood grill across the street from where the shooting took place, said three men stormed his restaurant and made him lock the door.


They said a man was in the area with a semi-automatic gun.They said the shooter had multiple rounds, so he reloaded once he ran out of ammo.


Huang Wei, who lives nearby, said his friend went to the dance hall with some of her friends that night.His friend was in the bathroom when the shooting started.


Huang said that when she came out, she saw a gunman and three bodies -- two women and a club owner.Huang Wei said his friend fled to his home around 11 p.m.


His friend told him the shooter was holding a long gun and appeared to be firing indiscriminately.


"They didn't know why, so they ran," he said.


Asian community in panic


The shooting happened near the site of Chinese New Year celebrations.Thousands of people gathered on Saturday to kick off the two-day festival, one of the largest Lunar New Year events in the region.


Earlier in the day, people were enjoying kebabs and buying Chinese food and jewelry.Saturday's New Year's celebration is scheduled from 10am to 9pm.


John, 27, who declined to give his last name, lives near the scene of the shooting.He got home around 10pm.He said about 4 or 5 shots were heard.Then he heard the sound of a police patrol car racing down the street.He went downstairs around 11pm to find out.


"My first concern is those who are celebrating Chinese New Year," he said.He went to the scene of the shooting and saw a person being put on a stretcher.Another had a bandage on his arm.


(Source: AP)

Video on social media showed police and fire brigades flooding a dance hall on Garvey Avenue and treating victims.The injured were taken to various hospitals in the area.


The violence left many in the area stunned.


Delivery dispatcher Edwin Chen, 47, rushed from Woodland Hills to Monterey Park around 12:30 a.m. when he heard the news.Chen grew up in the area, and he said a dozen of his relatives and friends live there.


He said he was saddened by what happened as the community celebrated Chinese New Year.


"It's supposed to be a happy time," he said. "I want to learn as much as possible about the situation. It's still shocking."


"Our hearts go out to the people who lost loved ones tonight, where a mass shooting just occurred," tweeted Los Angeles Executive Kenneth Mejia, the first person to serve in the city. Asian Americans in municipal positions.


Lunar New Year celebrations forced to cancel


Located in the San Gabriel Valley, Monterey Park has a population of 61000 with a majority Asian American population.The suburb, east of Los Angeles, is 65 percent Asian American, 27 percent Latino and 6 percent white, according to census data.


Monterey Park is one of the main suburbs of the San Gabriel Valley, with many supermarkets and restaurants run by Asian Americans.


The two-day Lunar New Year festival in Monterey Park was originally scheduled to end on Sunday.But Sunday's event was canceled "out of an abundance of caution and out of respect for the victims," ​​said Monterey Park Police Chief Scott Wiese.


Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Homicide Detectives at (323) 890-5500.Reports may also be made anonymously at (800) 222-8477.



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