New this week!Riqing Liangyue Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea / Ovaltine Beef Zha Qiao Crisp / Toffee Cashew Crisp Candy / Qingze Salted Egg Yolk Nougat, let the treasure island snacks fill your watch time!

The store is new! ! !

The new afternoon tea mix is ​​here:

Sunright Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea

Tangpuzi Toffee Cashew Sugar Salted Egg Yolk

Tangpu Ovaltin Malt Beef Tart Cake – Chocolate Flavor

Tangpuzi Ovaltine Malt Beef Tart Cake – Milk Flavor

Taitung Ching Chak Salted Egg Yolk Nougat


All kinds of snacks from Taiwan brought by the commissary this time







You can't stop at all!





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Sunright Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea

California friends should be rightRiqing LiangyueVery familiar
Especially in Southern California, they are already a well-known milk tea brand~
The founders are a few local young people in California
Uphold and carry forwardTraditional Taiwanese Tea ArtThe idea
It has been improved according to the taste of young people

I want to recommend the canteen this time
They produced itBrown Sugar Boba Milk Tea~

Same as in the shop
Tea is optionalHigh-end black tea produced in Taiwan
Ground into powder and vacuum packed

In the box there will beMilk tea bag, brown sugar bag, and brown sugar pearl
Brown sugar pearls individually packaged
promiseThe taste of Q bombs!
Let you drink the taste of the store at home~

The fairies can also add Oreos, milk caps, etc. by themselves
Please use your creativity~
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Tangpuzi Toffee Cashew Sugar Salted Egg Yolk

Here is a grand introduction to everyone
Is a brand from TaiwanTangpuzi
Taiwan has always been famous for snacks like egg yolk crisps and sun cakes
Tangpu's nougat and shortbread
It has been very popular in Taiwan too!

The toffee cashew candy is one of the most popular snacks in Tangpu.

Not as sweet as traditional toffee 

Cashew nuts are added to increase the richness of the taste

Freshly made butterscotch, and rich salted egg yolk taste

All are crispy and crispy!


On the material Tangpu chooses the best cream and cashews
From JapanTrehalose
And authenticSalted Egg Yolk Powder
In order to give your taste buds awe-inspiring~
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Tangpu Ovaltin Malt Beef Tart Cake – Chocolate Flavor

Also from Tangpuzi
They are the Ovaltine Malt BeefMost popular productsone!
It is a joint product of Tangpuzi and Ovaltine

Swiss classic malt and egg whites are mixed evenly

Then blend in Ovaltine Chocolate Essence

Biscuit core with speed dating

The overall level is super rich!

Fairies who like to eat chocolate pay attention~

ThisChocolate aroma is particularly strong

Then there will be the taste of the classic Ovaltine drink



After eating the whole thing, I feel

It’s the texture of the Q-bomb in the crisp,Not very sticky

I unknowingly ate another pack when I was following variety show...

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Tangpuzi Ovaltine Malt Beef Tart Cake – Milk Flavor


If there is a fairy who likes a stronger taste

The commissary also brings youMilk-flavored beef tart cakeOh

Is the appearance even higher!


Similarly, the water malt and egg whites are mixed evenly

Then blend into Ovaltine Chocolate Malt Refining

It’s just that this time it’s wrappedNougat coating with rich milk flavor

It is like drinking a sip of fragrant milk in your mouth!

and,Looks so highNiu Zha Qiao Su

Make your own brown sugar boba milk tea

Is it specialSuitable for entertaining friends?

I can also do the elegant English afternoon tea during the epidemic!


👇Poke the two-dimensional code, just milk-flavored malt beef sticks cakes👇

Taitung Ching Chak Salted Egg Yolk Nougat

Finally I want to recommend to everyone

It's the salted egg yolk nougat from Qingze, Taitung~

This is also the old internet celebrity of our commissary


On all major platforms,Everyone is full of praise

The taste is super delicate!

Use isSelected local salted egg yolk in Taiwan,

assimilate intoMilky NougatInside~


Thick sandwich in the middle

Milky aroma and salted egg yolk aroma intertwined

The crispness of the biscuits makes each cookie not too greasy



And it’s a small independent package

Pack one or two in your bag during class and work

Crying next door!

It is also a fairy snack when climbing mountains and outdoors~

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