The most complete entry-level popular science!An understanding of baking ingredients in North American supermarkets!

Watching other people’s epidemics at home, making cakes and desserts
I also have oneGet excitedheart of
But in the supermarketAssortmentProducts that make peopleDizzy.
There are three, four, five or six kinds of flour alone, which is really a bit persuasive
I made up my mind,
Understand these complex types,
One article tells you the baking ingredients
What's the difference?How to choose?
Cake/low gluten flour
This tendon refers to the gluten degree of flour, which can also be understood as elasticity.
The lower the gluten, the lower the protein content.
Generally used to makeCakes, cookies, pastriesetc.
This category does not require any flexible snacks.
All purpose flour
Called in American supermarkets"All-purpose flour".
Can do basically everything,
You can use it to make cakes.
Yachao generally has all-purpose flour without special label.
Used to doSteamed buns, dumplings, steamed bunsAnything is fine.
Bread flour
High flexibility and high degree of extension, Can wrap more bubbles,
Suitable to doBread, pizza, fritters, puffs, And pastry.
Self-raising flour

Self-raising flour is actually all-purpose flourBaking powder added.
Some have added salt,
Can be used to make pizza base,
But making steamed buns and buns is often easy to roll over.
It is safer to use all-purpose flour and yeast yourself.
Novices are not too recommended to buySelf-raising flour.
Whole wheat flour

Used to make whole wheat bread,
Or whatever you want to make whole wheat,Just use this powder.
Whole grains are healthier, butCoarse taste.
If you must buy it, be prepared!
Baking soda

This is among these four starters,The worst effect,
And if you add too much, it will have a strong alkali taste.
If there is an alternative, you don't need to choose baking soda.
Baking powder
It can be understood as an advanced version of baking soda,
It’s made of baking soda plus acidic materials and other materials.
The hairy effect is good, and it is not limited by temperature and humidity.
But the disadvantage is chemical synthesis,Pregnant women and children eat as little as possible.

Yeast isNatural microorganisms, Very healthy,
The starting effect is also very good,
doBread bunsAre the most suitable,
But there are requirements for temperature,
If the room temperature is low, the desired effect may not be achieved.
Cream of Tartar
belongFood additive.
It is very common abroad, but relatively few in China.
Itself is acidic,
Can neutralize the alkali flavor in desserts
(Large amount of proteinEverything is prone to alkaline smell),
The bulging effect is also better.
ButNot too good for the body, Try not to use it at home.
White/granulated sugar
Coarse sugar and fine sugar fall into the category of white sugar.
Baking advice everyoneJust choose fine sugar.
Basically suitable for every kind of baked food.
Coarse sugar is easily grainy when used in baking.
Only in someOuter skinFor example, the outer layer of the butterfly cake is coarse sugar.
Powdered/ confectioner sugar

It is made up of white sugar into a very fine powder and added some starch.
Sweetness is lower than white sugar, Used for frosting biscuits, butter cream
Although it is made of sugar,
But the general recipes specifically specify powdered sugar,
BeCan't use sugar insteadof.
Corn syrup
most commonLiquid sweetener.
For making jam,
The latter is suitable for other moist desserts,
Strong sweetness but not high calories.
But veryEasy to spoil, Preheating will brown.
Vanila extra
This is not actually a sweetener,
It is dispensable in function.
But the taste will play a finishing touch,
Belongs to many western dessertsessentials.
Especially ice cream and pudding.
Cream cheese
The most commoncheesecake.
Basque cakeThey are all made with cream cheese.
Soft texture,
Can alsoWipe directlyOnbagelOn, eat on bread.
Personally feel a bit too tired, but Lao Mei loves this way of eating.
Whipping cream
Whipped cream can be understood asThe most common cream.
Whipped cream is used to spread the cakes and decorate the flowers.
There are many different uses for different levels of dismissal.
Heavy cream
Bidan whipped creamHeavier.More scent.
It is also easier to maintain a fixed shape after being sent.
But the fat content is higher,
Otherwise, it is the same as whipped cream.
Whipped cream
If you see it is in a bottle,
MostlyWhipped cream.
Will send out when squeezed"Ziz"the sound of.
Usually when I go to Starbucks, this is the top of the coffee.
Muffins, waffles and the like can also be squeezed on this.You can eat it directly.
Half&half light cream
These two are basically the same,
The fat content is relatively low,
Hard to pass.
half&halfRefers to half of whole milk and half of cream.
Generally used incoffeein,
OrCreamy Mushroom SoupSomething like that is fine too.
Salted butter salted butter unsalted butter
The difference between the two is basically the difference between salt and no salt.
Use unsalted butter in dessert baking.
ifSalted butter can be used for cooking.
A small amount of salted butter can also be used in desserts,
Because a small amount of salt will make the sweet taste sweeter,
But if you don't know the amount, just use unsalted butter.
Low fat butter

The essence of butter is fat,
Low-fat butter is a part of artificial mixture instead of part of fat,
To achieve the same taste.
It can be used when spreading on bread or frying steak.
ButTry not to use it during baking.
Sometimes the fat content is not up to the level, it will overturn.
Shortening is solid and is a special oil for baking.
As the name suggests, it is used for crisping,
LikeCroissants, Or some veryCrispy Pie Crust.
They are all made with shortening.
Gelatin powder/sheets
Both of these are coagulants,
Generally used to doJelly, mousse cake.
Desserts that do not need to be baked.
There is no essential difference between the two.
Only the shape is different, one is powder and the other is film.
The conversion ratio of the two materials is:
1Grams of gelatin tablets are approximately equal to0.75Gelatin powder.
Gelatine tablets need to be soaked before trial.
The steps are relatively complicated.I recommend everyone to buy gelatin powder.
 Will you?
Next time I go to the supermarket, I won’t be dizzy again
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