This Houston milk tea can add topping for free? !Realize the freedom of milk tea and salted chicken and have exclusive discounts!


To say that Houston lacks the most,

It must be a milk tea shop.

But you can add topping milk tea shop for free,

Really only this one.

Twinkle Tea Shop Iceland,

help you achievefree milk tea!

remember to see the end.

There's also a foodie squad.Pet WelfareOh! 🎁

Iceland is located in ChinatownDing Ho Plaza,

Ample parking in the square

Although the store is not big,

But cleaned upclean and bright.

There are also seats for everyone to dine in~


All kinds of topping are available,

Fully adoptedSelf-helpform,

Buy any drink

Choose your favorite topping freely.

As long as it does not exceed the tick mark on the cup,

No extra chargeOh ~


Raw Coconut Latte

Captain, try it first

The joy of adding topping by yourself

add a tablespoonCoffee Jelly

add a tablespoonBoba

Then put the cup filled with small ingredients

Give it to the clerk and wait for a while

I got a great cupRaw Coconut Latte!

Thickcoconut milkwith mellowcoffee.

Coupled with the boba of sweet Q bombs,

I declare that this cup is number one in my heart!


Japanese roasted milk tea

In addition to free topping in the store,

The most recommended is the menuTeapressoseries!

All done with this big machine in the shop,

Each serving of tea is only madeA cupMilk tea,

AllDo it now, the tea aroma is strong.


The process of tea extraction is very similar to the steps of making espresso in a normal coffee shop.

What can be made is fragrant tea,

so uniqueTeapresso.

It should be the only family in Huotun! !

looks so healed~

The team leader ordered a cup of Japanese roasted milk tea this time.

hojichaunique flavor,

With rich creamy flavor,

It's definitely a cup of milk tea that blind spots can't go wrong with!

Recommended for those who like a rich and mellow taste~


Super Fruit Tea

This cup of fruit is too satisfying!

The top is filled with fruit granules,

There are watermelon 🍉 mango 🥭 pineapple 🍍,

Passion fruit pulp is also added to the tea.

You can chew passion fruit seeds.

The drink itself isFresh Orange Juiceadd black tea,

The clerk put the cut oranges on the machine,

As long as you press it lightly, the yellow juice will be squeezed out.

It tastes fruity, refreshing and refreshing!

This strong tropical fruit flavor is most suitable for the spring that has arrived~


Taro puree

Who doesn't love taro smoothie!

This cup is forreal tarosmoothie,

The top is also filled with large pieces of taro.

Take a bite, taroSoft wax.

SmoothiesDense, rich milky aroma,

The taste and flavor are super rich.

Drink this cup and you will definitely be full~



Another super refreshing cup~

Green tea + strawberry raspberry juice,

additionally addedButterfly Bean Flower.

added a faintFloral.

MatchLemon slices.

Another layer of taste~


Cheese Berry Raspberry

This cup is a super surprise!

Not only does it look great, it tastes great too.

Strawberry PlumMilkshake with cheese topping,

It's like a drinkStrawberry Cream Ice Cream!

But in summer, you must drink it quickly.

Smoothies melt super fast.


Salted Chicken

What a surprise!

Salted crispy chicken in a milk tea shop

Can it be so delicious? !

freshly fried chickenFresh and juicy.

The coating of the outer skin is very thin.

Used for seasoningBasilfried together,

Moderate salty, full of aroma

Small pieces of chicken ensureEvery biteCan taste.


Twisted French Fries

super cute curly fries,

outside the palateCrispy inside ofSoft!

It may be because it belongs to the well-done French fries that are fried.

Even if it cools downvery crisp!

MatchExcellent tomato sauce~


In conclusion,

Iceland is not only delicious milk tea, but also great snacks!

It is definitely a good choice when you are craving for afternoon tea.

Most recommendedTeapresso.

Freshly extracted tea tastes really good!

Fruit tea series are all usedFresh Orange Juice.

It's also worth trying~

Salted ChickenIt is a must when entering the store!

Absolutely don't miss it~

Exclusive benefits 🎁

Finally, send the exclusive fan benefits of the food team 🎁

When ordering in the store,

Show this article toBuy three get one freeOh!

Hurry up and call your friends to check in together~


Join now, create a member-only account, and enjoy 10% cash back on every purchase.Cashback can be used at any time without rounding up.




Store information card


🏠 Store name

Twinkle Tea Shop Iceland

(I.e. Address

9188 G Bellaire Blvd,

Houston, TX 77036

️ ️ 电话

+713 995 7277

Business Hour

Mon-Sun 11:00-21:00



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