How do you live in the sweltering weather in New York? New couples spend $35 off $20! Refreshing vitality forest, appetizing grapefruit honey, huge blueberries to accompany you

When Father’s Day meets 618 E-commerce Day,

What kind of sparks will it produce?

of courseGift + scalloped woolLa!

As my dad’s intimate little padded jacket,How can you not prepare a big surprise for Father's Day?
Dad is happy and I am also happy, and I can also gather wool from merchants,
SuchDouble happinessHow can I miss it?
Weee! There are some popular Internet celebrity products,
Fresh fruit,
Double section wool low price zone,
MoreNewcomer🈵️35➖20 discount!
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Let's take a look
How to gather the happy wool of double knots?

Internet celebrity hot section
????Rainier Yellow Cherry🍒

The most famous from Washington StateRainier Yellow CherryIt is also the top cherries exported to Japan.
This kind of cherry is actually the most delicate and difficult to plant. It is sensitive to wind and rain and temperature. The thin red and yellow peels are easy to be injured. The orchard has to fight with the birds. We can basically say that we basically It is considered to have taken food in the beak. But it also proves that it is indeed delicious from the side.
Compared to dark cherries,Rainier cherry is sweeter and creamier, Not only the darling of the Seattle people in the summer, but also widely popular all over the world!
It is said that Japan's single Rainier cherry can be soldOne dollar. It also has an extremely beautiful nickname:Champagne in cherries.
Rainier cherries are now on the market. It is the most fresh and sweet time. The flesh is rich and the sweetness is just right. Eating, making fruit wine, and decorating desserts are all delicious.In the picture, they are all export-grade Rainier cherries~
⬇️Long press to buy, buy, buy

I can't grab it slowly
(I.e.Net Red Shoukang Peach🍑

Net celebrity Shoukang Peach is definitely the number one player on the must-buy list~
It’s also Weee! Super popular fruit,
Hidden the sweetest taste of summer!
Select high-quality Shoukang farms
The best quality peaches exported to Japan
The sweetness is as high as 16-17, sweet and juicy~
You can smell the sweet and fruity fragrance just by holding it in your hand!
Weee! After layers of selection
Strictly control single fruit size and sugar content
Only select high-quality fruits that can meet the standard.
The tender flesh is full and tender,
When you press and squeeze your tongue, it turns into sweet peach juice~
⬇️Long press the QR code to buy, buy, buy

🍪Jenny Cookies🍪

Jenny cookieLog in to Weee!This is a must-have souvenir every time you go to Hong Kong, and you can eat it in the United States now!No need to line up, it will be too fragrant to be delivered to your door!
(Picture from Weee! Posting list)
A heavy box, you can smell the butter when you open the lid!It's like walking into a French Bakery~ The biscuits are crispy and melted as soon as you sip, and the mouth is full of creamy butter flavor!
(Picture from Weee! Posting list)
Coffee flavor is based on milk flavorLayered with a mellow coffee bean aroma,You won’t get tired of eating half a box at a time!
⬇️Long press to buy, buy, buy

🍰Target Shizuoka Fresh Milk Taro Melaleuca Cake🍰
(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

Target Shizuoka Fresh Milk Taro Melaleuca Cake——Taro, rock fried egg crust and fresh cream are combined in a cake. After thawing, the taste is smooth and dense, and the milk is rich. If you eat it without thawing, it is like eating a taro milk ice cream.

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Novice and buy area
🍉Seedless little watermelon🍉

Fresh seedless mini watermelon, One person is just right.Don't look at the watermelon's small size, but it has a thin skin~ it's all red flesh when cut open.This melon is well-ripe, and the flesh is soft and suppleYes, the taste is crispy and sandy, soft and honey in the mouth~
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Buy or step on the pit
🫐Pick blueberries directly from the farm🫐

Blueberries are calledOne of Superfood,itAnti-oxidation and anti-aging effectHas become a secret recipe for freezing age for many celebrities💫
And brought to you by WeeeBlueberries picked directly from the farm.The fruit is full, bursting, and the fruit is crisp and sweet.Fresh as if it was just picked~
The blueberry pulp is very fleshy, you can feel itThe tender flesh runs between the teeth, there is no sour taste at all, so sweet and so sweet~
⬇️Long press to buy, buy, buy

Double Festival Special
Hui's American Ginseng
U.S. [Xu's] Selected Pearl Artificial Ginseng, Is Xu's fist product.Look at this exquisite packaging and you will know that it is extraordinary!
Pearl ginseng, also known as bubble ginseng, is round and round like small pearls.It also has the meaning of completeness and consummation. Father's Day is the most suitable gift to dad!
Buy in Weee,
If you subtract the newcomer discount, only $29.99
lowest price online
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Gift to dad
????Sugi Bee Garden Yuzu Honey🐝

Sugi Bee FarmIt is a Japanese national treasure-level honey brand. From the three beehives to the current scale, it relies on its steady and steady strength.Sugi Bee Garden has a dazzling variety of honey: combining grapefruit, lemon, grape and other fruits with high-quality honey, the fruit honey made makes people drooling when they look at it.
One of my favorites is his grapefruit honey.Seeing'yuzu', it's as if you can smell itLight and astringent sweet and sour fragrance. Yuzu and honey are together, the rich sweetness of honey and the fragrance of grapefruit are perfect CP.Soaking in water is a cup of sweet and sour honey grapefruit tea; eating on an empty mouth is full of sweet and sweet fragrance.It can also be served with oatmeal, yogurt, spread bread, really a wild little prince.
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POLA anti-hair loss shampoo

POLA must be familiar to everyone.Whether it's skin care or hair care, it's always right to choose Pola.Pola's GROWING SHOT Glossy Anti-Hair Loss ConditionerIt is effective with the extract of the purple flower campanula and the extract of black riceImprove the appearance of thinning hair and hair lossAnd alsoReduce whiteness, A must-have small artifact for Father’s Day gifts~
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Newcomers' trial area
????3 pounds banana 🍌

Weee!banana, A servingThree pounds,as long asLess than two dollarsThe price is too right!Direct delivery from the farm guarantees freshness, and it is still slightly green when delivered home.Let it sit for a day or two before eating. It is sweet and delicious, soft and dense.
(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)
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🥩Yoshinoya Gyudon Bun🥩

Yoshinoya Classic Gyudon Bun, As soon as I opened the package, I saw a lot of fat cows!Heat it in the microwave and mix it with rice and you can eat it. Every grain of rice is full of butter, and it looks shiny and appetizing!
The seasoning of the fat cow is slightly sweet, fat and thin, and the milk flavor is very strong, exactly the same as the one eaten in the store!You can also buy a few more packs of Lei Cheng Beef Tower and enjoy the pleasure of eating meat!
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🍑 Yuan気 Forest White Peach Flavor Sparkling Water(I.e.
Summer begins with the smell of peaches,Yuanji Forest White Peach Flavor Sparkling WaterIs the first darling of summer.
Every bite is the gentle and sweet fragrance of peach, the fine bubbles explode in the mouth, fresh and refreshing, like a bite of an iced peach.more importantly0 calories without sugar!I won’t get fat if I drink much~

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Do you feel moved when you see this?
Don’t forget to buy things with your group of friends, you can save more

This Father’s Day, let you eat a big meal and give gifts and save money,
To be a good child in Dad’s heart~
Every day there are wool stalks,
Lying at home being fed,
The life of a happy home depends on Weee~

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