Studies have shown that: Frozen fruits and vegetables in Los Angeles supermarkets have higher nutritional value than fresh fruits and vegetables? !

Developed the habit of hoarding vegetables since the epidemic,
But when there are few people in the family/the enthusiasm for cooking is low,
Various vegetables and fruits refrigerated in the refrigerator
It always spoils before it has time to eat,too difficult

Finally, I turned my attention to
America's favorite frozen fruit and vegetable area!

At the beginning, I still worry about health problems,
Until you get out of the misunderstanding of frozen & fresh fruits and vegetables!

❌The fresh fruits and vegetables in the supermarket are the most nutritious

FAO(UN Food and 
Agriculture Organization)
Senior Nutrition Officer Fatima Hachem said,
Food inharvestwhenHighest nutritional value.
Fresh crops begin to lose nutrients from the moment they are harvested.

After being picked, fruits and vegetables need to use their own nutrition to
To maintain cell life, some nutrients are particularly easy to lose,
For example, help the body absorb iron and lower cholesterol
Vitamin C, exposed toairUnder the lightWill be lost soon.

After the fresh fruits and vegetables in the supermarket are picked,
To be transported to the packaging factory for graded packaging, and then distributed to supermarkets
transport processIt will take a lot of time,
In order to make the fruits and vegetables that arrive at the supermarket look fresher,
Farmers will evenPicking in advance, Its nutritional value
Nature is not as good as naturally mature fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the unsold fruits and vegetables in the supermarket that day will not be processed immediately.
Products that look fresh may have been stored for several days.

❌Frozen fruits and vegetables are not healthy

Many people think that frozen fruits and vegetables are unhealthy.
Because they are often put together with frozen fast food/snacks.
(Moreover, Chinese people have always had the habit of buying fresh vegetables)
But in fact, there are no unhealthy additions to frozen fruits and vegetables.
It also tends to retain more nutrients.

Frozen fruits and vegetablesusuallyFreshly mature agricultural products.
It is picked by field processors and then frozen,
Sometimes the skins of some fruits and vegetables are blanched at least,
To maintain its nutritional value to the greatest extent.
Compared with the transportation and processing of fresh fruits and vegetables,
The nutrient loss caused by the freezing process is much smaller.

Interestingly, during the packaging process of frozen products,
Will give some frozen fruits and vegetablesAdded vitamin CTo prevent browning,
The vitamins finally obtained from these frozen fruits and vegetables
Probably more than what you can get from fresh fruits and vegetables.

What is the difference between fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables?

According to University of California--Davis
Some of the research findings:
1. Fresh fruits and vegetables and frozen fruits and vegetablesCarbohydrates,protein,
fiberMineralsEqual contentsimilar.

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables will lose half of them during the storage period (within a week)
Vitamins and phytonutrients.

3. Compared with water-soluble vitamins (such as vitamin C),
Less fat-soluble vitamins A and E are lost during the freezing and packaging process.
That isFrozen fruits and vegetablesmiddleVitamin A/EContent ratio
From fresh fruithigher.

4. Frozen fruits and vegetables are more likely than fresh fruits and vegetables stored for several days
Contains more vitamins and phytonutrients, although after thawing
Additional cooking may close this gap.

According to a research report by the University of Georgia,
Many frozen fruits and vegetables are better than fresh fruits and vegetables that have just been put in the refrigerator
The nutritional value will be higher, for example:
1. Frozen green beansVitamin CThe content is higher than that of freshly refrigerated
Fresh green beans are 40% higher

2. Frozen cornβ-caroteneThan just put it in the refrigerator
Fresh corn is taller.

3. Frozen peasFolic acid compositionIt’s better than just putting it in the refrigerator
Fresh peas have 19% higher folate content.

Consistent with the results of many similar studies, showing that
Despite the long storage time,Frozen fruits are not necessarily nutritious.
Even more nutritious than some fresh fruits and vegetables in the supermarket.

How to scientifically hoard vegetables?

In addition to considering the texture and taste of the dishes to be made,
For those that have both fresh ingredients and frozen alternatives,
The following aspects can be considered when purchasing:

1.Frequency of grocery shopping.Required amount.Life cycle of fruits and vegetables
If you usually buy vegetables once a week (or more),
You can buy a small amount of necessary fresh fruits and vegetables, buy more frozen fruits and vegetables,
Or pack and freeze the fresh fruits and vegetables that you don’t eat for a few days.
Ensure the intake of nutritious fruits and vegetables at all times.

And families who are used to buying groceries every day or the next day,
It is recommended to buy the right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables every time.
The purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables,
You can refer to the life cycle table of fruits and vegetables 👇

2. Product freshness
If possible, give priority to buying freshly picked from the farm
Mature fruits and vegetables have the highest nutritional content.
Pay attention when buying fresh fruits and vegetables in the supermarket
The production date printed on the packaging, the fresher the better.

3. The seasonality of the product
Some fruits and vegetables are seasonal products, and the off-season quality is not so good.
For example, cherries and strawberries are used to squeeze juice/make desserts,
Frozen is a good choice.

4. Budget and convenience
Some dishes require many ingredients at once,
But buying a small portion in time is not easy to run out.
Such as making fried rice/noodles/noodles, or some soup,
Using frozen mixed vegetable cubes is convenient and cost-effective.

Proper storage of purchased fruits and vegetables can maximize their "lifespan",
You can keep the storage guide below! 👇
This article is just based on scientific research to understand frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables
Not to encourage everyone to eat more frozen instead of fresh fruits and vegetables
You can choose according to the above conclusions
I wish everyone a happy, fresh and nutritious eating every day~

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